10 Best Email Opt-in Plugins For WordPress 2024

The world has synchronized because of fast communication. Instant messaging apps have changed the way we have been communicating. But email is still one of the strong mediums for businesses.

We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first email sent. Many people ignore the importance of email marketing. But you would be surprised to know that $1 spend on email marketing drives a $42 return. This is the highest among all the other digital marketing mediums.

But how do you get emails of visitors when you have no email list? The solution is opt-in forms or email signup forms. This type of form encourages visitors to put the email address in exchange for some value. Creating opt-in forms demands a lot of skills and programming experience.

If you are using WordPress then sit back and relax. Because WordPress opt-in plugins are there to make your life easier.

Using these plugins you can instantly create stunning opt-in forms. I will show you some of the best plugins to add opt-in forms to your blog.

So let’s get started.

What is an Opt-in Form?

The opt-in form is a buzzword in the email marketing segment. An opt-in form is a user subscription form that encourages visitors to put email addresses and some other details. Some of the common form fields include name, email, phone number, company, etc.

In exchange for users’ contact information business provides free resources and exciting offers. The brand uses this method as a genuine way of collecting email addresses. Instead of sending emails blindly, you can send interest-based emails to customers who want to hear from you.

Opt-in can be divided into two parts:

  • Single opt-in
  • Double opt-in

Single opt-in directly adds the email to the list when a user fills out the form. It is the easiest type of form and collects more emails. But you never know the authenticity of emails.

Double opt-in requires two-step verification. The user will receive a confirmation email having a hyperlink. The email address will not be added to the list until the user clicks on that link.

Email opt-in forms allow you to collect emails quickly and more effectively.

Using the email database you can create drip email campaigns to drive more sales and leads. Create a different email list and segment your audience based on the behaviors or activities. Keep your audience engaged with your business and send relevant emails.

Types of Opt-in Forms

There are many types of opt-in forms. We are listing some of the most commonly used forms.

  • Lightbox pop up
  • In-line form
  • Slide-in
  • Yes/no multiple choice form
  • Opt-in widget 
  • Screen filler overly
  • Content lock
  • Scroll mat

Best Opt-in Plugins For WordPress

There are many plugins having the feature to create opt-in forms. But we have done some research and come up with a crafted list.

Below mentioned WordPress opt-in plugins allow you to add conversion-oriented forms to your website.

1. OptinMonster

Email opt-in plugin

OptinMonster is a powerful lead-generation tool that comes with a list of features. This plugin has over 1 million downloads and counting. After using the plugin you can boost sales and drive more leads.

Use the drag-and-drop editor to create stunning forms for any purpose. The biggest strength of OptinMonster is the number of templates available to create opt-in forms. After choosing a template you can customize the text, colors, layout, form fields, and images using the simple visual editor.

OptinMonster supports many different types of forms including slide-in, inline, floating bar, lightbox, etc. Set advanced display rules such as time on page, exclude pages, and exit intent.

If you want to test form variants, then try the A/B testing feature. OptinMonster comes with a built-in analytics feature that keeps track of important metrics. You can connect it with Google Analytics to get in-depth data.

You would get a dedicated tab for integrations. Sync your email opt-in forms with an email marketing service and manage your list effectively.

One of the unique features found inside OptinMonster is the mobile-specific popup builder. You can manage all your website’s opt-in forms from one place.

OptinMonster is a paid opt-in tool. The basic plan allows you to use this plugin on 1 website and costs $9 per month will annual billing.

2. Bloom

Bloom Opt-in Plugin

Bloom is one of the advanced email opt-in plugins for WordPress. This plugin is developed by one of the popular WordPress theme companies, Elegant Themes. You would get many cool features you ever needed for creating an effective opt-in form.

It comes with an impressive user interface and rich features. Convert visitors into loyal customers using eye-catching designs that come with Bloom.

The drag-and-drop form builder interface allows you to create any type of design you ever wanted. It has 100+ pre-designed opt-in form templates to start with and gives a professional touch. You can customize every part of the template and give it a personalized touch.

You can display the opt-in form in the widget area or below content to encourage visitors to email signup. The AB split testing feature allows you to compare two or more variations of the opt-in form and see which one outperforms the rest.

Bloom comes with impressive and powerful display settings. You can control the appearance of opt-in forms on your website or posts.

One of the unique features is locked content. It hides your content until the visitor enters their email address to join your list. You would get a real-time performance monitoring feature to check important matrices like conversion rate, subscribers count, impressions, new sign-up, etc.

Bloom is a premium plugin but you can’t buy it individually. You will have to buy the license of Elegant Themes and get access to the Bloom plugin and some other products.

The plan starts from $89 per year and you can use it on unlimited websites. If you want a discount on an Elegant Theme you can save 20% on Elegant Themes & grab a yearly plan for $70 only.

3. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads Opt-in Plugin

Thrive Leads is a robust WordPress opt-in plugin that comes with tons of features. It is a part of the Thrive Themes ecosystem. If you are running a WordPress website and want to collect the email address of visitors, then use Thrive Leads.

You can create almost any type of option you can think about with Thrive Leads. It includes a lot of high-quality pre-built form designs to choose from.

Using the easy-to-use drag & drop editor, you can easily modify the appearance and feel of your options. And add dynamic elements like a countdown timer, conditional text, etc.

Thrive Leads comes with 10 types of option forms including slide-in, popup, banner, in-line, etc.

One of the unique form types I found is the scroll mat. It appears at the top of the page and pushes the content down. You can add multiple opt-in forms on a page with different display criteria.

Get the most out of opt-in forms using the A/B testing feature. Show opt-in form variations and compare the performance to find the best-performing one.

You can sync the opt-in form with popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite, etc. Thrive Leads offer you a built-in analytics feature to track conversion rate, impressions, new subscribers, etc.

You can’t buy Thrive Leads as it is bundled with other plugins. You will have to purchase the Thrive Suite which is packed with essential tools every marketer needs.

Thrive Suite membership costs $19 per month with annual billing. You can use any plugin or theme on up to 25 websites.

4. Convert Pro

Convert Pro

Convert Pro is a leading list-building plugin for WordPress. It best fits small and medium businesses that want to scale their business. This plugin will help you to grow your email list and generate more leads.

You would get a drag and drop builder that makes form creation easy. One thing I notice is that the editor loads fast and doesn’t lag much. You can start with a blank canvas or choose a professionally designed template.

Convert Pro provides design freedom to customize opt-in forms easily. At the time of editing, you can actually see how it looks on mobile devices.

This plugin allows you to collect emails from your visitors, and add them to your subscriber list. You can send automated messages with advanced triggers.

All the opt-in forms designed through Convert Pro are responsive and SEO optimized. There are 7 advanced filters for better targeting.

Convert Pro includes seamless integrations with major email marketing services. Use different designs for opt-in forms and test them using the A/B testing feature.

You can always view the number of subscribers, and conversion rate statistics from the Convert Pro analytics. Integrate it with Google Analytics to track your performance in-depth.

Convert Pro is a premium plugin and you have to buy a plan. This plugin costs $99 per year with all the listed features. After buying this plan, you can use Convert Pro on unlimited websites and get premium support.

5. Sumo

Sumo Opt-in Plugin

Sumo is one of the best plugins for building an email list fast. More than 60K websites are using Sumo for getting new subscribers and generating leads. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, this plugin is helpful.

There is a visual editor for creating opt-in forms. You can use one of the templates available inside Sumo as your foundation or create a custom one from scratch. All the templates come with unlimited customization options to craft them.

You can create a lightbox popup, scroll box, welcome mat, notification bar, etc. Sumo offers advanced triggers so that you can get full control of the timing of your message.

Send a welcome email automatically when users subscribe to the email list. This plugin also allows you to add a share button to your website. It allows visitors to share web pages within their social circle.

Sumo comes with easy integrations including WooCommerce. It let you create unique offers and discounts in combination with beautiful forms.

Sumo lets you view important stats for your whole list-building efforts and individual opt-in forms. Display relevant opt-in forms based on particular pages using page-level targeting.

Sumo has a free plan to get started with limited features. However, there is a paid plan with a price tag of $39 per month. Some of the additional features that come with the paid plan include A/B testing, advanced integrations, more templates, detailed analytics, etc.

6. ConvertBox

Opt-in Plugin

Want to collect email addresses and grow your list? Then try ConvertBox. It is a powerful lead generation tool that comes with all the necessary features you ever wanted. Using this tool, you can build and manage all your opt-in forms.

ConvertBox is extremely easy to use and comes with a simple drag-and-drop popup maker. If you don’t want to start from scratch, then use the template library. You would get a ton of options to actually grow your email list. You can embed all your favorite marketing tools and services directly with this plugin.

If you want to build your email list quickly, then ConvertBox is the tool you are looking for. ConvertBox loads fast and don’t slow down your website.

Create a sense of urgency and scarcity using countdown time in the opt-in form. You can add an evergreen timer in a few clicks.

ConvertBox is equipped with a powerful tracking feature to provide real-time data and insights. Check the performance of each campaign to maximize the return on investment.

ConvertBox supports A/B split testing feature. Use this feature to create test variations and optimize your forms to find which ones drive the most conversions.

Audience segmentation is another cool feature that comes with this plugin. The intelligent targeting options allow you to generate more leads. Show highly personalized messages that encourage visitors to take a certain action.

The latest version of ConvertBox is on the way. You can get early access with a special limited-time offer by signup.

7. MailOptin

Mailoptin Opt-in Plugin

MailOptin is another best WordPress opt-in plugins for creating attention-grabbing signup forms. This plugin is specially designed to provide an easy-to-use interface with result-oriented opt-in forms.

Creating beautiful opt-in forms is easy with MailOptin. It comes with an impressive drag-and-drop feature to create opt-in forms in no time.

You would get many opt-in forms and email newsletter templates designed by professionals. Assign different display rules and triggering options for your opt-in forms.

Using this plugin you can create 5 types of opt-ins including, notification bar, lightbox, slide-in, etc.

Simply design your opt-in forms by adding background color, images, fonts, form fields, etc. MailOptin provides easy integration with all the popular email marketing services including MailChimp, Drip, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, etc.

A/B split testing plays an important role in lead generation. Create 2 or more conversion-focused email signup forms and determine which opt-ins performing well.

Send automatic newsletters to your subscribers with the event trigger feature. You would get a visually rich analytics dashboard to track opt-in forms performance.

MailOptin is a fermium plugin. It comes with some affordable pricing plans to get more email subscribers. The basic plan costs $69 per year for 1 website.

8. Icegram

Icegram Opt-in Plugin

Icegram is an easy-to-use plugin for creating any kind of opt-in form. The initial setup process is very easy and takes less than a minute. Currently, more than 40K websites are using this plugin for collecting email addresses from visitors.

Build attention-grabbing opt-in forms with a drag-and-drop builder. You can create a beautifully designed info bar, popup forms, a slide-in, and a widget box to get more subscribers.

There are many design templates to choose from with all of the customization settings. Many modification options available give the form a personalized look.

Icegram does not affect the website page load speed but improves the user experience with appealing signup forms. Your opt-in forms will be visible according to the display conditions.

Display powerful call-to-action buttons, dynamic texts, countdown timers, etc. There are various target options to choose from.

Icegram is GDPR compliant and obeys the latest SEO guidelines from Google. You can integrate this plugin with leading email marketing services and third-party plugins.

This plugin comes with a built-in analytics feature to provide sufficient data like the number of impressions, new email subscribers, and conversion rate.

Icegram is available in both free and premium versions. Paid plan starts from $9 per month with additional features. Some extra features include A/B split testing, more targeting options, additional opt-in types, premium support, etc.

9. Hustle

Hustle Pro Opt-in Plugin

Hustle is one of the best plugins for creating stunning email opt-in forms. Currently, the plugin has over 100K downloads in the WordPress plugin repository.

One of the first things you would notice after installing the plugin is the user interface. Anyone can create stunning opt-in forms using a visual builder.

There is a drag-and-drop interface for creating various forms. You can build popups, slide-ins, and embed forms using the Hustle plugin.

To make the process easier, you would get many pre-designed templates. Modify colors, animations, size, drop shadows, text, form fields, and display conditions from the easy-to-use design settings.

There are also custom CSS addition options to make the forms more appealing. This plugin easily bypasses ad blockers and you won’t miss a single customer.

Choose from different trigger options like time on the page, scroll amount, exit intent, etc. Protect your opt-in forms from spam using the Google reCAPTCHA feature.

Hustle is more than just an optional plugin. You can integrate your favorite email marketing services like GetResponse, ConvertKit, etc.

To measure the campaign results Hustle comes with a detailed analytics dashboard. Hustle is available in both free and paid plugins. The paid version costs $24 per month.

10. Popup Maker

Popup Maker Opt-in Plugin

Popup Maker is one of the most used plugins for creating opt-in forms. Currently, this plugin has over 700K, active users, worldwide. Many people consider it the best popup plugin for WordPress.

You would get a visual interface for creating opt-ins. No coding skill is required to build stunning popups. When it comes to the template, Popup Maker doesn’t disappoint. You would get many professionally designed templates to get started.

It allows you to create opt-in forms and convert website visitors into subscribers. There are dozens of ready-made opt-in templates to choose from.

You can create different campaigns including popups, full-screen welcome mats, slide-ins, banners, floating bars, scroll boxes, etc. Connect email signup forms to your favorite email marketing service and enjoy additional features.

Popup Maker can easily integrate with third-party tools and services like Gravity Forms, WP Forms, MailChimp, etc.

Trigger popup based on an exit event, time-based trigger, user activities, and more. There is no limitation on page views or popup impressions.

Popup Maker is available for free. However, there is a pro version that comes with additional features. Paid plan starts from $87 per year and you can use the plugin on 1 website.


So these are some of the best WordPress opt-in plugins you can use. Email marketing is an effective technique for building a loyal audience base and brand.

If you haven’t started building an email list yet, then start now. Use one of the above plugins and start collecting emails from website visitors.

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