5 Best Webinar Recording Software 2024 [Free & Paid]

The world is going towards a digital lifestyle. The global pandemic also forces us to stay at home and operate the business online.

Many businesses are hosting webinars to achieve various goals. From a business standpoint, webinars are very important. A webinar is a web-based video live conference meeting that uses the internet medium to connect with individuals or groups of viewers.

You should record a webinar for future uses. Many webinar platforms come with an inbuilt feature to record the webinar. But you can use webinar recording software to capture audio and video.

Benefits of Recording a Webinar?

Webinars are considered among the most conversion-driving marketing and training tools around. It allows you to directly interact with your audience for teaching and business building.

Here are some of the key benefits of recording webinar presentations.

1. Release The Webinar On-Demand

After the webinar is completed, it’s very easy to save the recording and use it as an on-demand video. This allows people to watch a recorded webinar in their own comfort and time. If they didn’t have the opportunity to watch the webinar while it was live (or for non-viewers) then you can easily watch it now.

As the webinar is recorded already, the viewer can watch at their own pace. If you have already watched it then it can be played again for better understanding.

2. Avoid Refunds For Non-Attendees

Many people register for a webinar but can’t attend it. The reason many varies as everyone is so busy in their day to day life. If you are taking money for your webinar then it can be painful if someone asks for a refund.

If someone has not attended the webinar then it is obvious to ask for a refund. A recorded webinar can solve the issue. You can send the link to download the webinar for future access.

3. Releasing The Recording On YouTube

Using the above tools you can easily record and download any webinar. So this will give you the freedom to upload it wherever you want.

YouTube is booming and thousands of videos are uploaded to the platform. You can upload webinars on YouTube to grab more audiences. YouTube automatically promotes the video to a new audience and this would be beneficial for your business.

If you have a business website or blog then you can publish it there for more eyeballs. YouTube videos can also be embedded on the website. So you don’t have to upload the webinar on your website.

4. Useful For Evaluation Purpose

You got good skills and expertise that’s why you are hosting webinars. But you might need some improvements and fine-tune your way of representation.

Record your webinars and watching them will give useful insight into your own performance. Use the feedback of attendees and make improvements.

Best Webinar Recording Software

We have done the research and come up with some of the best software for recording webinars. So let’s dive into it.

Recording Software

Starting Price

Free Version





Snagit Software

$49.99 (One-Time)

Free Trial (30 Days)

ScreenFlow Software


Free Trial (30 Days)

Camtasia Software

$249.99 (One-Time)

Free Trial (30 Days)

TinyTake Software



1. Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi webinar recording software Webinar recording software

Movavi is one of the best software that produces tools for editing videos, modifying photos, multimedia editing, recording screens, and more.

Movavi is an ideal screen recording software for both casual and professional users. It is an easy tool for Mac and Windows to capture desktop activity. It allows users to capture video, and save screen images.

You can easily capture videos on MP4, AVI, MOV, and many more formats. It allows you to record at 1080p (Full HD) at 60fps. It can record webinar streamed videos, video game actions, VoIP calls, and more.

Users can record the screens of mobile and tablet devices.

You can control the audio recording from mono or stereo mode as well as the frequency. There is also a feature to record both system and microphone audio.

Both sounds can capture separate sound streams. You can upload recorded webinar videos to Google Drive and YouTube directly from the software and share images via WhatsApp and Telegram.

Best Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Record Only Audios
  • Record Webcam
  • Create ScreenCasts
  • Schedule Recording
  • Take Screenshot & Edit Them
  • Show Keystroke & Mouse

2. Snagit Screen Capture

Snagit recording software 1 Webinar recording software

Snagit screen capture is an easy-to-use software that can capture almost every type of video and image. It has unbeatable editing capabilities with modern features.

This program allows users to record screens in several ways. You can choose to capture a picture of your full screen and a specific region on your desktop. You can also import images from cameras and scanners.

One of the best features of this program is that you can take text from an image and drop it into a text editor. You don’t have to take an image and then put it into a screen reader software.

This provides the ability to create a video from various still images and to create an image from a template.

Another useful feature inside this application is a preview window of the mouse cursor. It shows a zoomed thumbnail preview of whatever your cursor is hovering over.

Exporting videos can be completed in just a few clicks. Snagit offers 19 formats to choose from, including most used ones like MP4, AVI, JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, and more.

Best Features of Snagit Software

  • Capable of capturing entire desktop, window, & scrolling screen.
  • Screen & WebCam Recording
  • Record Audio
  • Convert video to Gif
  • Annotations
  • Create Videos from Images

3. ScreenFlow

Screenflow recording software 1 Webinar recording software

ScreenFlow is an advanced screen recording and video editing software. You can capture webinars with this software without any hustle. ScreenFlow is only available for Mac.

It is ideal for educators, mobile app developers, bloggers, YouTubers, and marketers looking to record high-quality tutorials. It is good for software demo videos, training videos, app previews, presentations, and more.

Some webinar capturing software is very system-intensive and can affect the overall performance of a computer and the quality of video recordings. ScreenFlow is light enough on your system that it is virtually unnoticeable.

One of the noteworthy features is the ability to record not only your whole screen but also every cursor movement with highlights. It gives you the freedom to record videos using the microphone and built-in camera or use a third-party or external device.

Its inbuilt editing tool allows users to fine-tune a screen recording. This includes all professional-level effects like text, closed captions, blender, transitions, annotations, zoom touch callouts, and much more.

When all your projects are complete and you are ready to export them, the process will be very easy. You can easily select between various qualities and formats.

Best Features of ScreenFlow Software

  • Multi-Screen Recording
  • IOS Recording
  • Built-in Stock Library
  • Powerful Video Editing Tools
  • Professional Animations & Motions Graphic
  • Convert Videos to animated Gif and Png

4. Camtasia

Camtasia Screen Recorder Webinar recording software

Camtasia is an all-in-one video editor software and screen recorder that with over 15 years in this space and over 24 million users.

There are a lot of tools to record your screen. But Camtasia might contain all the features to make a full video without the need to install other software.

The screen recording can be controlled by a simple recording toolbar. You can capture the whole screen or a part of it. There is an option to choose the screen dimensions including widescreen 1080p HD (1920×1080).

Annotations are important especially if you’re creating video tutorials. There are 6 categories of annotations for different purposes. You would also get the different arrow and line styles to use.

Another awesome feature is the cursor effects. You can adjust the cursor to make it more visible during demonstrations. After recording the video, you can export it in various formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, etc.

Best Features of Camtasia Software

  • Record anything on the Screen
  • Webcam recording
  • Audio recording (Mic & System)
  • Annotations
  • Audio FX

5. TinyTake

TinyTake Screen Recorder Webinar recording software

TinyTake is developed by MangoApps is a robust and simple screen and video capture software available for both Windows and Mac. It allows you to capture the whole screen or a tiny portion of it. Latter you can annotate it when you are done.

You would also get a basic editing tool that helps you to edit images and videos. So no longer need to invest in sophisticated image processing software and video manipulation software.

TinyTake allows you to store your captures locally or in the cloud. With the free version of TinyTake, you would get 2GB of cloud storage.

TinyTake is more than just a screen recording software and video recording tool. It has a built-in file viewer for office documents and PDFs.

Best Features of Tiny Take Software

  • Screen & Webcam recording
  • Capture a region, a window, or an entire screen
  • Annotations
  • Store screenshots & videos on Cloud


So these are some of the best webinar recording software you can use. If you want to record your webinar or any other demonstration then the above software would be helpful.

I recommend Movavi Screen Capture Studio because it’s easy to use, offers a free plan, and is not expensive when you upgrade. Feel free to check other tools to record your screen.

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