Toonly Review 2024 + Special LifeTime Offer ($67 Only)

In the age of social media and videos, the necessity of online advertisement is at the top. Appealing animated videos are everywhere and can feel their presence.

Explainer videos in form of a carton grab the most attention and have the highest engagement rate.

That’s why marketers are using this form of content in brand advertising.

These videos are not limited to marketing purposes but are widely used also for educational purposes.

When it comes to explainer animation videos, Toonly stands out.

Back in the day, creating animation videos demands high-level editing skills. You also need to have high-end editing software like Adobe Animate and Blender.

But now, you can easily make explainer videos using software like Toonly. It’s easy to use and one can create videos instantly.

In this Toonly review post, I will cover everything related to this software.

So let’s explore more about Toonly.

Benefits of Carton Animation Videos

You must have seen carton explainer videos before. Let’s explore some of the major benefits of explainer videos.

  • Perfect marketing material to promote your business
  • An amazing way to build brand identity
  • Increase conversion
  • Good return on investment with just a small spend
  • More shareable than text-based content
  • Power to hold the attention of your audience for a longer period

What is Toonly?

Toonly is a cartoon animation video-making software that allows you to create appealing explainer videos. It is a desktop-based software with a drag-and-drop interface for creating animation videos.

toonly review

Explainer videos are very helpful for informational and educational purposes. As these videos are fun to watch, viewers stick with them for a longer time.

Toonly is a professional animated explainer video software but comes with easy to use drag and drop interface. The main goal behind the developers of Toonly is to make beginner-friendly software.

Now peoples have a very short attention span. So animated explainer videos can be the best option to get a higher ROI. Whether you’re creating short marketing videos for pre-roll ads, or longer videos for eLearning purposes this software will help you out.

A study conducted on a broad scale shows that,

68% of people say carton explainer videos are the type of content they find most valuable.

You can install Toodly on Windows or Mac PC/Laptop and start creating cartoon animation videos.

Features of Toonly Software

Toonly carton animation video maker comes with a handful of features. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Easy To Use

Animation-making software comes with a fear of complexity and people start thinking about software operation and learning curves. If you use Toonly then you don’t need to have animation-making skills.

Toonly comes with a beginner-friendly interface and a clean layout. Whether you are a complete beginner or just getting started then you won’t face any difficulty.

2. Drag & Drop Editor

I am pleased to see that Toonly comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. So you can make carton animation videos by dragging and dropping elements on the editor.

Toonly drag and drop interface Toonly Review

According to the maker, a child can make videos by using Toonly software. No need to invest time in learning animation making and complex software operations.

At the time of making videos, you need to drag elements from and drop them on the canvas. All the elements can be customized according to your need and animation.

3. Toonly Library

Toonly carton animation maker comes with a massive library of Images, Characters, Props, Backgrounds, and Music files. You would get thousands of these items in the library.

There are more than 200 total characters (10 characters with 20 different poses).

Toonly Characters Toonly Review

You would also get 20 different background scenes to implement in your videos.

Toonly Backgrounds Toonly Review

You may not get the appropriate image in the library in some videos. So you can always add your own custom images to the library. This software has an auto-conversion feature that automatically converts an image into a sketch.

You would get 100 royalty-free music tracks to use in your explainer videos. If you want to add background music to a video then it can easily be imported from the music library.

4. Various Video Export Options

In the age of high-speed internet, no one wants to see low-quality video. So Toonly comes with various export options. You can export videos in MP4, MKV, OGG, and WebM file types. The MP4 option would be great for YouTube videos.

You can also choose different video resolutions ranging from 360p to full 1080p high definition. This software also allows you to choose the aspect ratio as well.

This software supports 24 FPS, 25 FPS, 30 FPS, 48 FPS, 50 FPS, and 60 frames per second (FPS).

5. Support

Toonly is known for its fast customer support. You can contact their customer support team via Live Chat or Support Ticket.

Toonly support Toonly Review

You would also get many training videos to get started. Toonly has a private Facebook group and you would have access to it after purchasing a plan. Currently, this group contains more than 32K members.

Toonly Plans & Pricing

There are two plans for Toonly.

  • Standard
  • Enterprise

1. Standard Plan

Standard Plan allows you to create unlimited videos. In addition to that, you would get 30 characters, 17 character animations, 1058 prop images, 71 backgrounds, 10 premade scenes, 21 scene transitions, 20 background audios, 3 text animations, premium support, and more.

The Standard plan costs $39 per month. If you pay for the whole year at a time then the plan will cost $20 per month.

2. Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan allows you to create unlimited videos. In addition to that, you would get 82 characters, 30 character animations, 2024 prop images, 139 backgrounds, 20 premade scenes, 101 scene transitions, 142 background audios, 5 text animations, access to Toonly Club, premium support, and more.

The Standard plan costs $69 per month. If you pay for the whole year at a time then the plan will cost $40 per month.

If you closely analyze both plans, then you would notice that the only difference is the number of images, props, and characters you are getting with the plans.

The Doodly software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Based on your OS you can download the software. Below I have also discussed the system requirement. So feel free to check that out also.

Toonly Pros & Cons

If you have been following from the beginning of this post we covered some of the best features of Toonly. Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of this tool.


There are many advantages to using Toonly software.

  • Very easy to use and user don’t need to have any professional design skills
  • Drag and Drop editor to create attention-grabbing videos in seconds
  • Comes with professional-looking templates to start creating videos.
  • Library of images and videos.
  • High-quality video production up to 1080p.
  • Add your audio files or voice-over.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


No software is full-proof and must have some disadvantages.

  • Toonly doesn’t have a free trial option.
  • Requires an internet connection to work.
  • No web version is available. To use this software you need to install Toonly on your Windows/Mac PC.
  • Plans are quite high when compared to other carton animation software like Animaker.

Toonly System Requirements

Before installing the software on your PC/Mac you need to check the system requirement.

Mac/Apple Systems

  • Apple PC (Mac)/Laptop running OSX 10.10 or newer with at least 2GB RAM available
  • An active internet connection
  • Only one version of Doodly is available (OS X)
  • 4GB+ RAM is recommended for the best results

Windows/PC Systems

  • Windows PC/Laptop running Windows 7 or newer with at least 2GB RAM available
  • An active internet connection
  • Doodly is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software
  • 4GB+ RAM is recommended for the best results

After perching a Toonly plan, you would have access to the member dashboard area. You would get respective download links inside the member dashboard area.

As it is a cloud-based desktop application, you need to have internet-connected to your system. Toonly push updates to the software at regular intervals. You would get it inside your software after connecting to the internet.

If you face any issue during installation or use then reach out to their customer support team or FAQ page.

Do I Recommend Toonly?

Yes, we recommend this software. If you are searching for a cartoon animation video maker then you should definitely check this out.

As we have seen in the Toonly review post, this software comes with a lot of cool features to make appealing videos. No need to have the technical skill or operating of complex software.

Videos shot from a camera at the time of explaining something would be great. But everyone is not comfortable in front of the camera so the camera fear factor exists. So Toonly animation maker video is the best choice.

So we have discussed some of the major advantages and disadvantages of this software. There is no software that doesn’t have any disadvantages at all. In the same way, Toonly also has some cons and we should consider them with a grain of salt.

You need to install Toonly software on your PC/Laptop to use this. There are monthly and annual plans as well.

End Notes on Toonly Review

So these are some of the things you need to know about Toonly. In this Toonly review post, we have discussed everything related to this.

Explainer videos can help you to clearly communicate most interestingly than ever before. If you are looking for effective marketing material to deliver your message, then explainer videos are the best.

Toonly Alternatives:

  1. Create Studio
  3. Hippo Video

Toonly is a desktop-based carton animation video-making software that allows you to create appealing explainer videos.

Yes, Toonly software is available for both Windows and Mac. You can download it after buying a plan.

No, Toonly doesn’t have any free trial.

All the plans of Toonly come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service, then you can cancel the plan and get a refund.

If you want to create a cartoon animation video or explainer video then you can check this software. This is very easy to use and you can create stunning videos.

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