8 Best WordPress Theme Builder Plugins 2023 [Drag & Drop]

Nowadays a website is one of the vital requirements for any business. Having an online presence is important and allows you to grow fast.

Making a website demands coding skills that most of us don’t have. We don’t want to spend our time and resources learning such skills.

Luckily WordPress is there and makes life easier for non-techy. There are hundreds of themes and plugins to create any kind of website. No need to touch one line of code.

But the tweak is the theme that might not be designed as you want it to be. Everyone has their own choice and wants to make customize websites.

You would be glad to know that WordPress theme builders are there. You would get a drag-and-drop editor to create any design.

This software is also called WordPress page builder as you can use them to design your pages as well. You would get the option to design your theme and reflect the same design throughout the website.

Best Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Builders Plugins

There are several WordPress theme builders available. We have done extensive research and shortlisted some of the best among them. Let’s dive into the list.

Theme Builder Plugin


1. Elementor Theme Builder

2. Thrive Theme Builder

3. Divi Theme Builder

4. Beaver Theme Builder

5. Visual Composer Builder

6. Themify Builder

7. Brizy Builder

8. Page Builder By SiteOrigin

1. Elementor Theme Builder

Elementor Theme Builder WordPress Theme Builder

Elementor is the most popular drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin. It has a free as well as paid version. But you would get most of the features in the free version.

You would get 300 beautiful templates and it would help design any type of page. In addition to that, you would get most of the page builder features.

It also allows you to design and maintain your site design and make sure everything remains consistent. Customize the header and footer areas of your site and maintain the same design.

You can customize and save the design for later use. This also allows you to apply templates for specific conditions like categories or post types.

Design your theme visually and dynamically using the Theme builder. You need to drag elements for the left-hand sidebar and drop them on the page.

Key Features of Elementor

  1. The simple and fastest drag-and-drop editor
  2. Over 300 beautifully crafted templates
  3. 90+ widgets to create any content you need
  4. Responsive design
  5. Popup Builder
  6. Theme builder edits every part of your site
  7. WooCommerce builder

Elementor Pricing

Elementor has 4 plans. One of them is free and you can use it on any number of websites. In addition to that, the other 3 paid plans are listed below. All the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Personal: This plan allows you to use this plugin on a single website and costs $49 per year.
  2. Plus: This plan allows you to use this plugin on 3 single websites and costs $99 per year.
  3. Expert: This plan allows you to use this plugin on 1000 websites and costs $199 per year.

2. Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder WordPress Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder is another well-known page builder for WordPress. You would get easy to use visual editor with a drag-and-drop interface.

No designing or coding skills are required to create a stunning website. There are many professionally designed templates available to get started. You can select one of them and start crafting according to your need. Each page made with this plugin is 100% mobile responsive.

Thrive Theme Builder is a full-fledged WordPress theme and site builder plugin. Using this plugin you can customize every part of your website like the header, footer, sidebar, page layout, etc.

It is also known for its landing page designs and functionalities. There are beautifully designed and 100% conversion-focused landing page templates.

It is fully Woocommerce compatible and allows you to create awesome shops.

Instantly preview your pages on how it looks on different devices. You can design your elements according to the small screen size as well. Thrive Theme Builder allows easy integration with hundreds of third-party tools and services. You can connect with them with a few clicks.

Key Features of Thrive Theme Builder

  1. Visual page builder with a drag-and-drop interface
  2. Hundreds of website templates
  3. Landing page templates
  4. 100% responsive design
  5. Custom pages and blog post templets
  6. Lightweight and doesn’t affect the site loading speed
  7. Dynamic animations and hover effect
  8. Conversion-focused building blocks
  9. Third-party tools integration

Thrive Theme Builder Pricing

Thrive Theme Builder comes with 2 plans. These are license packs.

  1. Single License: This plan allows you to install Thrive Architects on a single website. It costs $97 (One-Time Fee).
  2. 5 License Pack: This plan allows you to install Thrive Architects on 5 websites. It costs $127 (One-Time Fee).

Both plans come with 1 year of support and update.

There is also a Thrive Membership plan where you would get access to all plugins and themes. It costs $19 per month.

3. Divi Builder

Divi Builder WordPress Theme Builder

Divi is another popular WordPress Theme and Page Builder. You would get a visual editor and edit any page or theme of your website through drag and drop.

No coding and website development experience is needed to use this software. All the modifications and designs would be made through a visual editor.

There are over 800 Pre-made website layouts that come with Divi for free. No matter what website you are going to build, you would get a beautiful template available there.

You have complete control over all the design elements. Divi is responsive by default. But you can see the design of each element on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Key Features of Divi Builder

  1. Drag & Drop Editor
  2. 40+ website elements
  3. Over 800 beautifully crafted templates
  4. Multi-select and bulk editing
  5. Divi theme builder allows you to design your entire website
  6. Email marketing service support
  7. Built-in split testing feature to test different designs and content against each other
  8. Access to the Divi marketplace where you will find tons of free and premium products

Divi Pricing

Divi has 2 plans. After purchasing 1 license you can use it on unlimited websites.

  1. Yearly Access: These plans allow you to access Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch, and all the features. This plan costs $89 per year with renewal.
  2. Lifetime Access: These plans allow you to access all the services of Divi like Extra, Bloom & Monarch, and all the features. This plan costs $249 (One-time fee).

4. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder 1 WordPress Theme Builder

If you are using WordPress and want to have theme builder software, then Beaver Builder is also a good choice. This is a popular page builder tool that helps you to make stunning posts or pages.

It comes with dozens of gorgeous page templates to choose from. All the templates are editable and every element of that page can be customized. Just choose a template and start editing. You can even save your customized designs as templates and reuse them later all over your site. These templates can also be exported to use on a different site.

Live front-end editing with drag and drop editor helps you to design an intuitive WordPress website in real-time. Beaver Builder offers child themes with a variety of different designs. Once you make some changes it automatically updates the theme settings.

It uses the popular Bootstrap framework as its CSS base. So you can implement advanced designs and craft your website in a better way.

Key Features of Beaver Builder

  1. Live front-end editing with drag and drop editor
  2. WooCommerce support
  3. Works with almost any theme
  4. Save design modules for later uses
  5. Dozens of gorgeous page templates
  6. Wide range of widget support
  7. Built-in import and export tool
  8. Uses Bootstrap Framework as its CSS base

Beaver Builder Pricing

Beaver Builder comes with 3 plans. After purchasing any plan, you can use Beaver Builder on an unlimited number of sites. All the plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Standard: This plan costs $99 (One-time Fee)
  2. Pro: This plan costs $199 (One-time Fee)
  3. Agency: This plan costs $399 (One-Time Fee)

5. Visual Composer

Visual Composer Theme Builder WordPress Theme Builder

The Visual Composer website builder is another handy tool to make stunning websites. It has a simple drag and drops editor to move and design your layout.

It is a very beginner-friendly and intuitive user interface with a low learning curve. Just install it like a regular plugin and start designing your theme.

The inline editor helps you to design content right away. You would get a tree view editor to work with your website. If you have coding knowledge then you can use the custom CSS option to implement custom codes.

Visual Composer also comes with many pre-designed and ready-to-use templates. According to your requirement choose one of them and start crafting.

Key Features of Visual Composer

  1. Easy to use drag and drop editor
  2. 100+ premium templates
  3. 200+ design elements
  4. Allows you to add custom CSS
  5. Visual Composer Hub contains hundreds of templates, widgets, elements, etc.
  6. Gutenberg blocks
  7. Advanced design options
  8. Mobile-friendly websites by default
  9. Works with any existing theme
  10. Third-party plugins support

Visual Composer Pricing

The Visual Composer website builder has 3 plans. All the plans come with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Single Website: This plan allows you to use the plugin on 1 website. It costs $49 per year.
  2. 3 Websites: This plan allows you to use the plugin on 3 websites. It costs $99 per year.
  3. Developers: This plan allows you to use the plugin on 1000 websites. It costs $349 per year.

6. Themify Builder

Themify Builder WordPress Theme Builder

Themify Builder is another powerful page builder plugin for WordPress. In addition to that, you can design any WordPress theme using this plugin.

This plugin comes with 40+ professionally designed templates. You can edit them according to your need and give personalized touches.

The frontend edit mode allows you to see the design live. The element and widget column is on the left side and you need to drag and drop it on the page.

You can import or export any design module or row from one computer to another. All the designs made through this plugin are responsive by default.

Key Features of Themify Builder

  1. The simple and robust drag-and-drop editor
  2. Library of templates
  3. Import and export option
  4. 60+ animation effects
  5. Responsive design
  6. Compatible with all themes
  7. Modular design for better performance
  8. Many add-ons available

Themify Builder Pricing

The Themify Builder plugin is free to use with any WordPress theme. However, they have some WordPress themes and plugins for additional charges.

  1. Single Themes: This plan provides 1 theme and costs $69 (One-Time Fee)
  2. Master Club: This plan provides 42 Themes with Photoshop Files, 12 Plugins, 25 Builder addons, and 5 PTB addons. It costs $89 (One-Time Fee)
  3. Lifetime Club: This plan provides lifetime access to all 42 Themes with Photoshop Files, 12 Plugins, 25 Builder addons, and 5 PTB addons. It costs $249 (One-Time Fee).

7. Brizy Builder

wordpress theme builder

Brizy is one of the youngest page builders on this list. But it gets a huge spike in downloads because of the feature and simplicity.

Create everything visually with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Brizy is built on React JS, an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook.

It comes with 400+ stunning templates, pages, blocks, popups, etc. Build quickly with the smart content tools floating on the top.

With the help of this plugin, you can customize any part of your website and give it a professional look. You can also save elements and use them throughout the website.

Key Features of Brizy Builder

  1. Real-Time editing with drag and drop editor
  2. Optimized for better performance
  3. 400+ professionally designed templates
  4. Smart content tools that make design faster
  5. Third-party tools integration

Brizy Builder Pricing

Brizy is available in both Free and Paid versions. It has three premium plans.

  1. Personal: This plan allows you to use the plugin on 3 websites. It costs $49 per year.
  2. Studio: This plan allows you to use the plugin on unlimited websites. It costs $99 per year.
  3. Lifetime: This plan allows you to use the plugin on unlimited websites (white level, lifetime update, and support). It costs $299 as a one-time fee.

8. Page Builder By SiteOrigin

SiteOrigin Page Builder WordPress Theme Builder

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is another easy-to-use WordPress theme builder software. No need to touch a single line of code. All you have to do is drag and drop.

It works with almost any theme and doesn’t disrupt your existing content. The live editor gives you an exact preview of your content and you can see how it would look on the live website.

The history browser feature lets you roll forward and back through your changes. If you have changed any design that you want to get back then simply click on the change.

All the design elements would be in the floating toolbar. According to your requirement just drag and drop an element into the page.

Key Features Of SiteOrigin

  1. Simple drag-and-drop editor
  2. Works with any theme
  3. History browser feature to see the design changes
  4. Many professionally designed templates
  5. Third-party plugins integration

SiteOrigin Pricing

SiteOrigin page builder is available for free in the WordPress repository. If you want to get more features then there is a premium version as well. It costs $29 (One-Time Fee).


So these are some of the best WordPress theme builder software you can use. We have listed the most popular ones that are capable of building stunning websites.

If you ask me to choose one of the above lists, then I would go with Elementor. You would get most of the features for free and it is the most widely used page builder.

All of them have a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to design pages and customize themes visually. No need to have design skills and coding knowledge. Just install the plugin and you are good to go.

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