WebinarJam Vs EverWebinar: Which One You Should Choose?

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar? Many people are searching for that. Not because they want to choose between them, but because they are confused.

There is a valid reason for that. EverWebinar and WebinarJam are owned by Genesis Digital LLC and share the same infrastructure and technology. This confuses many users.

The purpose of this post is to explain what’s the difference between them and which one is best for you.

So let’s get started.

WebinarJam (Meant For Live Webinars)

WebinarJam is a robust webinar software. This webinar tool is also made by Genesis Digital, the same parent company of EverWebinar. Over 50 thousand businesses are using WebinarJam for fulfilling various needs.

It is a web-based tool that allows you to host live webinars easily. You can directly broadcast live sessions on Facebook, YouTube, etc. This software is super simple to use and lets multiple co-presenters interact.

You can also record your live webinars and later use them as pre-recorded webinars with tools like Everwebinar.

Viewers can ask questions directly to the host using the live chat feature. Upload videos, slide shows, images, and documents and make the webinar more engaging. The automatic notification system alert attendees before the webinar start through email or SMS.

Create your webinar registration page through a drag-and-drop builder. No need to press the record button as WebinarJam comes with an auto-recording feature. The video injection feature allows you to add a pre-recorded video to a live webinar.

WebinarJam is one of the affordable webinar software. Paid plans are based on the number of attendees and some other factors. The base plan starts from $39 per month with annual billing. You can host unlimited webinars for up to 1 hour maximum duration and 1 host.

WebinarJam Key Features

Let’s highlight some key features of WebinarJam.

1. Easy to Use: WebinarJam is a cloud-based webinar software that doesn’t require installation. You don’t have to go through learning curves. Just signup and you are ready to host a webinar.

2. Up to 5000 Attendees: Sometimes the number of webinar registration exceeds your service provider’s maximum limit. But WebinarJam comes with a maximum capacity of 5000 attendees. Up to 6 presenters can collaboratively host a webinar and share their knowledge.

3. High-Quality Video Streaming: Poor video quality can hurt the presentation. WebinarJam has a robust infrastructure that offers HD-quality video streaming. The 30 FPS helps for improving the quality of your audio and videos.

4. Unique Control Panel: There are a lot of options available for running a webinar. Mute your microphone, access audio options, panelists and attendees controls, highlight a chat, etc.

5. Live Chat: Live chat offers a direct way for attendees to interact with the host. Keep your attendees engaged and encourage them to leave feedback through live chat. Comment moderation and highlight features are also available.

6. Automated Recording: Sometimes host forgets to click the record button before starting a webinar. If you are using WebinarJam then it would be recorded automatically. In case, anyone missed the live webinar, the recorded video will give them a second chance. The video file would be stored in the WebinarJam cloud storage and you would have to share the URL.

7. Replica Reply: This feature replicates each action that happens in the live webinar. Chat comments, polls, and surveys will appear at the exact moment as the original presentation. So the reply event will seem actual live session.

8. File-Sharing: Share any type of file with your audience during the live session. Upload all the files through the studio control center and let people see them.

9. Polls and Surveys: Add polls and surveys to your live webinar. This allows the audience to give their feedback, and answer the host’s questions. The results can be shared with the attendees and used for future purposes.

10. Attendees Spotlight: Your audience has a voice and you have to give them a mic. The attendee’s spotlight allows you to bring people to the virtual stage. Just drag the attendee to the presenter’s screen and they can start interacting.

11. Page Builder: You would get a drag-and-drop visual page builder. Use the pre-designed template, and customize them to create a stunning webinar registration page. WebinarJam will host all your pages and you would get a shareable link.

12. Notification: Send a cold reminder to users who have registered for the webinar through email and SMS. The automated system sends notifications automatically without your interaction. You can integrate email marketing services to get more functionalities.

13. Panic Button: WebinarJam is built with robust infrastructure and broadcasting technology. But technical glitches can happen anytime and you may lose connections. So the lifesaving panic button is there. This feature automatically creates a new live room and transfers all the attendees to it. Everyone would be auto-redirected within 10 seconds and ready to resume. 

14. Drawing Boards: You would get a whiteboard to explain something. Draw shapes, mindmaps, texts, etc for explaining the concept to your audience.

15. Analytics: Check the important stats like the number of registrations, click-through rate, attendees, session length, user rating, etc. Analyzing these metrics will help you to modify the techniques and webinar registration pages.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam’s pricing is based on the number of attendees, presenters, and webinar duration. The base plan starts from 500 attendees and goes up to 5000 in the highest plan.

  1. Starter: The Starter plan allows you to run unlimited webinars with 1 host. The maximum webinar duration is 1 hour and up to 100 attendees. This plan costs $39 per month with annual billing.
  2. Basic: The Basic plan allows you to run unlimited webinars with 2 hosts. The maximum webinar duration is 2 hours and up to 500 attendees. Some additional features include broadcasting to YouTube and Facebook, attendees spotlight, automated webinars, etc. This plan costs $79 per month with annual billing.
  3. Professional: The Professional plan allows you to run unlimited webinars with 4 hosts. Host webinar with a maximum attendee of 2000 and a 3-hour duration. Extra features include an always-on live room, the panic button, etc. This plan costs $229 per month with annual billing.
  4. Enterprise: The Enterprise plan allows you to host unlimited webinars and 6 co-presenters. The maximum number of allowed attendees is 5000 with a 4-hour duration. Additional features include a centralized control panel, priority support, etc. This plan costs $379 per month.

WebinarJam Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of WebinarJam.


  • Easy to use and quick setup process.
  • A browser-based tool without a complex setup process.
  • Professional-looking landing page templates with drag-and-drop editing features.
  • High-quality video and audio broadcasting.
  • Run hybrid webinars with flexible scheduling.
  • Ability to run a webinar with up to 5000 attendees and 6 presenters.
  • Keep your audience engaged with live chat.
  • Ability to stream on YouTube or Facebook.
  • Send invitations to the attendees before the webinar via email or SMS.
  • In-built auto-recording feature.
  • 4-hour maximum webinar duration.
  • Track performance stats using robust analytics.
  • Share files and show demonstration whiteboard.
  • The life-saving panic button automatically transfers all the attendees if any technical issue happens.
  • Easy integration with third-party tools and services.
  • Instant support.


  • Limited customization options for landing pages.

EverWebinar (Meant For EverGreen/Pre-Recorded Webinars)

EverWebinar is a popular cloud-based webinar solution. It was created in 2015 by Genesis Digital. This software is mainly focused on webinar automation and is packed with robust features.

You can host automated/pre-recorded webinars using this tool. EverWebinar supports webinar/video files from WebinarJam, Youtube, Vimeo (Pro only), Amazon S3 & many other video streaming platforms.

The built-in chat capability allows your attendees to interact with the host directly. This will make them feel like they are attending the live webinar.

Schedule a webinar and send automated notifications to users via email or SMS. Some other notable functionalities include audio streaming, polls, screen sharing, split testing, etc.

Create an appealing landing page using pre-designed templates and let visitors register. All the things can be done on a browser and you don’t have to install bulky software.

EverWebinar Key Features

Let’s see some of the key features of EverWebinar.

1. User Interface: If you have never used webinar software, then you won’t find any difficulty. Start a webinar within 10 minutes and keep your audience engaged.

2. High-Quality Streaming: No more pixelated images or frame freeze during a video call. The robust infrastructure of EverWebinar allows you to stream videos of high quality. As it is a browser-based tool, no need to install bulky software. 

3. Scheduling Options: EverWebinar comes with many scheduling options. You can set a specific time, and date in the in-built calendar. Choose the time when your audience is most active and configure an automated webinar.

4. Live Chat: Let your webinar attendees have a direct way of communicating and interacting with them in real time. As a host, you can highlight a chat from the live chat window. Your co-presenters can also reply to queries.

5. Visual Page Builder: EverWebinar has a drag-and-drop page builder to design a page visually. No need to have coding skills. Use professionally designed templates for webinar registration and visitor interaction.

6. Dynamic Attendance Display: People join and leave webinars all the time between live events. You can show the attendees count in real-time which creates social proof.

7. Polls and Surveys: Audience engagement should be the goal of a webinar along with conversions. Give your attendees various options to express their feedback. Create a poll and place it inside a webinar. Results can be shown to the audience and used insights for future meetings.

8. Integrations: Sync your email marketing tools, CRM, etc. with EverWebinar and get the most out of it. You can segment the audience based on different tags, and behavior to generate more leads.

9. Split Testing: EverWebinar allows you to run split tests and show different landing pages to visitors. The analytics show which version of a landing page is better and drives more conversions.

EverWebinar Pricing

EverWebinar comes with 3 plans. There are no features difference in these plans. The only difference is the duration.

  • Biennial: The Biennial plan costs $34 per month with two years of billing.
  • Annual: The Annual plan costs $42 per month with yearly billing.
  • Monthly: The Monthly plan costs $99 per month.

You can get EverWebinar free trial for just $1. To stop spamming, the company is charging this tiny amount.

EverWebinar Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of EverWebinar.


  • Easy-to-use software for beginners with a quick setup process.
  • A browser-based tool that doesn’t require installation.
  • Automated webinars that allow you to host live events.
  • The live chat feature lets attendees interact with the host.
  • Send automatic webinar starting notifications via email or SMS.
  • Simulate live interaction using polls and surveys.
  • Show real-time attendance count that shows a social count.
  • Integrate with third-party tools and services like CRM, email marketing tools, etc.


  • Data analytics should be improved.
  • Few webinar landing page templates.

WebinarJam Vs EverWebinar: Which One Is For You?

If you are looking for webinar software that can conduct live webinars WebinarJam can be your go-to solution.

On the other hand, EverWebinar is a viable choice if you want to run your prerecorded webinar on automation

There is no need for two different solutions when one will suffice. You can conduct live, automated, or hybrid webinars with LiveStorm for free


So these are some of the things you need to know about EverWebinar vs WebinarJam. Webinars emerged as a great content marketing strategy. From small businesses to corporates, everyone is using this revolutionary medium of communication.

If you are looking for a complete webinar solution, we highly recommend LiveStorm (Try Free).

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