WebinarJam Pricing 2024 (New Plans) + 14 Days Trial Offer

Businesses are using various digital mediums to boost sales and leads. From social media ads to paid display advertisements, we have seen many digital transformations.

But webinars truly impact a lot if done right. One of the main reasons why businesses use webinar services is the tremendous value they can deliver.

A webinar is one of the highest-converting forms of marketing that every business should adopt.

To host a webinar you need to have a tool for this. There are hundreds of webinar services but we prefer WebinarJam. The features and pricing look attractive in combination with a recording feature.

In this post, we will learn more about WebinarJam pricing and features. So let’s get started.

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is an all-in-one webinar service that helps you to host live webinars. It is a web-based tool, so there is no need to install any bulky software. More than 50K businesses are using WebinarJam to talk to customers in real time.

WebinarJam 5.0

Hosting a webinar with this software is so easy and one can do it without any prior experience. It offers no delay and no latency video streaming features so that your audience can enjoy high-definition quality.

You would get a landing page template library to choose from for your webinar. Create a registration page for attendees with a drag-and-drop editor.

The automated screen recording feature allows you to save live broadcasts in a video file. If anyone missed the live event, the recorded video file can give them a second opportunity. There is a live chat feature to directly interact with attendees and solve their queries.

Run polls and surveys to collect customer feedback and understand their needs. You would get built-in keynote slides and a free drawing board for easy presentation. Check all the performance stats and important metrics using the real-time analytics feature.

The robust technology used in WebinarJam allows you to host webinars with 6 presenters and up to 5000 attendees. This software also allows you to host automated and evergreen webinars as quickly as you want.

WebinarJam gives you the freedom to go livestream from anywhere anytime. You can download the Android or iOS app and conduct webinars on the go.

WebinarJam Pricing & Plans 2024

WebinarJam pricing is important as it is the deciding factor for most people. However, we should consider the features and capability of webinar software before purchasing. WebinarJam is a reliable webinar software that comes with affordable plans. The official website features 4 plans.

webinarjam pricing plans

1. Starter Plan ($39):

The Starter plan allows 1 host and unlimited webinars. Up to 100 attendees can attend the webinar. Some other features include a 1-hour max duration, live chat, webinar schedules, customizable landing pages, email/SMS notifications, polls and surveys, screen presentations, video injections, etc. This plan costs $39 per month with annual billing.

2. Basic Plan ($79):

The Basic plan allows 2 hosts and unlimited webinars. Up to 500 attendees can join the webinar. You would get all the features in the Starter plan. Some additional features include a 2-hour max duration, broadcast to Facebook and YouTube, attendance spotlight, automated webinars, etc. This plan costs $79 per month with annual billing.

3. Professional Plan ($299):

The Professional plan allows 4 hosts and unlimited webinars. Up to 2000 attendees can view the webinar. You would get all the features in the Basic plan. Some additional features include a 3-hour maximum duration, an always-on live room, the panic button, etc. The Professional plan costs $229 per month with annual billing.

4. Enterprise Plan ($379):

This is the highest plan in WebinarJam. The Enterprise plan allows 6 hosts and unlimited webinars. You can host a webinar with up to 5000 attendees. Access all the features WebinarJam offers with a 4-hour maximum duration. You would get a central control panel to operate employees’ webinars and the whole thing. The enterprise plan costs $379 per month.

WebinarJam Features

WebinarJam comes with a basket full of features to host webinars smoothly. Let’s discuss some of the major ones in detail.

1. Easy to Use

One of the major benefits of using WebinarJam is its simplicity. If you have never used webinar software then you can still use it without any hustle. The navigations are clearly defined and features are shorted correctly.

It is browser-based software and perfectly adapts to major browsers. No need to install software that requires bulk resources. There is a visually rich control dashboard to manage all the aspects.

2. Webinar Recording

WebinarJam comes with an automatic webinar recording feature. A live webinar is a one-time event and you should be available at that time to attend it. But due to some reasons (busy in daily life), many people can’t attend it.

It is not possible to host the same webinar again for them. So recorded webinars can be very helpful. Reusing the same content can save a lot of time and effort. It can be uploaded to YouTube to grab more audience attention.

WebinarJam has the built-in functionalities to record a webinar in high quality. It would be stored in the cloud storage and you can download it for future use. Recorded videos can be used as on-demand webinars.

3. High-Quality Video & Audio Broadcasting

Video and audio quality matters a lot in webinars. The research found that more than 62% of people pass the negative response to brands providing poor-quality video experiences.

Bad-quality video or audio is distracting and encourages people to leave the webinar. One may hesitate to buy a product or sign up for an email list after having a bad experience.

WebinarJam comes with high-quality video streaming and the latest technology standards. All the videos broadcast through WebinarJam software come with HD 30fps and crystal clear sound. Whether you are using a laptop, mobile, or any other device, the Video quality remains the same.

4. Page Builder

The webinar is a great medium to drive some new leads. But you need to grab the audience’s attention through a webinar landing page. It offers an easy way to know more about the business and what value they are going to get.

Webinar landing pages are designed to encourage visitors into customers. This type of page should be conversion-focused and navigation-free. You can create awesome pages for registrations and signups using the built-in tool of WebianrJam. You can also create a one-click registration form with page builder.

Using the drag-and-drop page builder you can create highly targeted landing pages. Add text, logo, images, videos, etc that will convince visitors to stay on the page. All the pages made through this robust editor are 100% mobile responsive.

If you are not sure about the design then add 2 or more pages and the WebinarJam system will rotate it. The A/B testing will let you know which design is performing well. If you don’t have a website to add to the landing page, WebinarJam will host it.

5. Live Chat

Live chat provides and hustles a free way to interact with webinar presenters in real-time. WebinarJam comes with an in-built live chat feature. The chat option can be found on the right sidebar of the webinar.

The core purpose of webinar chat is to keep attendees interested and engaged. Interacting with a host is an easy way to build relationships and build trust. Both presenters and moderators can interact with the chat and solve the attendee’s queries.

Ask questions to viewers so that they can respond and ultimately stimulate more discussion. Some of the advanced chat features include highlighted comments, sticky announcements, comment moderation, private chat, etc.

6. Webinar Scheduling

A webinar is one of the most effective and widely used video marketing channels. But timing is important for online events and should be suitable for your webinar audience.

Paying attention to the time zone is vital as people can attend from all over the world. WeinarJam allows you to schedule a convenient webinar. A well-planned webinar helps you to build a brand.

Host on-demand webinars, evergreen webinars (prerecorded webinars), and reoccurring series, to give more control to potential attendees. All the features are just a click away. You can also check previous webinars to figure out the best possible timing for a webinar.

7. Email and SMS Reminder

Many people register for a webinar but don’t attend it due to a time mismatch. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach out to thousands of webinar attendees.

WebinarJam has a feature to send webinar reminders through email and SMS. You can set a series of webinar reminders so that attendees never miss a webinar. Keep your audience alert about your upcoming webinar.

Customize the email template and add conversion-oriented texts so that one can’t ignore them. A reminder email should include a button that allows the recipient to join the webinar directly. 

8. Verity of Presentations

Want to explain something during the live webinar? The  WebinarJam has a built-in feature to share slide share presentations. Import your presentation file and show it to the live audience. It supports all the major file formats and you can import by drag and drop.

Enhance the presentation with a free-hand drawing board. This feature is very useful for tutorial training or lecturing classes. Draw shapes, arrows, and text to explain complex subjects easily.

To grab the audience’s attention there are many screen annotation features. You can point out a certain portion with a mouse and get an animation effect. Zoom in and zoom out the window while working on the demonstration board.

9. Panic Button

WebinarJam is a robust platform built on high-end server infrastructure. But technical issues can happen anytime and webinars shut down. Your audience can’t hear the audio and the video becomes slower.

Let’s welcome the revolutionary Panic Button. If disaster strikes and freezes the webinar then hit this button. The system will instantly create a new live room and automatically transfer all the attendees into it.

Having a backup plan is always good. Attendees will not face any delay as everything runs as usual in a few seconds. No need to create a new webinar and invite registered users.

10. Polls & Surveys

The value of polls and surveys in a webinar presentation is enormous. The webinar’s success should be counted based on audience engagement.

WebinarJam allows you to add polls and surveys to get feedback from your audience. You can place it anywhere within your webinar presentation. Everyone can answer the poll questions anonymously and know about their peers. The results can be shown in real time.

Turn your webinars into interactive conversations and provide enjoyable experiences. Once you engage the audience, later see the brand building, lead generation, website visits, sales, and other loyalty benefits. If you are running a training session for employees, this feedback can be used for future improvements.

11. Integrations

WebinarJam is a robust webinar hosting tool with dozens of features. But it offers various integration with third-party services and apps. These integrations expand the functionalities of WebinarJam and let you do more things.

You can integrate with Zapier which offers 750+ integrated apps together to make your webinar stand out. Before connecting Zapier with WebinarJam you need the API key. The API key can be found in the main dashboard.

12. Host From Anywhere

Most people think that webinar hosting needs high-end equipment and proper setup. But the truth is that you can conduct a webinar from anywhere and on any device. You don’t need to be on the desk and computer/laptop.

WebinarJam allows you to host webinars from Android and iOS devices. You can find respective apps in the app stores. Attendees can also join a scheduled live event without any hustle. Give feedback through polls and surveys and grab knowledge from anywhere.

13. Detailed Analytics

WebinarJam comes with an advanced tracking system that keeps an eye on key factors. All the performance parameters can be found in the detailed analytics dashboard.

Some of the stats include the number of registrants, live attendees, session length, average session duration, revenue generated, user agent, etc. Analyze all the metrics to find out the webinar success rate.

14. Fast Support

WebinarJam has an in-house support team to help you. Customers can reach out to support staff and solve their queries through email or live chat.

There is a vast knowledge base containing tutorial videos and how-to guides. You would also get access to the Facebook community. Discuss webinar strategies, marketing ideas, issues, and tricks with the other members.

FAQs Related to WebinarJam Pricing Plans

WebinarJam is one of the best webinar software with the best streaming quality.

WebinarJam pricing depends on the number of attendees and other features. However, there are 4 plans in WebinarJam.

Yes, you can do so by reaching out to the billing team.

Yes, WebinaraJam offers 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service then reach out to the support team and ask for a refund.


These are some of the things you need to know about WebinarJam pricing. As a marketing medium, webinars are growing in popularity.

If you are searching for the best Webinar software then we recommend you choose WebinarJam.

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