10 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress 2023

We have seen a dramatic shift in online shopping in recent years. More and more people prefer to buy products through eCommerce sites rather than physical retail stores. When it comes to shopping things online, Amazon comes first.

The unstoppable rise of the eCommerce giant made them one of the most valuable public companies on the planet. Thousands of products are listed on the Amazon website for aperient customers.

There is an awesome affiliate program called Amazon Associates. If you have a website or social media page then you can start promoting Amazon products and earn a commission.

I will show you some best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress. Using these plugins you can successfully promote products on your website and get a healthy commission.

So let’s get started.

Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

There are a lot of plugins available for Amazon affiliate websites. We have done extensive research and come up with some of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress websites.

So let’s check them.

1. AzonPress

AzonPress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliate websites. Most of the time affiliate marketers manage different aspects of the associate program and website.

AzonPress comes with a list of features to make life easier.

The most appealing aspect of AzonPress is to make creative product presentations. Amazon product placement and display can be done in a few clicks.

A beautifully designed product box in a blog increases the chances of more conversions through your affiliate link.

This plugin allows you to display products in various formats including grids, boxes, lists, and more. You can customize the layouts to suit your website’s overall design.

AzonPress lets you create beautiful product comparison tables with respective Buy Now buttons. These tables are responsive and you can change the style of product display on your page.

You can add many products and create a simple Product Table. Customize columns, and rows, upload pictures manually, etc.

This plugin automatically syncs the latest information including product link change, price, and update on your website.

Geo-targeting is the most welcoming feature of this plugin. Amazon has different websites for various countries and you can redirect visitors to appropriate Amazon shops dynamically.

You can start tweaking the CSS and control the appearance.

AzonPress is a paid plugin and you need to buy a plan. This plugin costs $31 for a single website.


best amazon affiliate plugins for wordpress

AAWP is a widely used Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress. It was launched to help users maximize link clicks and affiliate sales with little effort. It is for pro users as well as for relatively beginner ones.

Product showcasing is very important to encourage visitors to click. You can design beautiful product showcase boxes and add them to any page using shortcodes.

AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) plugin uses Amazon API to fetch the latest product information and update your blog. So no need to visit the Amazon website each time and update information manually.

Buyers are most likely to compare 2 or more products before making a purchase decision.

AAWP lets you create a stunning product comparison table. You will have to add the ASIN number and the plugin will fetch all the product information. You can keep an eye on affiliate sales using the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager event tracking feature.

Show some of the best-selling products in a specific category on Amazon using a shortcode. The list would be automatically updated if the best-selling products changed.

If you are not using the Geo-targeting feature then you are missing out on huge earnings opportunities. Redirect visitors to their country-specific Amazon website and maximize your commission.

AAWP is only available in the premium version. For a single website, the price of AAWP would be 49 Euro with a 1-year update and support.

3. Affiliatable

Affiliatable best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

An affiliate website demands a lot of things like affiliate links, and tables to get conversions. Affiliatable is an awesome plugin that helps markers to create beautiful design elements for Amazon affiliate products. You need no coding knowledge to use this plugin.

You can create a stunning product comparison table so that viewers don’t have to go to different pages to compare similar products. There are a lot of pre-designed comparison table templates to choose from. Here you can add all the product images, specifications, and advantages, in a tabular format.

Another cool feature is the product boxes. They have 8 product box designs and you can add them anywhere on your website. These are great for individual product reviews.

These product boxes are a better replacement for any links or pictures and encourage users to click. Affiliatable automatically adds schema so that search engines can read your posts, tables, and feature in the SERP.

Pros and cons are very important for buyers to make a purchase decision. This plugin comes with fancy pros and cons boxes.

Give your website visitors a visually appealing way to check the advantages and disadvantages. You can change the layout color, and text formats, according to your website design.

Affiliatable plugin is available in both free as well as paid versions. The premium version costs $199 for one website.

4. EasyAzon

EasyAzon best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

EasyAzon is an Amazon WordPress plugin that aims to help affiliate marketers to create a stunning interface with an eye-catching display of Amazon affiliate products. The installation process is much easier and you have to upload the pro version file of the plugin.

Geo-targeting features are very important for an Amazon affiliate plugin. It is very helpful for improving user experience and also multiplying the conversion.

EasyAzon has a link localization feature that automatically changes your Amazon affiliate links according to the visitor’s country.

You would get an EasyAzon option in your post editor. You can use this function to search for products on Amazon without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

Enter the product name and the plugin search for available affiliate products you can insert. Choose what type of link you want to place from a text link, image link, CTA link, and info block.

The default Amazon Associate cookie lifetime is 24 hours. But you can use the add-to-cart feature to extend this to 90 days. If the visitor added the product to the cart and buy within 90 days, you would get a commission.

The EasyAzon plugin comes with two plans. The Multi-Site plan costs $47 and the Developer Site plan comes with a price tag of $67. You are allowed to use the plugin on unlimited sites in both plans.

5. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons For Guttenberg best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Affiliate marketers should focus on creating valuable content and visually appealing designs to increase conversions. WordPress rolled out its flagship block editor Gutenberg in the version 5.0 update.

This new editor comes with a lot of blocks to create content with. You can add more power to the Gutenberg editor using the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin.

It is one of the best future-proof Gutenberg plugins I ever used. Gutenberg Blocks comes with a simple plugin installation and adds over 20 new block options in your editor. Select the UAG block option and use the block you wish to add to the page.

Some of the blocks that are useful for Amazon affiliate sites are start ratings, call to action, table, counter, review schema, icon list, price list, testimonials, etc.

There is an option to selectively enable or disable the blocks according to your uses. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin is compatible with any theme and you would get options to customize everything in a few clicks.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin is free to use and you can download it from the WordPress plugin repository.

6. AAPro

AAPro best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

AAPro is one of the most innovative Amazon affiliate plugins for your website. This plugin comes with great features and is flexible for any level of user. You have to set up the initial integration of the AAPro plugin with your Amazon Associate Account in the settings section.

This plugin helps you create stunning and convincing product displays with all the necessary conversion-oriented features to accelerate your commissions.

One of the leading features of this plugin is that the updated information will be synced to your website automatically. For this, you would have to connect your website with Amazon Product Advertising API.

There are multiple search methods and you can use this to add the appropriate product. Affiliate marketers can use visually attractive elements to attract customers to click. Just drag and drop various widgets and design the page.

There is a detailed analytics dashboard that keeps track of user behavior and actions. You can see the stats in a visually appealing dashboard.

Upload a large number of products using CSV files directly. AAPro has a dedicated support team always ready to provide support.

You can purchase the AAPro plugin from CodeCanyon for $29 per website.

7. WZone

WPZone best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

WZone is a popular and full-featured Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress. It is more than just adding affiliate products from the Amazon website. After installing the plugin on your website you would get a dedicated WZone dashboard to manage all the aspects.

You can import products from Amazon without API access. You just have to enter a product name or the product’s unique ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) to find the specific product.

WZone will show you a detailed description of the product. Affiliate URLs, descriptions, titles, availability, and prices are automatically updated if any changes happen on the Amazon website.

The geo-targeting feature allows you to redirect visitors straight to the respective Amazon store.

Another great feature is cross-selling. Buyers love to add multiple products in one shot. This feature helps you to add related products or frequently bought together products to your website & earn more commissions.

This plugin comes with all the white-label features that are fully compatible with Amazon’s terms and conditions. So you don’t have to worry about violating them and terminating the account.

The built-in analytics feature keeps track of customer behaviors and shows them in an understandable format.

WZone comes with 3 plans including a free plan. Paid plan starts from $49 per website.

8. ThirstyAffiliates

Thirsty Affiliates best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Affiliate links play an important role in affiliate marketing. ThirstyAffiliates is an awesome plugin that allows you to manage and cloak your links.

This affiliate link management plugin helps you to increase sales. You can use it for Amazon affiliate WordPress websites intended and make life easier.

Let’s assume a scenario where you have hundreds of links on different pages. If the affiliate program changes the link location, you have to make modifications to all the pages manually.

If you have used a plugin like ThirstyAffiliates then, change it using the dashboard and the new link would be reflected everywhere. Categorize your affiliate links for easy management.

Affiliate links are often lengthy and ugly. You can make it beautiful and add your domain to the cloak version. Use the geolocation link feature to add multiple links for an affiliate link. It will automatically detect the traffic and send it to respective stores.

To stay on top of Amazon policies, the plugin automatically uncloaks certain links. If any of your affiliate links retunes a 404 error then the plugin will let you know.

The auto-link feature allows you to add affiliate links to the whole website based on defined keywords.

You can manage all affiliate links from one place and follow a set naming convention. The most interesting feature of the ThirstyAffiliates plugin is that you have complete control over the link’s appearance.

You would get a built-in affiliate link tracking system to check the number of clicks.

The ThirstyAffiliates plugin is available in both free plans. The Basic plan of ThirstyAffiliates costs $49 per website.

Amazon Auto Links best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Auto Amazon Links is an efficient plugin that allows you to insert affiliate links. This plugin comes with manual and automatic methods for adding links or banners to your website. You can display products from specific categories or keywords.

After connecting your website with the Amazon Associate program through this plugin, you can start syncing dynamically.

You don’t have to worry about outdated URLs or pricing changes. Auto Amazon Links can update the latest product information. You can insert products in any port using a shortcode.

This plugin allows you to filter some products using the title, and product ID number.

Buttons encourage users to click and visit the Amazon store. You can add customized buttons and give a personalized look. Auto Amazon Links plugin takes care of geotargeting and sends visitors to their respective local sites.

So you won’t miss any commission from buyers coming outside of your country.

Auto Amazon Links is a free plugin and you can download it instantly from the WordPress repository.

Amazon Link Engine best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Amazon Link Engine is the best Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that takes linking to the next level. This plugin is a product of Geniuslink. If you want to enjoy the geotargeting feature and earn international commissions then sync this plugin with the Geniuslink account.

Based on the visitor’s location, Amazon automatically changes the affiliate link. This helps visitors to visit the local Amazon store and see the pricing in local currency.

Amazon Link Engine works perfectly in combination with Geniuslink for localization.

After installing the plugin and connecting to the Amazon API key, you can sit back and relax. Now you can add any product to a post from the WordPress dashboard. Amazon Link Engine has built-in analytics and reporting capabilities which is great.

This helps you to track visitors’ behaviors and conversions generated from your website.

Amazon Link Engine is available for download in the WordPress repository for free.

Pros & Cons of the Amazon Associates Program

Everyone talks about the potential and money-making opportunities of the Amazon affiliate program. Let’s check some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon affiliate program.


  • Amazon is a mega-brand its popularity is skyrocketing. You don’t have to convince people to buy.
  • The Amazon Associate program is a great way to make money and make a full-time career as an Amazon affiliate marketer.
  • Novice-friendly and one can get instant approval.
  • You would get paid for each sale.
  • Amazon tries to upsell relevant products to customers to give additional commissions.
  • Wide range of marketing materials.
  • Diversified product categories and you can find everything you could imagine.
  • Product advertising API to display Amazon products on any website.
  • Extensive support.


  • Low commission rates as compared to other affiliate programs.
  • Strong affiliate policies that are responsible for account termination.
  • You have to join all the country-specific affiliate programs to get commissions generated from those countries.
  • Only 24-hour cookie duration if the product is not added to the cart.
  • Doesn’t offer PayPal as a payment method.
  • Different products have different commissions.

How To Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Hundreds of affiliate networks allow you to promote other’s products. But Amazon is the largest online store in the world containing millions of different products.

Amazon officially runs an awesome affiliate program called Amazon Associates. Here is the step-by-step process to become an Amazon affiliate.

Step 1. Go to the Amazon Associate website and click on the Sign-Up button.

Step 2. Now Amazon will ask you to log in first. If you are an existing user of Amazon then enter the account details, to sign up. Otherwise, click on the Create your Amazon account button to open a new one.

Step 3. After successful login, you are ready to create an Amazon Associate account. Click on the New Customer button to get started.

Step 4. Fill in your details along with other information.

Step 5. Then add your promotion medium like the blog, YouTube channel, or mobile app, and click Next.

Step 6. Now Amazon will ask you to enter a unique store ID. Here you can add your name, website/YouTube channel name, number, or in a combination of any.

Step 7. Then select the category you are going to work with. Use the dropdown and select one. You can promote any category after getting affiliate approval. This is just a formality Amazon wants to confirm in the initial stage.

Step 8. In the next step, Amazon will ask you to tell something more about your promotion medium and traffic. It will also ask you the reason behind joining the affiliate program.

Step 9. Now you have to verify your identity. Enter the phone number and complete the verification process.

Step 10. Now you would get a congratulatory message. On the same page, Amazon will ask you to enter payment and tax information. You can do this later as well. Amazon will take some time to review your application and give approval/rejection.

To be honest, Amazon has complex affiliate policies. As you know Amazon made dedicated websites for different countries. If you want to get commissions to form those sites’ purchases through your affiliate link, then you have to join respective Amazon Associate programs.

Here you can find all the Amazon affiliate store signup page links.

  • India: https://affiliate-program.amazon.in
  • USA: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com
  • Canada: https://associates.amazon.ca
  • United Kingdom: https://affiliate-program.amazon.co.uk
  • Mexico: https://afiliados.amazon.com.mx
  • Brazil: https://associados.amazon.com.br
  • Germany: https://partnernet.amazon.de
  • France: https://partenaires.amazon.fr
  • Japan: https://affiliate.amazon.co.jp

Check your website analytics and analyze what are the leading traffic-providing courtiers for you. According to that stats, sign up for the respective Amazon affiliate program.


So these are some of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress websites. Want to earn more money like well-known Amazon affiliate marketers?

If done correctly, this affiliate program can fulfill all your needs. Use one or more plugins from the above list and skyrocket your affiliate sales.

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