10 Best Amazon PPC Software & Management Tools (2023)

We have seen a huge spike in customers’ buying habits in recent times. Online shopping is now skyrocketing as more people get internet access. When it comes to eCommerce then Amazon stands at the top.

You know a commonly used proverb “Be where your customers are.” This means if you are selling products online then list them on Amazon to boost sales. But Amazon is an ocean of products and how your listing would stand out.

Well, one of the easiest ways is through Amazon PPC. Amazon allows sellers to create ad campaigns. When a customer search for a product your ad would be displayed and got a click. But how do you stand out in the presence of thousands of competitors?

Well, the answer is Amazon PPC software. These tools are designed to help you find the right keywords. In this post, we will discuss some of the best Amazon PPC optimization tools.

So let’s get started.

Best Amazon PPC Software & Tools

The web is a field with software claiming to have features for advertising on the Amazon platform.

As you know claims are not enough for a customer to buy a tool. So we decided to test these tools and find out some of the best Amazon PPC management software.

So here is the crafted list of tools to run successful Amazon PPC campaigns.

1. Helium 10

Helium 10: Best Amazon PPC software

Helium 10 is a very popular Amazon seller tool that offers dozens of features. Many sellers use this tool for finding profitable products and competitor analysis. This all-in-one tool can also help get maximum results from PPC campaigns.

The AI-powered Amazon PPC tool named Adtomic helps sellers to optimize campaigns and generate more ROI. It has a giant database of keywords and all the related stats. Scan through important parameters that help you to pick the right keywords. There are different campaign templates to choose from and it makes the process easier.

Advanced automation features save a lot of time and money. As the tool is based on AI, you would get personalized keyword budding suggestions. Rather than wasting your resources on the wrong techniques, you can target the right keywords. The advanced search term analysis feature only suggests potential keywords so that you don’t have to do complex analysis.  

Adtomic also provides training conducted by a team of Amazon PPC experts. The detailed analytics dashboard shows all the important stats of your PPC campaigns. Stay ahead of your competition using the most efficient Amazon seller tool.

Helium 10 Key Features

  • Most advanced all-in-one Amazon seller tool with a huge customer base
  • Powerful product research feature with over 450million ASIN database
  • Amazon listing optimization for higher organic ranking
  • Bulk keyword analysis
  • AI-powered Amazon PPC tool for robust ad management
  • Advanced automation capabilities to save time and resources
  • Get personalized keyword bidding suggestions
  • Potential keyword highlights so that you don’t have to analyze search term analysis report
  • Different campaign templates are available to create ads quickly
  • Advanced training conducted by Amazon PPC experts
  • Adtomic mobile app for monitoring campaigns on the go

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 has 3 plans to choose from. The pricing listed below is based on annual billing.

  • Starter – The Starter plan costs $29 per month
  • Platinum – The Platinum plan costs $84 per month
  • Diamond – The Diamond plan costs $209 per month

2. SellerApp


SellerApp is another intelligent platform for growing your Amazon seller business. Whether you are just getting started or an experienced player, this software helps you to optimize your Amazon listing and generate more sales. Over 18K sellers are using SellerApp for regular operations.

It contains the most powerful Amazon PPC optimization feature you have ever seen before. The AI-backed tracking algorithm analyses the products in-depth and provides the best suggestions. The simple UI eliminates learning curves and any level of user can start using it.

Set profit goals and automate your Amazon bid campaigns. Set various rules and define duration to put your PPC campaigns on autopilot. Optimize your product listing based on business strategy to get a higher ranking. Discover the best-converting keywords with low PPC competition.

Laser target your ad campaign and block negative keywords to reach a potential audience. The machine learning algorithm of SellerApp suggests the best keywords to target. Get campaign performance, ROI analysis, and KPI, in a detailed analytics dashboard. Use these intelligent insights to fine-tune your ad campaigns and maximize results.

SellerApp Key Features

  • An AI-powered all-in-one Amazon seller tool with over 18K customers
  • Discover best-selling low-competition products using comprehensive data filters
  • Predict product demand, trends, seasonality, and profit through an AI-powered algorithm
  • Amazon rank tracker to monitor all your organic ranking and PPC campaigns
  • Find high converting low competition keywords to target
  • Product listing optimization with actionable insights
  • Robust Amazon PPC tool for optimizing campaigns
  • Goal-based bidding strategy for maximizing your profit
  • Automate your PPC campaigns to save time and efforts
  • Get an instant alert when anything changes

SellerApp Pricing

SellerApp has divided its plans into 4 categories like Seller, Agency, Managed Service, and Custom API. Here are the plans available under the Seller category.

  • Freemium – The Freemium plan costs nothing and doesn’t even require a credit card.
  • Pro Lite – The Pro Lite plan costs $39 per month
  • Professional – The Professional plan costs $79 per month

3. Sellics


Sellics is another powerful Amazon advertisement optimization platform. Thousands of beginner and mid-level Amazon sellers are relying on this software. Optimize every dollar spends on marketing using valuable data insights.

Analyze your products based on 20K category benchmarks and check which one needs optimization. It provides a deep analysis report of your account structure and shows your ranking against competitors. Compare your ad campaign performance with other bidders. Overall, you can evaluate your Amazon PPC performance in a few clicks.

Select your goal and spending budget, then the software will show you the best keywords to target. The campaign automation feature will take care of all the aspects so that you can focus on the business. Reduce the Amazon advertising cost on sales (ACoS) and maximize conversions. 

Get updated with the latest industry research, PPC guides, and actionable strategies. Sellics insight center also contains benchmark reposts, webinars, podcasts, etc. Make smarter decisions by analyzing PPC performance shown on a comprehensive dashboard.   

Sellics Key Features

  • One of the most powerful Amazon PPC software in the industry
  • Ad optimization recommendations based on 20K category benchmarks
  • Get a detailed overview of your Amazon seller account structure in comparison with other competitors
  • Check other PPC ads competitors and their strategy
  • Reduce the advertising cost of sales and maximize the revenue
  • PPC automation feature to scale your business quickly
  • Insight Center that contains books, webinars, case studies, etc.

Sellics Pricing

Sellics offers 4 plans to choose from.

  • Starter – The Starter plan costs $250 per month
  • Growth – The Growth plan costs $550 per month
  • Pro – The Pro plan costs $550 per month
  • Enterprise – If you need an Enterprise plan, then you need to contact the sales team

4. Perpetua

Perpetua Amazon PPC Software

Boost your Amazon product-selling business with Perpetua. In addition to the Amazon marketplace, this software also offers advertisement optimization for Walmart, Instacart, and Target. Stay on top of your competitors and target potential keywords using this AI-powered tool.

Create compelling ads for your Amazon products and use Perpetua’s optimization strategy. Set your Amazon advertising cost on sales (ACoS) and desired daily budgets. Then automatic campaign management will take care of the rest. Bids are automatically adjusted according to your daily budget.

This tool can help make more strategic business decisions. Identify business opportunities by analyzing thousands of keywords in different categories. Perpetua also offers managed services fulfilled by industry experts.

Video ads are now popping up on Amazon when searching for a product. You can easily create Amazon video Ads using Perpetua. Create appealing videos using ready-to-use templates. You can add your brand theme and customize it accordingly.

Perpetua Key Features

  • An intelligent eCommerce advertisement optimization software
  • Supports marketplaces like Amazon, Instacrt, Walmart, Target, etc.
  • Automatic Amazon PPC campaign management
  • Automatically adjust bids based on your campaign goals and daily budgets
  • Discover low competition and potential keywords
  • Managed services conducted by industry experts
  • Keep track of all your campaign performance
  • Create Amazon video ads to drive more sales

Perpetua Pricing

Perpetua offers straightforward pricing. You can choose from 4 plans.

  • Starter – The Starter plan costs $250 per month
  • Growth – The Growth plan is listed at $550 per month
  • Pro – The Pro plan is available to buy at $550 + ad spend per month
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise plan is the highest plan of Perpetua. You need to contact the sales team for the pricing.

5. Seller Labs PRO


Take your Amazon sales to the next level using Seller Labs. It offers a lot of tools to manage your regular Amazon seller business effectively. Ignite is a tool dedicated to building advertisement strategies and optimizing your conversion. It is a part of the Seller Labs PRO (Product Revenue Optimization) platform.

This Amazon PPC software uses an AI algorithm to understand your goals and suggests an advertising formula for getting maximum results. The platform has stored years of historical data that helps you to identify buying trends. Based on this data, you can select smart search terms and stay ahead in the PPC bidding game.

Automate your advertising campaigns and save money. Ignite shows sales data from different countries so that you can expand your business globally. The keyword analysis feature shows the number of searches, CPC, total products available, and sales generated.

Monitor the PPC campaign performance daily through a centralized dashboard. You can also manage customer reviews to retain customer satisfaction. Ignite sends instant notifications so that you can take immediate action. Seller Labs also offers managed services where a team of experts will take care of all.

Seller Labs PRO Key Features

  • An Easy to use tool for over 50K Amazon sellers
  • The AI-powered algorithm that helps you to create a better advertisement strategy
  • Contains years of historical data that helps you to target the right keywords
  • Automate your PPC campaigns for maximum sales
  • Get data on different countries to expand your business globally
  • Monitor your keyword performance daily
  • Get instant notifications if anything changes
  • View all the campaign performance reports in easy-to-understand representations

Seller Labs PRO Pricing

Seller Labs Pro pricing is based on your annual sales generated on the Amazon marketplace. If your sale is up to $50K then the Seller Labs Pro plan costs $49 per month.

6. Adbrew


Adbrew is another well-known Amazon PPC software used by individual sellers, digital agencies, etc. This AI-powered software allows you to optimize and automate Amazon ad campaigns effectively. Achieve your sales goals and drive more revenue to your business.

Create appealing ads using Adbrew’s built-in ad templates. Craft it according to your need and set the important parameters. This software analyses 75 million keywords daily so you can get the best potential keywords. Remove negative keywords that drain your ad spending.

The PPC automation feature does all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on the business. Control the ad spending budget by adding caps. You can launch hundreds of ad campaigns simultaneously and manage them in a centralized dashboard.

The dayparting feature lets you control PPC spending throughout the day. Adbrew keeps track of all the keywords ranking for targeted PPC keywords. Valuable insights will be represented in an advanced dashboard. Analyze the KPIs to measure the campaign success rate.

Adbrew Key Features

  • Simple Amazon PPC software used by agencies and individual sellers
  • Create appealing PPC ads using pre-designed templates
  • Craft an ad campaign and give a personalized brand touch
  • Get ad optimization tips to razor-sharp the campaign
  • Extensive keyword research to discover potential keywords
  • This tool analyses over 75 million keywords daily
  • Identify negative keywords that drain your budget
  • Launch hundreds of campaigns simultaneously
  • Detailed insight to measure your campaign performance

Adbrew Pricing

Adbrew offers 3 plans to choose from.

  • Starter – The Starter plan costs $249 per month
  • Professional – The Professional plan takes a 3% charge of your monthly ad spend
  • Managed Services – The Managed Services plan takes a 6% charge of your monthly ad spend

7. Zon.Tools


ZonTools is another AI-powered all-in-one Amazon PPC platform. Bring your product in front of millions of potential buyers using the Amazon advertisement feature. More than 1K sellers are relying on ZonTools for generating more sales.

The powerful keyword research feature allows you to discover untapped low-competition keywords. Target buyers through various campaigns like sponsored product ads sponsored display ads and sponsored brand ads. You can also build re-targeting ads to show buyers who have already shown interest in your product.

Put your PPC campaigns on autopilot with smart automation. The bidding engine of ZonTools automatically adjusts the PPC rate to achieve your business goals. The intelligent algorithm automatically removes poorly performing search terms. Run multiple campaigns and manage them from the ZonTools dashboard.

Promote your products directly on the competitor listing through in-listing advertising. Monitor campaign performance and increase ad spending on high-converting keywords. The comprehensive reporting feature provides a detailed overview of sales, profits, etc.

ZonTools Key Features

  • An AI-powered Amazon PPC software with over 1K customers
  • Create conversion-focused Amazon PPC ads to showcase your product
  • Run campaigns for different ad formats like sponsored product ads, sponsored display ads, and sponsored display ads
  • Automate your PPC campaigns and let the AI work for you
  • The bidding engine automatically adjusts the target bids
  • Explore high-converting keywords
  • Get the best optimization recommendations based on your ad performance
  • Remove negative keywords that are draining your budget
  • The only tool that allows you to run PPC campaigns for Merch products
  • Powerful reporting feature

ZonTools Pricing

ZonTools pricing is based on the amount you are spending on Amazon advertising. There are 3 plans to choose from. Here is the pricing for the $500 ad spend.

  • Analyzer – The Analyser plan costs $9 per month
  • Masterer – The Master plan costs $19 per month
  • Dominator – The Dominator plan costs $25 per month

8. Ad Badger

AdBadger Amazon PPC Software

Show your product information to millions of potential customers and grow your sales through Ad Badger. This powerful Amazon PPC software helps create conversion-oriented ads and optimize them. It contains dozens of features to create successful PPC campaigns.

The campaign builder accelerates the campaign creation process. It all starts with finding the right keywords to target. The powerful Amazon PPC keyword research helps you to quickly find keywords. Set your search parameters to add intended keywords rapidly.

Negative keywords (non-performing keywords) are a nightmare for advertisers. Ad Badger helps you to find negative keywords and block them in campaigns. This PPC tool analyses millions of ad campaigns every week and provides the best optimization recommendations. Ad Badger places your bids exactly where they get maximum engagement.

Lower your advertisement cost of sales (ACoS) by optimizing them. A centralized dashboard shows all the campaign performances in a visually appealing way. Join the exclusive private community and discuss with top Amazon advertisers. In addition to that Ad Badger offers step-by-step guides to master Amazon advertising.

Ad Badger Key Features

  • A powerful AI-powered Amazon advertisement tool
  • Easy to use campaign builder to quickly create any type of campaign
  • Automatic bid optimizer for smartly managing your campaign budget
  • This tool analyses millions of bids every week and provides the best optimization tips
  • Amazon PPC keyword research tool to find profitable keywords
  • Find non-performing keywords in your running campaign
  • Access to private Amazon advertiser’s forum
  • Step-by-step guides to master the Amazon advertisement game
  • Detailed analytics dashboard

Ad Badger Pricing

Ad Badger offers 3 pricing options based on your Amazon ad spending. They only offer 6 months and 12 months subscription options. Here are plans based on an annual subscription.

  • For up to $25,000/mo, ad spend – This plan costs $4080 per month
  • For up to $75,000/mo, ad spend – This plan costs $6120 per month
  • For up to $225,000/mo, ad spend – This plan costs $8500 per month

9. Teikametrics

Teikametrics Amazon PPC Software

Teikametrics is another easy-to-use Amazon advertisement platform. This tool is helping businesses to optimize ad campaigns and maximize profits. In addition to Amazon, you can also stay at the top of the Walmart advertisement game.

Amazon’s PPC campaign process should start with proper keyword research. Searching profitable keywords is now easy with the powerful keyword research feature. The AI-powered bidding algorithm allows you to minimize ad spending. Remove underperforming keywords and increase the budget on profitable keywords.

The company recently introduced a tool name Flywheel 2.0 a revolutionary automation feature to maximize sales and growth. Build new Amazon campaigns with optimizations in a few clicks. Find conversion-ready and budget-friendly keywords for your product campaigns. Set ACoS targets and daily budget to increase the efficiency of every dollar spent.

Track your PPC keywords ranking positions and see how they are performing compared to your competition. The market is consistently shifting and the machine learning algorithm optimizes your campaigns to the carter demand cycle. All the stats are represented in a visually appealing dashboard.

Teikametrics Key Features

  • An easy-to-use AI-powered Amazon and Walmart advertisement platform
  • Grow your efficiency with industry-leading Flywheel 2.0
  • Powerful keyword research tool to discover profitable keywords
  • Create high-converting Amazon/Walmart ad campaigns
  • Optimize your campaigns through recommendations
  • Automatic bidding adjustments to maximize the conversion rate
  • The sessional aware feature automatically adjusts your bids based on the demand cycle
  • Keyword rank tracking to check the campaign performance
  • Adjust bids based on inventory level
  • Detailed analytics dashboard to see all the important stats

Teikametrics Pricing

Teikametrics offers 3 plans to choose from.

  • Basic – The Basic plan is completely free for sellers having less than $10K monthly marketplace sales
  • AI-Powered – The AI-Powered plan charge 3% of your monthly ad spends
  • Ad Management – The Ad Management plan is the most premium option. You need to contact the sales team for the pricing.

10. Pacvue

Pacvue Amazon PPC Software

Pacvue is another platform for advertising on the Amazon marketplace. Create appealing ad campaigns that drive tons of sales. Individual Amazon sellers and marketing agencies are using this software for showing their products in front of millions of potential audiences.

Crete rule-based automation and manage your campaigns effectively. You can check thousands of keywords and all the important matrices to find profitable keywords. Priority-based bidding strategy allows you to smartly control the ad budget. Dayparting control and negative keyword removal smartly run bids.

In addition to Amazon, Pacvue allows you to run ads on platforms like Walmart, Instacart, Criteo, etc. Start your Omni channel marketing in the above marketplaces from one dashboard. Check your campaign performance side-by-side and observe which platform is driving more sales.

Automate some regular tasks to improve performance and you can focus on your business. The dynamic reporting dashboard shows the real-time performance of each campaign. Track price changes in different marketplaces and gets instant alerts. Take deep dive into your competitor’s strategy and uncover potential keywords.

Pacvue Key Features

  • Easy-to-use eCommerce marketing platform used by thousands of sellers
  • Market your products on different platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, eBay, etc.
  • Get the latest optimization recommendations to win the bidding game
  • Industry-first MS Excel integration for bulk editing
  • Analyze competitor’s marketing strategy and their profit-driving keywords
  • Event tracking change log
  • Dayparting to smartly optimize your ad budget
  • Sales forecasting feature powered by AI
  • Real-time reporting dashboard that shows all the ongoing campaigns

Pacvue Pricing

Pacvue pricing is based on your monthly ad spending. You have to book a demo call to talk with the sales team. They will let you know the pricing.


So these are some of the best Amazon PPC software to use. Marketplaces like Amazon are becoming more saturated and competitive with each passing day. Amazon PPC advertising helps sellers to generate more sales on Amazon.

Utilize any of the above tools that meet your budget and need to generate more sales.

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