5 Best Automated Webinar Softwares 2024 (Try For Free)

With webinars, your prospects become leads and eventually your customers. It also helps to build a solid brand and gain trust.

Even so, you cannot deny that conducting a webinar is no easy task. Every time you do one, it consumes your time and energy.

Here came the notion of Pre-recorded webinars or Automated Webinars.

Automated webinars run like normal webinars, only they are not live. You record them once and they continue on autopilot.

For this, your funnel should be set up with automated webinar software.

Many automated webinar software programs exist that may help you conduct a webinar that resembles a live one (without informing your audience). In today’s article, I’ll be discussing the 5 most popular ones.

Note: You can make use of the live chat feature to resolve the viewer’s doubt.

5 Best Automated Webinar Software In 2024

Below I have listed a few tools that can be used to automate webinars. All you need to do is configure it once, and then they will take care of the rest.

1. EverWebinar [Best Automated Webinar Software]

pre-recorded webinar software

EverWebinar is a sister product of WebinarJam, and both products are from the developers of Kartra (Genesis Digital).

EverWebinar is one of the best webinar software to run pre-recorded webinars.

You will get all the features that anyone can expect from automated webinar software that’s too within a budget.

It’s a browser-based application that anyone can run on their PC. The best part is, that you don’t even need to purchase a separate hosting to store your webinars. EverWebinar offers unlimited hosting.

So if you are deciding to go with EverWebinar, you will not regret it because you are in an excellent hand.

Still not sure, check out the features that EverWebinar offers to its customers.

Features of EverWebinar Software

EverWebinar got lots of awesome features so it’s hard to explain in this article. I have listed a few of the amazing features that are most useful.

1. Flexible Scheduling:

EverWebinar gave you full control over scheduling. You can schedule a webinar on a specific day or a repeated one.

You can also trigger a webinar based on specific time zones. There is a dedicated feature inside EverWebinar that can block the webinar during the nighttime. It’s entirely up to your comfort when you want to conduct a webinar.

Running paid ads & you don’t want to lose a single lead? So with a just-in-time webinar feature, you can give instant access to the webinar.

2. Pre-Built Landing Pages:

Want to build fully optimized landing pages for Webinar registrations? EverWebinar got you covered.

You can use their pre-built templates library for creating landing pages specifically for webinar registration. Templates are easy to use and customize and come with 100% mobile compatibility.
They also offer cloud-based hosting architecture to host your landing pages so they can load blazing fast.

If you want to embed the registration form on your website, you can do so with embeddable code.25px

Do templates provided by Everwebinar seem dull and outdated?

Here is a solution,

Everwebinar can be embedded with other SaaS products like LeadPages and clickfunnel. So you can create landing pages or sales funnel through these tools and embed EverWebinar with them.25px

3. Create Jaw-Dropping Clickable Offers (For Product & Service Promotion):

Do you want to promote any jaw-dropping offers or services with your attendees?
EverWebinar takes care of that too.

Instead of posting your offer & links in the chatbox (that mostly go unnoticed), you can directly show them on attendees’ screens.

To even boost the CTR & conversion rate, you can use Urgency and scarcity functionality. Urgency and scarcity options add a countdown timer to the offer and limit the no. of copies available.

4. Hybrid Webinar With Live Chat Simulator:

The biggest problem with Pre-recorded or automated webinars is no interaction.

To solve this problem, EverWebinar came up with a solution called Hybrid Webinar. With a Hybrid webinar, you can interact with your audience & resolve queries through live chat support.

For any reason, if you are not available, you can outsource someone who will interact on your behalf.
EverWebinar also has a cool feature (A live chat Simulator) that can import the chat from a pre-recorded webinar.

So you can run a pre-recorded webinar on full automation without letting your viewer get to know it as it is an automated webinar.

5. Email & SMS System:

Lots of people register for webinars, but only a few attend them. Most people got busy with their day-to-day activities and forgot about the webinar.

But with EverWebinar’s inbuilt Email and SMS system, you can send them timely reminders. You can schedule the series of notifications and remind the attendees by Email and SMS.

6. Detailed Analytics:

The detailed analysis gave you an overview of traffic analytics, CTR, no. of registrants versus no. of webinar attendees, Avg viewing time, etc.

7. Easy Integration:

You can integrate the EverWebinar into third-party tools. Whether it’s landing page builders, CRM, or email autoresponders, you can easily integrate it with the help of API and tagging rules.

2. Demio

automated webinar software

Demio is an all-in-one webinar tool that is simple & straightforward to use. It’s a SaaS tool developed to run live webinars, but it goes beyond capabilities and runs Pre-recorded webinars as well.

Demio can handle up to 4 webinar hosts, and 500 attendees at a time, and webinar sessions could last up to 8 hours.

So Demio is a perfect choice for those who are looking for both live webinars & automated Webinar tools, especially for small businesses.

Along with that, you will get 24/7 dedicated support and security.

Demio’s Webinar Software Features:

Its got amazing features that can smoothen the webinar experience. So let’s have a look at the features offered by Demio:

1. Beautifully Designed Registration Forms:

For creating the registration form, Demio provides lots of pre-designed templates to pick from. If you want to create a custom one, you can also do it with Demio.

Other than Name and Email address, you can ask the webinar registrant for additional information by adding custom fields in the form.

With Demio’s embedding feature, you can embed it anywhere on your website.

2. Completely Browser-Based Tool:

Demio is not like other bulky Webinar Software that needs to be downloaded and installed.
It’s a complete cloud-based application that you can access through your web browser.

It’s compatible with most modern Web browsers and Operating systems including Android, IOS, MAC & Windows.

3. Automatic Reminders:

Wants no one to miss your webinar? You can set up automatic reminders and let them know when the webinar will go live.

You can send them email notifications at regular time intervals that will keep reminding them about your webinar.

4. Chats, Pools & Handouts:

Demio offers live chat, pools, and Handout features with each plan. Viewers can ask real-time questions & you can respond to them in the chatbox.

The live chat feature supports private & public chats & you can use emojis and gestures too.

5. Launch Offers & CTA’s:

Want to promote any offer or product with your audience? You can do that with launch offer functionality. It’s the best option for promoting your products and affiliate products.

6. Automatic Recordings:

Demio is pre-configured to record webinars automatically that’s in an HD format. And later on, the same webinars can be transformed into pre-recorded webinar sessions.

7. Analytics:

How well your marketing campaign is performing can be monitored with the help of an analytics system built-in Demio. You will get the info about the no. of registrant’s viewers and watching time, etc.

3. EasyWebinar

evergreen webinar software

EasyWebinar is capable of conducting both live and automated webinars. It is one of the trusted webinar software used by companies like Aweber, OptimizePress & Drip.

It’s the best fit for small and medium-sized business owners because it helps them to interact with their clients & team members. With the help of EasyWebinar, they can conduct a seminar and presentations effortlessly.

And that’s not the end,

It allows us to transform old webinar videos into a sales machine with automated Webinar features. With the Pre-recorded webinar feature, you can capture leads, and turn them into your clients with full automation.

EasyWebinar Features

EasyWebinar has lots of features but a few prominent ones are as follows:

1. Conduct Automated Webinar:

As I have already mentioned, Easy Webinar is capable of conducting both live and pre-recorded webinars. If you are searching for webinar software that can perform both tasks Easy Webinar could be a lifesaver for you.

EasyWebinar provides the functionality of right-on-time events that will trigger the pre-recorded webinar streaming just 15 minutes upon sign-up.

It’s got a feature called Dynamic “Next Available” Sessions that can remove the old event’s data and display the upcoming Webinar’s timing. You don’t need to make changes regularly.

You can also easily set up an On-demand webinar where users get direct access to the webinar.
If your Attendees are from overseas, you can make use of the Local time zone feature that will automatically stream webinars to their time zones.

You can send reminders to your webinar registrant through a text message that will get delivered to their phone, and you can also make use of Skype.

2. Real-Time Chat:

Easy Webinar’s real-time chats help the community to interact with you right away. They can ask questions in the chat section, and you can provide a solution in actual time. It helps you to build authority and trust within your community.

The real-time chat feature supports emojis and links too. With the help of link support, you can direct them to knowledgebase articles, and you can share your video links.

3. Record & Archive:

EasyWebinar lets you a recording of your live webinar. You can use the same webinar recording later for automated webinar purposes.

4. Live Stream Through EasyCast:

EasyCast is the additional feature added to Easy Webinar. With the help of EasyCast, you can stream your webinar on multiple social media and video platforms.

EasyCast supports Facebook Live & YouTube Live.

5. Multiple Presenters:

You can introduce up to 4 presenters on live webinars. It’s the best option for interviewing and conducting virtual meetings. It’s easy to share screens and switch between the screens.

4. WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja automated webinar software

Webinar Ninja is an all-in-one webinar software that promises to provide an exceptional webinar experience at a cut-throat price.

Webinar Ninja is capable of organizing all types of webinars, whether it’s Live, Automated, or Hybrid.

Since Webinar Ninja is also a Cloud-based SaaS tool, so no need for any software installation.

Webinar Ninja offers a 14-day free trial to test out its features & capabilities. You can start for almost free without any credit card.

WebinarNinja Features

1. Fully Automated Webinars:

If you are searching for a pre-recorded webinar tool, then WebinarNinja is capable of running an automated webinar that’s too on complete automation. You can use a pre-recorded webinar or upload the pre-recorded webinar video to your dashboard.

Automated webinars came up with features like On-demand webinars, blackout dates, and timed offers.

2. Unlimited Registrations & Webinars:

There are no restrictions on the number of webinars you run within a month. You are free to run webinars as much as you can. Even there is no limit on the number of participants registered.

But WebinarNinja limits the number of attendees. Their starting plan only allows 100 Live attendees, whereas the highest plan accepts 1000 live webinar attendees.

3. Easy Integrations (1000+):

WebinarNinja supports 1000+ apps that include landing Page builders, email marketing tools, and many more.

4. Marketing and Automation:

WebinarNinja also has an inbuilt marketing feature. You can submit your webinar to the Webinar Search Engine (The Webinar Engine), & its easy integrations save you lots of time.

Like most webinar tools, WebinarNinja also got the option to display offers during the Webinar. But they have taken it to the next level. You can create an insisting offer and unveil that at a specific time.

5. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting automated webinar software

ClickMeeting is another great webinar software packed with robust technology and features. They got a mobile application that helps you to manage your webinar from any place.

ClickMeeting is a significant option for those who are searching for software for videoconferencing, to create online courses and a marketing solution for products.

ClickMeeting is capable of running live and automated webinars. ClickMeeting allows you to record webinars for up to 10 hours.

If we talk in terms of features, ClickMeeting offers some of the features that major webinar software providers are missing.

The good & the unpleasant thing about ClickMeeting is its pricing structure. ClickMeeting charges according to the number of attendees.

For a low attendee count, it is a great deal, but as the attendee count keeps increasing, the price starts to hit the sky.

ClickMeeting Features

1. Multi-User & Subaccounts Accounts:

ClickMeeting allows up to 3 users that can log in to your primary account & they have complete access to the features and settings. They also got a Parallel session add-on that will allow them to host events too from the same account.

You can also create sub-accounts within your account that can help your team members to run events. You can set up separate storage and webinar recording time for them.

2. Paid & Automated Webinars:

If you want to charge the amount from viewers, you can easily do that with PayPal and Stripe integrations. You can also transform your old webinar videos into fully automated webinars that can run repeatedly.

3. Custom Branding:

You can transform your webinar room to match your brand. You can add your logo and change the color scheme.

4. Live Chats, Survey & Polls:

Like most of the other webinar software, you will also get the option for live chats, polls & surveys.

5. Create a CTA Option:

Create Custom Call-To-Actions and promote any service or any offers. You can completely change the color scheme which will make sure your offer never misses the eyeballs of your audience.

6. Webinar Statics and Performance Rating:

Which Webinar & what timing brought the maximum result?

You will get access to all these stats within your dashboard under the statics option.

You can also ask for feedback from your attendees regarding the content, quality & performance of the Webinar.


So these are the best options available as automated Webinar software. You are free to with anyone that suits your requirements & budget.

Don’t forget all the softwares listed here came up with free trials so you can check out all of them.

If you are looking for a pre-recorded webinar tool, then go with EverWebinar because it’s developed for that purpose & pricing is lower in comparison to other software.

But, if you are in search of all-in-one Webinar software, then go for Demio.

I am recommending Demio because it is capable of handling Live & Automated Webinars, and the pricing is a little cheaper than other tools.

It is simple and easy to use & UI got a neat & clean look. You will also get 24/7 support through chats & emails.

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