10 Best Popup Plugins For WordPress 2023 (Free & Paid)

Websites are trying every possible way to generate more leads and sales. Users’ interaction with a website has become increasingly significant as Google places more emphasis on it.

One of the common trends you can notice is pop-ups. As pop-ups are widespread, you will encounter them. It works well for businesses otherwise no one uses them at all.

Many businesses claim that popups increase email lists and drive double conversion compared to other forms.

But designing a popup isn’t an easy task, especially if you don’t know to code. No need to worry about the design complexity if you are using WordPress. There are several popup plugins for WordPress to make the non-programmer’s life easier.

I will show you the best popup plugins for WordPress. Before I list the plugins, let me explain what pop-ups are and how they should be used for maximum impact.

So let’s get started.

What is Popup?

The popup is a window that suddenly appears in the foreground of the visual interface. Popups are usually small windows than the actual viewable screen.

The website can trigger a popup from a mouse click, exit intent, time delay, scroll, and based on user activity. Javascript is the most used programming language to create an interactive and effective trigger.

But some WordPress plugins are there to provide easy popup creation.

There are tons of mediums to promote and generate leads. But many marketers still leverage pop-ups because of their effectiveness. The use case of popups is widespread. But some of the common uses include:

  • Email Signup
  • The latest offer showcase
  • Promoting eBook
  • Conducting a survey
  • GDPR notice
  • Increasing social media following, etc.

Things To Consider While Using Website Popups

Honestly, website popups are a highly controversial topic and some people can spend the whole day debating it. Many digital marketers said it negatively impacts the user experience and leaves a derogatory impression. On the other hand, others emphasize its effectiveness and conversion potential.

Aside from all this, we can say that pop-ups are an extremely useful digital marketing medium that enhances your website’s conversion and lead generation rates.

But you should use it properly.

So let’s see some of the things you should consider while adding a popup to your website.

  • Don’t use a full-screen popup that covers all the views of the page.
  • Set a pop-up to trigger after a bit of delay.
  • Don’t stop the visitor from browsing the content they want.
  • Keep your popup simple.
  • Always show a permanent close button.
  • Show popups on mobile devices properly. Otherwise, it could harm your website’s ranking.
  • Don’t show popups repeatedly. It can encourage visitors to leave your website.
  • Run split tests and make cosmetic changes to increase leads.

Best Popup Plugins For WordPress

As of now, we realize the importance of popups. Excited to add the popup functionality to your WordPress website? A simple Google search can show you many plugins in this category. But most of them lack features or put a heavy load on your website.

We have done extensive research and come up with some of the best popup plugins for WordPress.

So let’s check them in detail.

1. OptinMonster

best popup plugins for wordpress

OptinMonster is one of the leading plugins for lead generation. More than 1.2 million people are using OptinMonster plugin for maximizing conversions.

You would get a list of features specially designed for converting website traffic into subscribers and sales.

You would get a powerful and easy-to-use visual editor for creating popups and other opt-in forms. To make the design process faster there are hundreds of pre-designed templates. Just choose the display style and you would get many recommended templates. OptinMonster gives you tons of customization options to craft a template.

There are many targeting options and display rules to choose from. Use segmentation rules and page-level targeting to show the perfect popup. A/B split testing feature is also there to figure out the best-performing one. Integrate OptinMonster with your favorite email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Drip, Aweber, etc.

Manage all your opt-in campaigns from your WordPress dashboard. The real-time analytics features show the performance of individual popups and all the important stats related to them.

OptinMonster is a paid plugin and there is no free version available right now. The basic plan starts from $9 per month and you can use this plugin on 1 website.

2. Hustle

Hustle Pro Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

Hustle is one of the best popup plugins for WordPress. Currently, this plugin has over 100K downloads in the WordPress plugin repository. Hustle ensures that you can display the right popup to the right person at the right time.

Create pop-ups, slide-ins, widgets, notification bar, embeds, and post-opt-ins using the drag-and-drop interface. Check out the ready-to-use templates for different purposes.

You can easily customize the size, and add your own text, colors, button, fonts, and more to create a branded form. Otherwise, go with one of the many prebuilt designs and just tweak things.

Choose display animations and trigger for your popup. There is no limitation on how many popups or other forms you create. All the popup made through Hustle is completely responsive.

This plugin also allows you to show a floating social bar with the most popular social network icons. Block spam and bot signups using Google ReCAPTCHA.

Many users install adblockers to stay away from annoying ads and popups. Hustle has special display technology that bypasses ad blockers so that every visitor can see your popup. Track the popup performance and all the important starts associated with it.

Hustle is available in both free and premium plans. Paid plan starts from $24 per month for 1 website. You would get some additional features with premium support.

3. Sumo

Sumo Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to skyrocket your email signups?

Then try the Sumo plugin.

Sumo is a powerful plugin for creating conversion-oriented popups. You would get some cool features to create an appealing popup and easily integrate it with your website.

There is a visual editor for designing your popups. All the design controls are placed in the left-hand panel and the live preview is in the center. Just drag and drop elements into the canvas and create a popup.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, then use the pre-designed templates. You can any changes in the template and give it a personalized look.

The split testing feature allows you to show different popup variations. Use the slider to specify the display percentage. You can compare performance side by side and determine the winner. This plugin also allows you to add social sharing buttons so that visitors can spread the content on social media.

There are some WooCommerce features like the abandoned cart to increase sales. Sumo is a lightweight plugin and doesn’t impact your page loading speed. The popups use optimized Javascript code to utilize limited server resources. Visit the analytics section to check popup performance and other key stats.

Sumo provides maximum features in the free version. However, you can also switch to the premium version for additional features and premium support. The Pro plan costs $39 per month with annual billing.

4. Bloom

Bloom Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

Bloom is a robust opt-in plugin for WordPress. It is developed by the popular theme maker Elegant Themes. If you have not started email marketing yet, this plugin will help you to create lead generation forms and opt-ins.

Create awesome popups using drag and drop editor. Bloom comes with 100+ ready-to-use templates for various purposes. If you don’t want to go with the templates, a blank canvas is there for implementing your imagination. You can modify almost every aspect of the template you’ve selected. If you are unhappy with the first selection, go to the template library and choose another one.

You would get a lot of display settings to get complete control over the appearance. This ensures your popup form doesn’t show up as soon as the reader land on your blog. If you have multiple blogs and want to use the Bloom plugin on them, then use import-export features to copy the core settings to other blogs.

It has easy integration for all popular email marketing services including Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc. A/B testing feature is also available for picking the best-performing popup. All the popup performance can be monitored using the detailed analytics dashboard.

Bloom is available as a part of the Elegant Themes ecosystem. You have to buy the membership plan for 1 year. It costs $89 per year and lets you use other plugins and themes.

5. MyPopUps

MyPopUps Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

MyPopUps is an easy-to-use and robust WordPress popup plugin. This plugin is packed with all the necessary features that you can imagine. You can create mobile-friendly popups in less than one minute.

Start with a blank screen canvas or choose one of the professionally designed templates. There are hundreds of eye-pleasing templates for different purposes. It comes with an intuitive UI and easy customization options. Choose the opting animation, popup type, size, content, and more to fine-tune the visual appearance. No coding skill is required as everything is just drag and drop.

You can create an unlimited pop-up for a different location on your website. Don’t compromise on the user experience as you have complete control over the behavior and timing of popups. The design can be completely under control using an array of settings.

The trigger option allows you to set the behavior of the popup, like page entrance, scroll to a certain limit, time on page, clicks, embedded or exit intent. Get exclusive integration to many important third-party plugins and email marketing services and extend the capability.

MyPopUps is a great plugin but still in its earlier stage. Use the free version of the plugin to create a popup on 1 website. Paid plan starts from $2.5 per month and you can use the plugin on 3 websites.

6. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

Thrive Leads is termed as one of the most trusted names when we talk about the WordPress popup plugin. It is one of the best lead-generation tools for beginners and experts. Thousands of websites use this plugin for creating popups.

It is one of the easiest plugins for first-timers. The drag-and-drop interface makes life easier for non-coders. Explore the template library and browse through hundreds of professionally designed masterpieces. The feature-rich Thrive Leads editor is divided into two parts. All the popup configuration options are on the left side. The live preview with inline modification options is situated on the right side.

Display settings ensure a great user experience and will increase your conversion rate by a great percentage. Here, you can control the trigger rules, display frequency, and opening animation for this specific popup. Rather than a popup, you can also create an inline form, slide-in, opt-in widget, screen filler, etc.

One of the unique features is a content lock. You can hide certain parts of the content and encourage visitors to signup. Start playing with different forms with A/B testing. Make cosmetic changes and create conversion-focused popups. Different test popups can be compared side by side and monitor performance. Integrate with your popular email marketing services and add emails automatically to the email list.

You can buy Thrive Leads independently or signup for the Thrive Suite membership. The standalone plugin costs $19 per month with annual billing. This plan allows you to install Thrive Leads on up to 25 websites with unlimited support and update.

7. OptiMonk

Optimonk Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

OptiMonk is another best popup plugin for WordPress. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard with a long list of features. The complete setup process takes a few minutes and you can start creating a popup right away.

Use the feature-rich drag-and-drop editor to add a personalized popup. Create attention-grabbing popups using a variety of templates available. Choose one of them and start modifications. You can preview how your popup will look on various devices. Show the right messages on the popup to turn website visitors into customers.

Some of the customization options include form orientation, border styles, image orientation, unlimited color options, buttons, form fields, etc. There is a range of triggers for your popup including time on the page, scroll amount, click, scroll, exit intent, and more. OptiMonk ensures that the popups and on-site messages are GDPR-compliant and SEO-ready.

Get an in-depth idea of how your popups are performing. You can get an in-depth idea of conversion rate, leads, new subscribers, etc. The retargeting option is also available to keep track of visitors’ behavior. It seamlessly integrates with email marketing tools and eCommerce platforms like Campaign Monitor, BigCommerce, Shopify, GetResponse, etc.

OptinMonk has both free and paid plans. The base plan starts from $29 per month for 1 website.

8. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

Ninja Popups is one of the most used list-building plugins for WordPress. It is the highest-selling popup plugin in CodeCanyon. Using Ninja Popups you can create industry-standard lightbox popups.

There is a drag-and-drop popup builder for easy access. Just drag the selected element and drop it into the canvas. If you don’t want to start from scratch then one of the beautifully designed popup themes. This plugin offers a variety of options to design your popups. You can also create social sharing buttons, footer opt-in bars, slide-in, and inline opt-ins.

Ninja Popups comes with many different design settings that allow you to adjust every aspect of your opt-in form. Some of them include header text, bullet lists, images, custom fields, button text, etc. It offers plenty of options for integrating third-party services like Mailchimp, GetResponse, ConstantContact, etc.

An intelligent tracking algorithm allows you to see conversion and insightful charts. If you want to take deep dive into data, then integrate Google Analytics for each popup. This plugin allows you to set a cookie and define how often a user can view it. Cookies can be great for visitors retargeting.

Ninja Popup is a premium plugin and is only available in Envato Marketplace. It costs $24 with 6 months of support and update.

9. Popup Maker

Popup Maker Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

Create conversion-focused popups and email campaigns using Popup Maker. Grow your business and email list by creating stunning popups. This plugin has been installed on over 600,000 websites and contains more than 4,000 5-star reviews in the WordPress plugin repository.

Using this plugin you can create almost any type of popup you ever wanted. Use the drag-and-drop builder to build conversion-oriented popups. Include text, images, form fields, dynamic content, and more to display visitors. You can also set where the popup should be displayed on the website. Other options include animation effects, popup window size, etc.

Create visually stunning popup forms that are specially optimized for increasing conversion rates. To keep visitors happy, show a permanent close button or auto-close delay. Define the popup frequency using cookie creation events. You can also set a page-level popup for better targeting.

Popup Maker integrates with the most popular plugins and services including Ninja Forms, WooCommerce, GetResponse, Aweber, Easy Digital Downloads, etc. All the campaign performance can be monitored using the detailed analytics dashboard.

Popup Maker is a free plugin and you can download it from the WordPress repository. If you want to access more features, then the Popup Make plugin also has a paid version. The premium version costs $45 per year for 1 website.

10. Popup Builder

Popup Builder Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

Want to create a visually appealing popup without coding? Then try the Popup Builder WordPress plugin. Popup Builder is a free plugin that lets you build visually appealing popup windows for your WordPress website.

Use the visual editor to design conversion-oriented popups in less than a minute. Browse through the popup template library and choose your desired one. This plugin comes with a basket full of features, and customization options for your popup but never compromise on the user experience. Create granular rules for the popup and define when & how the pop-up should show.

All the popups made through this plugin are mobile responsive and automatically adjusted according to the screen size. Create urgency by showing a dynamic countdown timer and limited offers. You can restrict popups from certain pages of your website like your homepage.

You can manage triggers, display frequency, layout, animation, and the design of the popup. Increase your sales and conversion by showing a popup at the right moment. Track user activities and popup performance using analytics. You can see several conversions, popup views, options, etc.

Popup Builder is available in both free and paid versions. The base plan allows you to use this plugin on 2 websites. It costs $40 with some premium extensions.

End Thoughts on WordPress Popup Plugins

Like most other things in digital marketing, pop-ups are only effective if used properly. Creating a simple and visually appealing pop-up message is now easier with the above plugin.

So these are some of the best popup plugins for WordPress.

Still confused?

You can try Hustle if you’re looking for a free option. Personally, I’ve used it and found it to be a great tool. In a free plan, you won’t have a lot of customization options.

For a paid solution, consider OptinMonster.

There are lots of pre-built templates that make your life easier and it is easy to customize. In addition, there are a lot of features that can improve conversion rates as well.

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