10 Best Grammar Checker Tools 2024 (For Error Free Writing)

We all know that grammar improves the accuracy of sentences and lays the foundation for clear communication.

Correct grammar shows your English writing skill & how you craft words into coherent sentences.

Whether you are writing blog posts or academic papers, checking for grammatical mistakes is a great practice.

Thanks to grammar checker tools for making life easier.

You just have to copy-paste the content and the tool instantly points out the grammatical errors. It also shows spelling mistakes that are a very common issue. I think things couldn’t be easier than this.

In this post, I will show you some of the best grammar checker tools to correct your grammatical mistakes.

So let’s get started.

List of Best Grammar Checker Tools

Here is the crafted list of some of the tested spelling and grammar checker tools for you.

1. Grammarly


This list shouldn’t be started with any better tool than Grammarly.

As you know Grammarly is the most famous grammar checker tool in the world. It has revolutionized the whole way of English writing.

If you are searching for the best grammar and spelling checker tool, then nothing can be more superior than Grammarly.

It is a very accurate and easy-to-use tool with a real-time error finder. Grammarly is a must-have tool for bloggers, digital marketers, students, and anyone who wants to write better.

Common misspelled words and grammatical errors are somehow overlooked during writing. This tool quickly detects them and helps you to correct them in one click.

You can use Grammarly’s browser extension or the web-based version.

This tool checks wordiness, incorrect modifier usage, grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, passive voice, and others.

The errors would be highlighted in red color underline. You would get a clear explanation of how to modify the errors. The text editor-like interface allows you to correct mistakes easily.

There is also a premium version of this tool that comes with next-level features. You would get features like clarity-focused rewriting, plagiarism detection, word choice, formality level, etc.

The Grammarly app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

Grammarly Key Features

  • Most famous grammar and spelling checker tool on the web
  • Very user friendly and anyone can start using it right away
  • Accurate grammatical and spelling mistake detection
  • One-click error correction with a detailed explanation
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Specific writing style suggestions
  • Plagiarism checker that crawls more than 16 billion web pages
  • Available on browser extensions, web-based editing, and mobile apps (Android & iOS)
  • Easily integrate with writing tools like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.
  • Best-in-class accuracy
  • The free version is also enough to correct grammatical mistakes

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly is available in both free and premium versions. If you want to level up the writing and enjoy advanced features then go with the premium plan.

There are two premium plans to choose from.

  • Premium – The Premium plan costs $12 per month.
  • Business – The Business plan costs $15 per month per member.

2. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is another best tool to modify your grammatical mistakes. This powerful writing assistant offers a variety of real-time editing solutions to craft content.

Just copy and paste the content and it will point out all the errors.

The editing tool is very user-friendly and you don’t have to go through learning curves.

It highlights elements like the writing style, sentence length, variation, passive voice, sentence construction, and much more. All these modifications come with a detailed explanation.

I found the Word Explorer feature quite catchy. It shows many alternative words for a word to enhance the sentence.

You would also get a plagiarism checker that scans billions of web pages to find content duplication.

If you have used a word too much in the content then ProWritingAid shows an overused warning and fixes them.

Lengthy sentences often create readability issues and this tool recommends breaking them into small ones.

You would get a Reading ease score for the content that shows simplicity.

ProWritingAid Key Features

  • Another popular Grammar and style checker tool
  • Provides accurate grammatical and readability recommendations
  • Over 20 writing elements modification suggestions
  • Writing style check to maintain the flow
  • Overused word warning
  • Word Explorer feature that shows many alternative words
  • Plagiarism checker to detect duplicate content
  • Available as an online editor, browser extension, and integration with Google Docs, MS Word, Open Office, etc.
  • Customize this tool by adding your own style guides and directories

ProWritingAid Pricing

ProWritingAid is available in both free and paid versions. You can purchase the paid plan to get more features. Here is the pricing based on the subscription duration.

  • Monthly Subscription – The Monthly subscription plan costs $20 per month.
  • Yearly Subscription – If you purchase the plan for a year, then it costs $120 ($10 per month).
  • Lifetime Subscription – The Lifetime subscription charges a one-time payment. It costs $399 and you would get all the future updates.

3. Ginger

Ginger Software

Ginger is an AI-powered writing assistant software that got popular recently. It stands with some of the heavy hitter’s grammar-checking tools.

According to the official website, they have over 8 million users worldwide.

You can use this tool through a browser extension, desktop program, and mobile app. The Ginger website also features a correction tool and you can just copy-paste the writing.

Interface and functionalities wise it looks very similar to Grammarly. Ginger helps you to make the content grammatical error and spelling mistake free. The AI-based synonyms suggestion tool is quite good and shows a variety of matching words/phrases.

You can rephrase lengthy sentences with suitable alternatives to make them shorter.

Go beyond the English language as Ginger supports 40+ languages. If you are producing content in different languages then this can be a game-changing feature.

A translation option is also available.

You can get access to a personal English trainer to polish your skill. The personal directory feature let you add commonly flagged words like a brand name or a person’s name.

There is no limitation on the number of words you can check.

Ginger Key Features

  • One of the famous grammar checkers has over 8 million users
  • Accurately check spelling and grammar
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Real-time grammar and spelling check as you write
  • Sentence rephrase that improves clarity
  • Personal English trainer to polish your skill
  • Supports more than 40 languages with translation
  • Can be used through a browser extension, desktop program, and mobile app

Ginger Pricing

You can use Ginger for free with limitations. Ginger pricing is based on the subscription duration.

  • Monthly – It costs $13.99 per month with a monthly payment.
  • Quarterly – If you subscribe to Ginger for a quarter, then this tool costs $11.19 per month.
  • Annual – If you purchase this tool for a year, then it costs $7.49 per month.
  • 2 Year – If you subscribe for 2 years, then it costs $6.99 per month.

4. LanguageTool

LanguageTool website

LanguageTool is another powerful tool to fine-tune your writing. It checks critical grammatical mistakes and spelling in more than 20 languages.

If you are searching for the best grammar checker tool then LanguageTool can be a great option.

Anyone can start using this tool as it comes with a clean interface and navigation. Just copy-paste your text into the website and it will show the errors.

You don’t have to sign up for the free version. The web interface also allows you to upload MS Word files and check the errors.

You can use LanguageTool through a browser extension, mobile app, and software add-ons.

If the tool finds a grammatical error, then detailed instruction would be shown. Correction can be done in one click.

You can create a personal directory to add frequently labeled spelling mistakes. Synonymy suggestion is another feature that can enhance the quality of content.

If you are creating content in a non-native language then select your mother tongue. It encourages LanguageTool to flag common mistakes.

You would get writing style and tone suggestions to make the content more professional.

LanguageTool Key Features

  • A powerful grammar and spelling mistake checker
  • Clean web interface with easy navigation
  • Can upload MS Word file and check the writing issues
  • Compatible with 20+ languages
  • No sign-up is needed for the free version
  • Synonymy suggestions
  • Create a personal word directory
  • Can be used through a browser extension, desktop program, mobile app, and software add-ons
  • Style and tone suggestions to make professional content
  • Create custom writing rules

LanguageTool Pricing

LanguageTool is available in both free and paid versions. If you want to take writing to the next level and enjoy additional features then upgrade to premium plans.

  • For Individual Users – This plan costs $4.99 with an annual subscription.
  • For Team – This plan costs $9.48 per month for 2 users.

5. Writer

Writer website

Writer is an AI-powered writing tool for students and professional content creators. You can perform multiple tasks under this tool.

Functionality and interface-wise, this tool looks very similar to Grammarly. As soon as you start writing the tool will start detecting spelling and grammatical errors.

Each correction comes with detailed guidance so that you can exactly know the errors. You just have to click on the corrected word/phrase and the error will be resolved.

This tool also suggests based on various writing styles.

You can create shortcuts for frequently used sentences and save a lot of time while writing. Wherever you need these sentences just type the shortcut and the snippet would be appeared. Organize the snippets into a library and use tags.

The writing rule builder allows you to create custom rules.

You would get a lot of team collaboration features to create masterpiece content. Share documents, get writing suggestions, and style guides, and do much more.

A content analysis score allows you to judge content.

Writer Key Features

  • An all-in-one writing tool powered by AI
  • Simple interface with easy functionalities
  • Detects spelling and grammar mistakes accurately
  • One-click grammar correction
  • Get detailed guidance on the error corrections
  • Create shortcuts or sentences to save time
  • Set editorial style rules and get suggestions accordingly
  • Create flexible witting rules as per your content requirements
  • Team collaboration feature
  • Available through a browser extension

Writer Pricing

The Writer tool is available in both free and premium plans. Here are the plans available under Writer.

  • Pro – The Pro plan costs $11 per month.
  • Team – The Team plan costs $18 per month.
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise plan is based on your requirements. Contact the sales team for the pricing.

6. Scribens


Scribens is a grammar checker tool that helps to improve your writing. So rather than posting content with embarrassing errors, you can easily correct them here.

This writing tool is available as a browser extension and software integration. Android application is also available to correct mistakes on mobile devices.

This tool checks over 250 errors in your writing and provides suggestions based on that. Some of the major ones include verbs, nouns, typography, etc.

Make your content more stylish by eliminating repetitions, redundancies, etc. The readability indicators show the simplicity of writing.

Scribens never stores content on its server and doesn’t share it with third-party services. If you integrate this tool with MS Word then the syntactical reorganization algorithm detects even more errors.

You can create a personal directory and add your frequently used terms like a brand name or person name. So the tool will not flag errors after that.

Scribens also supports the French language and you can correct spelling and grammar.

Scribens Key Features

  • Simple to use grammar and spelling mistake checker
  • Checks over 250 types of common mistakes
  • Make stylish content by eliminating repetitions
  • Useful writing tips with error correction
  • Define custom rules and writing tone
  • Simultaneously check errors in 50 pages
  • Create a personal word directory
  • Supports the French language
  • Available as a browser extension, software integration, and Android app

Scribens Pricing

Scribens is available in both free and paid versions. The premium plan pricing is based on the subscription duration.

  • 1 Month – This costs 9.90 euros per month
  • 3 Months – This costs 6.63 euros per month
  • 1 Year – This costs 4.16 euros per month
  • Business Pack – The Business Pack pricing depends on the number of machines. For 5 machines you have to pay 16.63 euros per month. It is beneficial for teams who want multi-user access.

7. Linguix


Linguix is another AI-powered writing tool that helps you to check grammatical mistakes. Whether it is a blog post or email, this writing tool checks and suggests corrections to improve your content.

This tool is available in the form of a browser extension and a web-based form.

It is super easy to use and you don’t have to go through learning curves. You can write or just paste content from another source.

Accuracy is also another feature to look for in a grammar checker. Linguix checks hundreds of types of mistakes and provides suggestions accordingly.

You would get a robust plagiarism checker for checking accidental duplicate content. It helps you to get rid of Google penalties for copied content. There is no limitation on it and you can check unlimited documents. All mistakes found in the content would be red underlined just like Grammarly.

Linguix allows you to create a personal word directory and save frequently used words.

There is a secret mode feature to check writing errors in incognito mode. After checking the document, it would be permanently deleted without leaving any traces. 

Linguix Key Features

  • One of the simplest but most powerful grammar and spelling checkers
  • Easy-to-use interface with clear navigation
  • Checks over hundreds of types of grammar mistakes
  • Create a personal word directory
  • Add snippets for faster writing
  • The secret mode automatically deletes the document after checking
  • Robust plagiarism detector to find copied content
  • Available through web-based form and browser extension

Linguix Pricing

You can use Linguix for free with basic grammar and spelling suggestions. If you want advanced features then upgrade to premium plans.

  • Pro – The Pro plan costs $8 per month.
  • Team – The Team plan costs $20 per month.
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise plan can be crafted according to your needs. Reach out to the sales team for the pricing.

8. Outwrite


Outwrite is another advanced grammar checker tool that uses machine learning to craft your writing. Improve the fluency and readability of your content through this easy-to-use tool.

Outwrite is available in the form of browser extensions and software integrations.

This tool figures out some of the common errors like spelling, capitalization, redundancy, punctuation, etc.

In addition to English, Outwrite also supports Spanish and French. If you are creating content for a global audience then this multilingual feature would be helpful.

You would get a readability score for each content. This indicates the ease of reading the document. Higher the number the easier it is to understand.

The writing style suggestion allows you to write sophisticated content. It replaces weak words with better alternatives and sounds like native writers.

Ensure your work’s originality through a plagiarism checker. It helps you to eliminate accidentally copied content that may result in Google penalties.

The paraphrasing tool allows you to restructure content in a different style.

Outwrite Key Features

  • A robust grammar and spelling mistake-checking tool
  • Easy to use and don’t need to go through the learning curve
  • Detects errors in real-time with high accuracy
  • Readability score that shows the ease of reading
  • The algorithm automatically calculates the reading time of the content
  • Also supports the French and Spanish language
  • Writing style suggestions to create pro-level content
  • Paraphrasing tool that helps you to rewrite sentences
  • Plagiarism tool to detect duplicate content
  • Change passive voice to active voice in one click
  • Available through browser extension and software integration

Outwrite Pricing

Outwrite is available in both free and premium plans. Here are plans available to buy.

  • Pro – The Pro plan costs $9.95 per month.
  • Teams – The Team plan costs $7.95 per month per user.

9. Hemingway App

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway App is another excellent tool to shape your content quickly. If you are serious about writing and want to publish an error-free masterpiece then this tool is for you. It highlights grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your writing.

The color-coded interface of Hemingway’s online editor feels very awesome. You just have to copy-paste the content in the distraction-free interface.

Mostly it catches 4 common writing issues adverbs, passive voice, complicated words/phrases, and long sentences. You would get recommendations for improving your content.  

Shockingly, there is no feature for detecting misspellings. All the errors would be displayed on the right-side panel. Different colors highlight different errors so that you can easily understand them. Just hover over the error and click on the suggestion.

Hemingway App gives a readability score to your writing. Here the lower number is better and shows simplicity.

You would also get some more information regarding your content like reading time, letters, characters, sentences, and paragraphs.  

Hemingway App Key Features

  • Another popular writing assistant for any level of users
  • Easy to use and appealing online editor dashboard
  • Catches 4 basic writing errors like adverbs, passive voice, complex words/phrases, and long sentences
  • Assign a readability score to your writing
  • Additional information regarding your content
  • Direct publishing options
  • Export in different formats
  • Available as an online editor and desktop App

Hemingway App Pricing

Hemingway app offers both free and paid versions. The online editor is free to use. If you want to pay version then you have to download the app to your system. It costs $19.99 as a one-time payment it includes all the updates.


NounPlus Website

NOUNPLUS is a free online grammar and spelling checker tool. If you are a non-English speaker and want to correct your writing through a tool, then this can be helpful.

There are not even hidden charges or overuse limitations.

Just head over to the website and paste your content. The website is very appealing and you don’t have to spend even 5 minutes to get acquainted with it. After pasting the text hit the search icon to start the process.

I noticed that the processing is so fast and you don’t have to wait.

All the errors found in your content would be displayed in a color-coded form. NOUNPLUS corrects all the mistakes by itself and there is no option to change them. Of course, the tool accurately detects the mistakes and corrects them.

You can use NOUNPLUS through the website and Android app. Rather than posting content full of grammar mistakes you can check them here.

NOUNPLUS Key Features

  • One of the simplest grammar checker tools
  • Completely free to use without limitations
  • Very simple interface that anyone can operate
  • One-click grammar and spelling correction
  • Fast processing time so that you don’t have to wait
  • Color-coded error highlights to give detailed insight
  • Available through the website and mobile app


NOUNPLUS is a completely free online grammar and spelling checker. There are no hidden charges or overuse limitations.

Final Thoughts

So these are some of the best Grammar checker tools you can use. To be honest no grammar checker exists that can turn messy writing into a masterpiece. Avoid embarrassing grammatical mistakes and make your text sound professional with the above tools.

But if you ask me to choose one tool from the above list, then my obvious choice would be Grammarly. I have been using it for years and am satisfied with the features.

However, you can have a try with others as well to know the accuracy and overall features.

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