10 Best Jungle Scout Alternatives In 2023 (FREE & Paid)

The eCommerce industry is booming as the internet reaches to masses. Selling products on eCommerce marketplaces has become a very profitable business. So thousands of new sellers are jumping into the sea without having proper research on products.

When it comes to selling products, one name comes into mind i.e the great Amazon.

As you know Amazon is a mammoth having 310 million customers worldwide. By seeing these statistics, more than 3,700 new sellers join the platform to sell products.

Digging deeper we found that Amazon has over 12 million products and services in different categories listed on the platform.

How would you identify the best-selling products?

Fortunately, tools like Jungle Scout are there to help you to find the best products to sell on Amazon.

Undoubtedly, it is the best Amazon product research and sales analytics tool for Amazon.

However many people ask for some Jungle Scout alternatives. So we have done deep research for finding similar tools. In this post, I will discuss some tools like Jungle Scout that help you find winning products.

So let’s get started.

List of Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

Want to start selling products on Amazon? Use the below data-driven Amazon product research tools for finding the best items to sell on Amazon.

So let’s dive into it and analyze each tool in detail.

1. SellerApp

SellerApp is an artificial intelligence-powered Amazon seller tool. Analyze a new niche, find untapped keywords, optimize the listing, and do much more. If you are looking for a free Jungle Scout alternative you can give it a try.

SellerApp: Jungle Scout Alternative

SellerApp is a great Amazon seller software for analyzing various things. This multi-purpose software helps sellers to find profitable products and generate more revenue. Over 18K sellers are using the SellerApp platform to make deep research.

This All-in-one software is packed with all the features you ever needed. The AI-backed Amazon PPC analyzer allows you to optimize campaigns for maximum conversion.

Find top converting search terms to run campaigns with sales forecasts. The Amazon listing option feature analyses various things in your product and gives detailed recommendations. A listing quality score indicates the efficiency of your product listing.

Keyword research is very important for a seller and SellerApp knows it. The keyword research tool that comes inside this platform allows you to discover hundreds of high-converting keywords in seconds.

With each keyword, you would get insights like relevance score, opportunity score, volume, etc. The keyword tracking feature consistently monitors your product listing and its visibility.

You would get a compressive dashboard containing accurate data. It enables accurate forecasting with historical data and identifies product trends.

Discover winning products using Amazon sales data and comprehensive filters. Machine learning-powered opportunity score for a product helps you to make important selections. You can create alters for various key business metrics and take action immediately.

Key Features

  • All-in-one platform specially crafted for Amazon sellers
  • One of the most powerful Amazon PPC optimization features in the industry
  • Restrict your PPC campaigns with negative keywords
  • Amazon product listing optimization with detailed recommendations
  • Discover hundreds of potential keywords using robust keyword research
  • Accurate product rank tracker to measure the visibility of keywords
  • Get accurate sales predictions and key matrices through the detailed dashboard
  • Find high-potential products with comprehensive data filters
  • Set alerts for your key business metrics and the platform sends instant notifications

SellerApp Pricing

SellerApp offers 3 plans including a free one.

  • Freemium – $0 and doesn’t require a credit card
  • Pro-Lite – $39 per month with annual billing
  • Professional – $79 per month with annual billing

2. Helium 10 (Best Jungle Scout Alternative)

Helium 10 is the most advanced and widely popular All-in-one software for Amazon. More than 1 million users are depending on this tool for launching products and scaling your business.

Helium 10: Jungle Scout Alternative

Helium 10 is a very popular Amazon seller tool and the best Jungle Scout alternative. Some of the most successful Amazon FBA sellers are using Helium 10 software. This platform provides service to more than 1 million Amazon sellers.

It offers every feature that makes you successful in the Amazon marketplace. No matter where you are now in the seller’s journey, it will make your path easier.

The Amazon product research feature is backed by tons of data. It will help you to find profitable products that are not saturated yet, have enough demand, and has medium/low competition.

The next important thing is keyword research. Helium 10 has a powerful keyword research tool that shows the search phrases customers are using to find a product.

Just enter a seed keyword or product identifier numbers (aka ASINs) to generate hundreds of low-competition keywords. Advanced filters allow you to find the most desirable keywords that your competitors are not using.

How your product would be visible to searchers as there are already millions of listed items?

Well, the Amazon listing optimization feature helps you.

You can enhance every part of the product detail page and maximize the sales possibility. Helium 10 offers a centralized dashboard for managing regular operations like inventory management, listing changes, refunds, reviews, etc.

Key Features

  • Over 1 million Amazon sellers are using Helium 10
  • A beginner-friendly tool with easy to use interface
  • Extensive product research tool to find profitable products
  • Intelligent trend predictor with demand and seasonality
  • Rank higher in Amazon SERP using an advanced keyword research tool
  • Amazon product listing optimization with recommendations
  • Real-time data with rich graphics
  • Inventory protector for limiting the number of orders per user
  • Automatic seller reimbursement requests
  • Send important notifications
  • Run pay-per-click campaigns with ad optimization
  • Create conversion-optimized promotional product landing pages

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 comes with 4 pricing options to choose from. All the prices listed below are based on annual billing.

  • Starter – The Starter plan costs $29 per month
  • Platinum – The Platinum plan comes with a price tag of $84 per month
  • Diamond – The Diamond plan costs $209 per month
  • Elite – The Elite plan with a selling price of $399 per month

There is also a custom plan if you want to go beyond all the above plans. Customer satisfaction is important for Helium 10. So they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee with each plan.

3. AMZScout

AMZScout accelerates your Amazon product research and helps you to find a profitable product quickly. See sales estimates, reverse ASIN lookup, FBA fees, and much more.


AMZScout is an all-in-one Amazon seller toolset accessible through a web application and Chrome extension. This tool helps you to find winning products and became a profitable Amazon seller.

No matter whether you are an absolute beginner or a pro seller, AMZScout would help you a lot.

Access to millions of products listed on the Amazon database. You can utilize more than 45 filters in the massive Amazon product catalog and find a profitable niche.

Find relevant and traffic-driving keywords for your product using AMZScout’s keyword research feature. The reverse ASIN lookup feature allows you to spy on your competitors and discover untapped keyword ideas for your products.

You would get Amazon product listing optimization tips for higher visibility. The keyword tracking tool shows stats like the number of competitors, ranking position over time, search terms that drive the most clicks, etc.

Amazon FBA fee calculator allows you to forecast the charges in minutes. AMZScout can show the inventory level of your competitors to estimate if the product sales are going up or down.

This tool provides various insights that help you to outperform your competitors. You can access a marketplace of wholesale, and drop shippers to get products at a minimum price.

The super URL tool helps you to generate smart links and increase sales. Amazon Product Finder – AMZScout PRO Chrome extension allows you to access various data you want directly on the Amazon page.

Key Features

  • All-in-one Amazon seller tool for maximizing the sales
  • Find winning niches and profitable products using more than 45 filters
  • Search for high demand low competition keywords around your products
  • Optimize your product pages using real-time recommendations
  • Reverse ASIN lookup to spy on your competitors and discover new keywords
  • Track your keyword rankings in Amazon search results
  • Find the best suppliers and private-label products
  • Amazon FBA fee calculator
  • Stock Status Spy on your competitor’s inventory
  • Amazon sales estimator
  • Super URL tool for creating smart links

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout comes with straightforward pricing. You would get 2 plans to choose from.

  • Pro Extensions – This plan costs $16.49 per month with annual billing.
  • Amazon Seller’s Bundle – This plan comes with a price tag of $29 per month with annual billing.

4. Viral Launch

Dominate the Amazon marketplace with the Viral Launch Amazon Seller tool. Some of the notable features include competitor tracking, Amazon keyword research, PPC, etc.


Viral Launch is another widely used Amazon seller tool for scaling your business. Most beginners start with this tool because of its simple features portfolio. Find profitable products and stay ahead of your competitors in the Amazon marketplace

The website dashboard is easily understandable for first-time users. The product finder tools that come inside the Viral launch allow you to identify profitable products.

You can apply hundreds of filters to find high-potential products that match your business goals. The keyword research feature displays thousands of search terms with valuable matrices.

The market intelligence tool allows you to validate product ideas. It shows important matrices like historical data, profit, reviews, sales, upfront costs, and many more.

The built-in calculator shows upfront costs. The complex algorithms analyze millions of data points and provide accurate stats. You can run profitable PPC ads by targeting high-converting keywords.

Enter an ASIN of a product and Viral Launch shows a list of the top keywords of your competitors.

With over 400 million different product listings on Amazon’s online marketplace, how does your product have a chance of standing out?

The answer is Amazon listing optimization.

After analyzing the product listing it shows actionable steps that can boost your visibility and sales. The listing builder tool helps you to create an Amazon SEO-optimized listing.

Key Features

  • Easy to use Amazon seller software to boost your sales
  • Powerful product discovery tool to find high-demand and low competition products
  • 100+ unique search filters
  • Comprehensive keyword research with accurate matrices
  • One of the most accurate tools to estimate sales, market trends, competition, etc.
  • Market intelligence tool for validating product ideas
  • Spy on your competitors and extract all of their top profit-driving keywords
  • Track your keyword performance
  • Amazon listing optimization with actionable tips
  • PPC optimization with automation
  • Viral Launch Chrome extension for in-depth research
  • Instant support through phone, live chat, and email

Viral Launch

Viral Launch offers 3 plans to choose from. All the pricing mentioned below is based on a 12-month purchase.

  • Essentials – The Essential plan has a price tag of $59 per month
  • Pro – The Pro plan costs $83 per month
  • Pro Plus Ads – The Pro Plus Ads plan is the highest in Viral Launch and costs $166 per month

5. Sellzone

Sellzone is one of the best Jungle Scout alternatives for all Amazon sellers who want to boost their business. Highlighted features include keyword research, listing monitoring, reverse ASIN tool, ad automation, etc.


Sellzone is another helpful product for users who are selling products on Amazon. It is a product of the very popular SEO tool SEMRush. Sellzone offers comprehensive tools for boosting eCommerce sales and finding profitable products.

No matter which category you are going to target, competitors would be there. Spy on your competitors using the reverse ASIN tool and get their traffic insights. These valuable data would not be available in Amazon Seller Central.

The keyword analysis tool shows high potential Amazon keywords relevant to your product. Using these keywords on your product listing page can increase visibility and place higher in Amazon searches.

Check your Amazon listing quality using Sellzone and get actionable insights. You would go through a complete checklist for boosting performance.

The 24/7 live monitoring feature keeps track of all your product keywords and their appearance. If anything changes that need attention, Sellzone suddenly sends email and SMS notifications.

Don’t know what to sell on Amazon?

Then the robust product research tool helps you to discover winning products with low competition.

Use dozens of smart filters to shorten the search results. Run successful ad campaigns and get the best returns on PPC ads using the PPC optimizer tool. Use the simple to set up A/B split testing tool to keep experimenting and see what works the best.

Key Features

  • A product of SEO giant SEMRush
  • Amazon product research tool to find winning products
  • Dozens of filters to apply and craft the search results
  • Pull top keywords with their search volume
  • Reverse ASIN analysis tool to know all the secrets of your competitors
  • Amazon listing protection and sending instant notifications
  • Listing quality checker that provides optimization tips
  • PPC optimizer tool that helps you to get maximum results from advertisement campaigns
  • A/B split testing to know what works for you.

Sellzone Pricing

Sellzone offers 3 plans including a free one.

  • Growth – The Growth plan costs $50 per month
  • Pro –  The Pro plan costs $85 per month

Currently, this tool is only available on US Amazon Marketplace.

6. Seller Labs

Seller Labs is one of the most comprehensive Amazon keyword research tools. More than 50K Amazon sellers are using this tool.


Seller Labs is another helpful software for Amazon sellers and can be used as an alternative to Jungle Scout. It is packed with industry-leading technology and robust features that an Amazon seller ever wanted. Seller Laps is adopted by over 50K users worldwide for more sales.

This software offers a centralized dashboard for smoothly running your business on Amazon. The user-friendly interface shows important metrics like sales, feedback, alerts, performance report, and much more. Start your day with this dashboard to understand the whole operations in a single view.

The Amazon keyword research tool helps you to find profitable keywords. The tool is highly effective and provides accurate information. Spy on your competitors and know which keywords are generating sales for them. Conduct product research and get insights on estimated sales, search volume, trends, etc.

Seller Labs has an Amazon PPC software you’ll need to optimize your ads. Increase your PPC revenue. The AI-powered algorithm analyses the historical data to identify trends and suggest the best search terms. Take more insightful decisions for your business using the Seller Labs Data Warehouse feature. Get notified of everything that demands instant attention. You can automatically send a message to buyers and ask for a review.

Key Features

  • All-in-one Amazon seller tool designed to drive growth and maximize profitability
  • Start your day with a detailed Amazon dashboard that shows all important stats in one view
  • Discover new products with low competition.
  • Find untapped keywords with accurate metrics
  • Reverse ASIN lookup to competitor’s keywords and sale
  • Amazon PPC software for campaign optimization & automation
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) level monitoring so that you never run out of stock
  • Send automatic review requests to buyers and get more reviews
  • Get actionable and data-backed insights into your PPC advertising and SEO strategy.
  • Track the keyword performance of your products and your competitors

Seller Labs Pricing

Seller Labs offers various pricing based on your annual sales on Amazon. For up to 50K sales, the annual plan of Seller Labs costs $39 per month. It comes under the Seller Labs Product Revenue Optimization (or PRO).

They also offer managed service where a team of experts will take care of building your business and marketing strategies.

7. Algopix

Algopix is another great Jungle Scout alternative for in-depth product research. It supports 17 leading marketplaces including, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.


Algopix is another powerful product research tool that helps online sellers and manufacturers. Whether you are an absolute beginner searching for a new product to sell, or an experienced seller who wants to run competitor analysis, this tool would be best for this purpose.

Algopix has helped 65K+ businesses to make smart decisions.

You would get a robust product search feature to find low competition and high-demand products. Instead of competing with big players in chaos product categories, you can search for low handing fruits. You can enter ASIN, eBay Item ID, UPC, EAN, Walmart Object ID, or Keywords in the search field to start the analysis. The multi-product analysis feature allows up to 3,000 products at the same time.

Using Algopix you can see all the best-selling products on different platforms. Algopix support 17 leading marketplaces including, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. This will help you to predict the current market size of a product in key markets.

Another cool feature is the expected revenue and expenditure for a product. Expenses include purchase price, shipping cost, fees, taxes, etc. By calculating this spending you can make better decisions on which product to sell.

Want to make a full analysis of a store?

The full store data using the store analysis feature. Just enter the seller ID and get comprehensive data in minutes. Using tons of data and advanced algorithms, it recommends the best products for the different marketplace.

Key Features

  • One of the most powerful product research tools for sellers and manufactures
  • Find low competition but demanding products using advanced filters
  • The bulk analysis feature allows you to analyze up to 3K products simultaneously
  • Supports 17 different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.
  • Competition analysis to identify best-selling products
  • Sales Estimator that estimates the product quantities sold each month and revenue
  • Make in-depth research on any store you want using the store name/ID
  • Estimate the market size of a product based on key marketplace analysis

Algopix Pricing

Algopix offers both free and paid plans. The premium plan costs $27.99 per month when billed annually.

8. AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl is an Amazon product research tool to find high-demand, low-competition product niches. Search millions of product niches in 11 Amazon marketplaces.


AmazeOwl is another best Jungle Scout alternative that helps you to find winning products. Their powerful searching algorithm crawls 600 million-plus products in 11 Amazon marketplaces. Thousands of users joining AmazeOwl to find promising product ideas.

You shouldn’t pick a random product to sell on Amazon. This desktop-based software has extensive features for discovering low-competition high demanding products. It scans through different Amazon databases and retrieves results with accurate stats. Check the search volume, competition, and market trend for each keyword and decide which one you should pick.

To make the process simpler AmazeOwl ranks products with a 5-star rating. It is based on demand, potential profit, ease of entry, etc.

In addition to that, the software provides detailed recommendations like images to use, the number of reviews, the right pricing strategy, etc.

Keep track of your competitors and see their prices, keywords, and titles, in one dashboard. It helps you to modify your strategy and drive more sales.

AmazeOwl is available in the form of a desktop application. You can download the software for Windows and Mac. If you are just getting started with Amazon then AmazeOwl offers various tanning programs. You would get self-understandable videos and training materials.

Key Features

  • One of the most popular Amazon product research tool
  • Search over 600 million items in 11 marketplaces
  • Discover high-potential products to start selling on Amazon
  • Hunt for the latest best-sellers in all categories
  • Track product performance with accurate data
  • Keep track of your competitors
  • Training materials to jump-start your online business

AmazeOwl Pricing

AmazeOwl offers 3 plans including a free one.

  • Starter – The Starter plan is free with limited features
  • Growth – The Growth plan costs $12.99 per month with annual billing
  • Established – The Established plan costs $19.99 per month with annual billing

AmazeOwl offers a 10-day training program with each plan.

9. Amachete

Amachete Chrome extension allows you to browse through the Amazon marketplace and helps you to find profitable products. Some notable features include a profitability estimator, hijacker protection, inventory tracker, etc.


Amachete is another awesome tool for Amazon product research and other key operations. Rather than picking random products, this tool will help you to find winning products with low competition. Amachete is available as a Chrome extension to browse through Amazon.

The tool is capable of searching millions of products available in 10 Amazon marketplaces. Analyzing your competitors can give a clear view of the sales and potential of a product. Amachete allows you to deeply analyze competitors in a single click. Check out their listing, rank, reviews, and much more quickly.

You would get a 24/7 hijack alert that sends an immediate notification when something bad happens. This helps you to prevent your brand from prey eyes.

Track your competitor’s rank over time and get an idea of optimizations you have to make. If your peers are using new techniques then you should try them too.

The automated email system triggers emails to buyers asking for feedback. As you know, more positive reviews pass a good signal and give confidence to other buyers. The PPC optimization feature is also there for running conversion-focused ads on the Amazon platform.

Key Features

  • Beginner-friendly tool for extensive Amazon product research
  • Available in Chrome extension
  • Search millions of products in 10 global Amazon marketplaces
  • Data is extremely accurate
  • 24/7 automated listing hijack prevention
  • In-depth competitor analysis feature
  • Hourly rank tracking
  • Send automatic feedback requests to recent buyers
  • PPC optimization feature

Amachete Pricing

Amachete has 3 premium plans.

  • The Professional – This plan costs $30 per month
  • The Globe – This plan is listed at $52.5 per month
  • The Empire – This plan has a price tag of $75 per month

Amachete offers a 10-day unconditional money-back guarantee with each plan.

10. AMAZBase (Free Jungle Scout Alternative)

AMAZBase is a free tool to supercharge your Amazon product research. Get quick access to the products available on Alibaba, Google Search, and eBay.


AMAZBase is a robust tool that makes Amazon product research simpler. You don’t have to spend a penny on this tool as it is absolutely free.

Just install the AMAZBase Chrome extension and you are good to go. Stay ahead of your competitors and find untapped products to sell on the world’s biggest online marketplace.

Know the ASIN number of any product by providing the title in the Amazon listing. It can be helpful for deeper competitor analysis. In addition to that, it shows the Amazon listing title and description in a popup view. Open a product on Amazon and click on the AMAZBase icon to view the details.

AMAZBase offers one-click access to CamelCamelCamel, which is a free Amazon price tracker. This tool helps you to keep track of Amazon price history charts, price drops, price watches, and alerts. AMZBase also gives you quick access to the products available on Alibaba, Google Search, and eBay.

This Chrome extension also allows you to calculate the Amazon FBA fee of any product. It would be helpful for sellers to set the price of a product and generate profit. Select certain words from the page and start your product research. Just switch different tabs shown at the bottom of the page to enjoy different features.

Key Features

  • Free Amazon product research tool
  • Available as a Chrome extension
  • Quickly find the ASIN number of any product
  • Competitors analysis
  • One-click access to a free Amazon price tracker named CamelCamelCamel
  • Quick access to the product on Alibaba, Google Search, and eBay.
  • Amazon FAB fee calculator
  • Pick words from the page to quickly search for a product

AMAZBase Pricing

As we have discussed earlier, AMAZBase is a free tool. You can download the Chrome extension now and start using it.


So these are some of the best Jungle Scout alternatives you can pick. Amazon’s success demands calculated research, and the most important thing is product research. You can’t just choose a random product idea and assume that it would be successful.

The above tools are making life easier for Amazon sellers. In addition to product research, you would get features like listing optimization, product motoring, hijack protection, competitor analysis, etc.

Choose one of the above-listed tools and boost sales on the Amazon marketplace.

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