7 Best White Label Email Marketing Tools 2024 (For Agencies)

Email marketing is still one of the best online marketing mediums. Brands are using this for reaching potential customers. Although rising social media platforms are in limelight, email is still the undisputed king.

Most people use email regularly and check for new emails everywhere. Billions of emails are being delivered daily and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

As a business, you need to have robust email marketing tools to do all the heavy lifting. If you have an agency that provides email marketing solutions, then you are handling multiple clients.

In many cases, clients want to have access to the email marketing tool. But they don’t want to see the software logo all over the places like dashboards and reports.

So you need to have white-label email marketing tools to apply your own branding. These tools come with custom modifications and you can give them a personalized touch. I will show you some of the best white-label email marketing tools available now.

So let’s get started.

What are White Label Email Marketing Tools?

White-label email marketing tools are created by one company and then purchased by another agency/company to rebrand and resell as their own product.

This software allows you to remove the original branding from existing platforms and let you customize the dashboards to a certain extent. Your clients don’t need to create their own software to fulfill email marketing needs.

If you are a digital marketing agency owner or working for a company, then you know the importance of personalization. Every client is different and comes with different requirements. White-label email marketing software tailors each new client’s experience who reaches out to your marketing agency.

In some cases, you will have to provide access permission to the software. They can access the report and create their email templates or check campaign progress.

White-label software feels like the platform is made for the client. They can out the logo and other branding elements to give it a personalized look.

Benefits of White Label Email Marketing Tools

There are several benefits of white-labeling email marketing tools.

1. Branding

As a business, you should establish a brand so that it can build trust. If your clients are trying to build their brand name then white-label email marketing tools can be a quick and impressive way.

This software comes with a lot of modifications and your client can give it a personalized touch. When potential customers see the branding all over the place, it seems trustworthy and reliable.

2. Low Cost

Building a piece of software for email marketing demands a team of experienced developers and requires skills. It may take months to make the final product.

It is very time-consuming and requires a lot of initial investment. The software also comes with a lot of learning curves and training hours. Why waste time and money when you can buy white-label software?

You can save a lot of time and resources with months of development time. At the same time can be used for marketing work. Your clients can buy it from you at a low cost. That seems very negligible when we compare it to a new software development cost.

One of the major benefits of buying a white-label email marketing software is that the software is ready to use. You can start using it after 5 minutes of modifications.  

3. High-Quality Software:

The software you are going to white label is already in the market for a while. Before launching the product, it must be tested several times. In addition to that many people are using the software and the company has done some modifications.

Software makers usually hire the best developers to make a masterpiece. Regular update on the software has fixed the bugs and comes with performance improvements.

So you can expect the best quality product with a white label. Your client will be happy to see the functionality and the level of personalization. It feels like its own software.

Best White Label Email Marketing Tools

We have done some research and come up with a list of the best white-label email marketing tools for you. Let’s check them.

White Label Email Marketing Tools

Starting Price


1. ActiveCampaign


3. Moosend


3. Sendinblue


2. OptinMonster


5. Mailchimp


6. Mailjet


7. Mailgun


1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign White Label Email Marketing Tools

ActciveCampaign is well-known email marketing software available in the market. It comes with almost everything you wanted within a newsletter marketing tool.

You would get a lot of important automation features such as autoresponder, conditional email trigger, email campaign A/B testing, and more. This software also has the best email deliverability rate.

Your agency can get a boost using the white label ActiveCampaign. There are many reasons to white label and customize ActiveCampaign with your brand.

Removing all ActiveCampaign mentions from the dashboard is very easy. It can be done by a single checkbox. Replace the ActiveCampaign logo, color, and other branding elements with your client’s.

The white labeling feature is only available on all Enterprise level plans. The Enterprise plan costs 229 per month.

Feature Highlights

  • Complete personalization option for a digital agency and regular customers.
  • One-click removal of all references and links to ActiveCampaign.
  • Behind-the-scenes support from ActiveCampaign for your clients.
  • Modify the whole interface like button colors, border layout, font size, font colors, and much more using HTML/CSS modifications.
  • Change the ActiveCampaign sub-domain to your custom domain.

2. Moosend


Moosend is a leading email marketing tool with a variety of features. It has an easy-to-use interface for creating and measuring email campaigns without touching a single line of coding or web design experience.

This software comes with a drag-and-drop campaign editor. This allows you to add text, images, videos, social share buttons, and other content elements to the email newsletter. Moosend also has a library of newsletter templates that are ready to use.

You would get many marketing automation features such as event trigger emails, shopping cart abandoned emails, conditional filters, etc. You can create custom opt-in forms and add them to a website for capturing emails.

If you have a digital agency and looking for white-label email marketing software then Moosend can be the best option. Everything can be customizable and give personalized look.

Moosend allows you to place client logos, colors, text, and other branding elements. Everything can be done under one master dashboard and custom-looking software is ready to use within minutes. You can create custom sub-accounts for your client and manage them under one dashboard.

The white-label feature comes with the Moosend Enterprise plan. You need to contact the sales team to get the price details.

Features Highlights

  • Complete customization option with own branding elements.
  • Create and manage sub-accounts for clients under one management panel.
  • Add your custom domain
  • Advanced email personalization option
  • Scalable for business growth

3. Sendinblue


SendinBlue is one of the best email marketing tools. It comes with automated campaign creation, A/B testing, advanced segmentation, and easy access to its email template library.

This software can be connected to a CRM tool to manage all of your customer interactions under one dashboard. SendinBlue comes with white-label features for reselling purposes.

If you want to customize the SendinBlue dashboard for your client then it can be easily done. Using your white label account, you can create multiple children accounts for different clients. SendinBlue would be the right marketing & sales tool for your client with tons of features.

SendinBlue’s Enterprise plan comes with a white label feature and you need to contact the sales team to know the price.

Features Highlights

  • Complete white label feature with dashboard modifications.
  • Create multiple clients accounts with respective IDs and passwords.
  • Manage all the child accounts under one dashboard.
  • Child accounts can enjoy all the features available on the standard SendinBlue account.
  • Third-party tools integration.

4. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is a popular email opt-in plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create awesome lead generation forms, popups, slide-in, and more. You can trigger popup forms based on user behavior such as when a visitor is about to leave the site.

The developer team behind the OptinMonster went so far as to provide just about everything you would ever need to create powerful opt-in forms for your email list.

You would get a clean dashboard to modify OptinMonster branding elements. Go to OptinMonster dashboard and click on My Account. Head to the Branding tab to modify name, logo, color, icon, text and copyright text, and more.

After proper modification, it will feel like new software. You can also invite a client or team member to the dashboard. This software also allows you to assign different levels of permissions. They can visit different sections of the software.

OptinMonster’s Pro plan ships with white-label solutions that cost $29 per month.

Feature Highlights

  • Remove all OptinMonster branding from the dashboard and replace it with your logo.
  • Streamline account management with coworkers and clients using sub-account.
  • Assign different levels of permission for your clients and others.
  • Manage multiple clients with dedicated folders.
  • Third-party tools integration.

5. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is one of the email marketing services that doesn’t need any introduction. This software allows marketers to create successful email campaigns and grow business.

If your clients are small and medium businesses then Mailchimp can be an all-in-one business solution. This platform sends over a billion emails every day. Mailchimp comes with various targeting and segmentation options.

This software ships with a built-in form builder and landing page builder. There is a library of templates to choose from and start customization.

For agencies, Mailchimp provides beautiful white-label dashboards and automated reports for clients. Your client can start creating an email marketing campaign using the custom dashboard. The AgencyAnalytics feature allows you to manage all your clients and their other marketing channels.

The White Label feature comes with a Premium plan that costs $311 monthly.

Features Highlights

  • Full white-label service for your clients.
  • Email marketing automation features.
  • Create a custom dashboard with the client’s branding elements.
  • 250+ third-party apps and web services integration.

6. Mailjet


Mailjet is an affordable email mail marketing software that comes with many cool features. Creating stunning emails has never been easier. With the help of a built-in email builder, you can create responsive emails in a few clicks.

Email segmentation feature allows you to group customers based on their interests and behavior. It can be one step solution for transactional and marketing emails.

Mailjet comes with a unique multi-user collaboration feature. This feature allows your team members to collaborate on the same email newsletter editor in real time. Team members can leave a comment and lock sections.

You can create a custom dashboard with branding for your clients. This software allows you to choose which features you want to offer clients. Some of the white-label features include advanced reporting, multiple languages, templates, and more.

For pricing of Mailjet white label email service, you need to contact their sales team.

Features Highlights

  • Full white-label solution with a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Manage the master account and create sub-accounts for your client.
  • Advanced analytics dashboard for email campaign monitoring.
  • Control the features you want to give clients.
  • Priority support for API integration.

7. Mailgun


Mailgun is an email delivery service that uses SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) protocol to send emails online. This service provides API (Application Programming Interface) for developers to send out mass emails.

To be honest, Mailgun is not an email marketing service itself. It doesn’t have some basic features of an email marketing service, like built-in email templates.

But you can use the mail API in any email marketing tool like Sendinblue for better results. Developers can use its API to send bulk transactional emails, measure performance, and optimize emails for better engagement rates. Mailgun has a bulk email validation feature that allows you to clean out inactive/invalid emails from your list.

Mailgun service emphasizes your client’s email deliverability. Through the white label feature, you can ensure that the key messages reach recipients’ inboxes. White labeling boosts the sender’s reputation and no email filter will block it.

To know the pricing of this software, you need to contact their customer support team.

Features Highlights

  • Complete white-label email services.
  • One of the most powerful APIs in the industry.
  • Send, monitor, and optimize emails for higher engagement rates.
  • Bulk email validation so that you never face the sender’s IP reputation drop.
  • Inbox Placement feature that predicts email deliverability issues before sending emails.


So these are some of the best white-label email marketing tools for your agency. Most digital agencies use white-label software to boost earing, whereas email marketing isn’t their primary business.

It great fits as an add-on for their clients. Use one of the above tools and start offering email marketing tools.

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