Frase Review 2023:The Miracle Content Marketing Tool?

The SEO industry has seen a dramatic change in recent years. Google pushes regular updates to rank the best pages around the web. Nowadays the ranking factors have been modified and added with some new ones.

To walk a step to step through the latest ranking factors you need to have great content. Not only great content but it should optimize with the latest SEO standards.

Placing the main keyword and LSI keywords randomly inside an article is not going to rank. Any SEO strategy revolves around content and you should write content accordingly.

Now it’s time to use an AI-powered tool for content optimization. In this Frase review, I will go in-depth and analyze all the aspects.

So let’s get started.

What is Frase?

Frase review

Frase is a content marketing tool that helps you to optimize various aspects. This is an advanced tool that uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) to generate content briefs.

Frase is a Tech Startup headquartered in Boston, New York, and backed by UnderscoreVC. It has a team of Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Content Marketers, and Designers passionate about creating a tool for the future of search.

This tool analyzes the top 20 results for a given keyword and suggests content briefs. If you want to write content from scratch then enter a keyword and get suggestions based on that.

If you have already written content and want to optimize it, then upload it to the tool. Frase will tell you the most important terms your competitors are using and you are not.

This tool is not like any existing tool for such a suggestion. All the credit goes to the team behind Frase and artificial intelligence.

How Does Frase Work?

You might be wondering how this magic happens. Well, it is not any magic, and all because of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

These technologies seem futuristic and complex at first sight. But we should not dig deep into how this tool works and the whole working process. As end-user, we need to focus on output and effectiveness.

When we enter a keyword in Frase, it analyses the first 20 results of Google SERP. You might have noticed that it takes a few seconds before showing results. At that time it analyses the competitor’s pages and content.

It shows all the relevant keywords used by your competitors. Basically, your competitors are using those keywords or phrases in their content to get a higher ranking. So you can do the same and optimize your content for top positions on Google SERP.

7 OutStanding Features Of Frase Tool

Frase is packed with many features. So let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Create Content Brief With a Few Clicks

The content brief is one of the most important features of the Frase tool. It suggests headings and sub-topics based on a given keyword.

It generally analyses the top 20 posts ranked for the given keyword. Then the tool will suggest what your competitors wrote about, which sub-topic was covered, common questions asked, etc.

I have Frase premium version already. So I wanted to test this feature to know whether it works or not.

I entered “Free WordPress Themes” in the content brief section and hit Create Document. Then it will ask you to select a minimum of 3 sub-topics that you want to cover. Then I got a detailed interface like the below screenshot.

fraimg1 1 Frase Review

As you can see in the above screenshot, article outlines are already listed with a lot of other information.

You might notice the Intent Section. Nowadays search intent plays an important role when it comes to keyword ranking on Google SERP.

Here is a List Of Search Intent Types that can show in Frase:

  1. Listicle: Articles Using an Explicit List Format
  2. Long-Form: In-Depth Articles
  3. How To: Step-By-Step Guide
  4. News: Recent/Fresh Articles
  5. Branded: Company Homepages
  6. Products: Product Pages
  7. Local: Focused on a Specific Location
  8. Visual: Short Text with Many images
  9. Video: Short Text with Video

This tool uses AI to determine search intent. So you should do manual research based on the keyword and top-ranking pages. I have tested this feature many times and I am satisfied with the accuracy.

2. Create Fully SEO Optimized Content

Creating content is very similar to the content brief. But the difference is the initial steps. You don’t need to choose sub-topics to generate outlines for an article. create new content Frase Review

In this section, you need to write content according to your choice. The tool will consistently monitor the process and keep pushing various recommendations.

Frase new content creation process Frase Review

If you have already written the article, then copy and paste it here. Make sure that you should create the whole content based on the average word count shown in the tool.

This tool also suggests all the relevant questions that should be included in the article. Scroll down and you get more suggestions to improve the content.

3. Optimize Existing Content For Better Rankings

As you are doing content marketing for a while, you must have many published content. You can optimize your old content through this tool.

To test this feature I choose one of my old articles Link Building Guide. Under the Optimize Content section, I entered the URL and main keyword.

fraimg2 Frase Review

As you can see in the above screenshot it made a detailed analysis and shows various recommendations. It suggests many important words and the number of times you should use them.

Frase has an advanced scoring system called “Topic Score”. This scores your content against all the search recommendations. The color code system shows the frequency of the keywords in Green and Red colors.

Questions play an important role nowadays and you should add them to your content. Frase suggests you many questions to include in your content. The questions are listed in a dedicated section on the top navigation bar.

In the overview tab, you would get the same analysis as in the content brief.

4. Get Thousands Of Question Ideas Without BrainStorming

The question ideas option comes under the content tab. Millions of people are using Google search to find answers to various questions. So your content should include commonly searched questions regarding a topic.

This tool pulls questions from 4 sources People Also Ask, Search Autocomplete, Quora, & Reddit.

Frase analyzes the search results and finds out relevant questions. For example, I want to see the questions searched on Google against the keyword “email marketing”. So I entered the term and got the following results.

fraimg4 Frase Review

As you can see on the above screen shoot this tool quickly extracts hundreds of phrases. All the phrases show the source and monthly search volume. You can use the top navigation bar to switch through a different section of questions.

Frase allows you to extract all the keywords into an Excel sheet for future use.

Pro tip: When you are using this feature, don’t use a long phrase. Keep the keyword short and super targeted. In this way, Frase can find long-tail questions related to that topic. Example: use “email marketing” instead of “what is email marketing” as an input.

5. Question Research Through Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool helpful for tracking post and page rankings. All the data is fetched from the search engine giant and you can trust it.

I assume that you must have verified your website on Google Search Console and got stats. As you know it shows the ranking keywords, position, impressions, number of clicks, etc.

Frase allows you to integrate Google Search Console. This will help you to get the most relevant question-type queries. A lot of people are searching on Google using question queries and landed on your website. After integrating Frase with GSC, you would get all those terms in your tool dashboard. GSC Data Frase Review

After getting all those keywords, you can integrate them into your existing content or create a new one.

6. Content Map

If you are surfing the web for a while then you must have come across Wikipedia. This is one of the most famous and most visited websites in the world.

According to a survey, over 50% of Google searches show at least one Wikipedia result on the first page. Many SEO experts consider Wikipedia as a goldmine of keywords.

The Frase Concept Map is a feature helpful for exploring Wikipedia’s Knowledge Graph. It also allows you to identify topics and build a content strategy.

I entered a query “Social Media Marketing” to test the feature. Then it recommends some more relevant keywords you may be interested in. Select one of them to see the content map.

fraimg3 Frase Review

As you can see in the above screenshot, the content map shows a lot of relevant keywords with an awesome hover effect. This view is something similar to the AnswerThePublic keyword research tool.

On the right side, you can see a brief description of the main keyword. If you want to see the whole article then click on the Full Wiki button.

7. Frase Answer Engine (AI Chatbot)

Chatbots have changed the way how customers interact with the business. Companies don’t need to appoint dedicated customer support staff to respond to visitors’ queries.

You might have seen the implementation of automatic chatbots on many websites. The study suggests that 69% of consumers prefer to use a chatbot for instant answers and communication with a brand.

Chatbots are beneficial for both customers and businesses. Customers win because they can interact in real-time, with 24/7 support for any type of query or simple questions. Businesses can save on customer support staffing costs and allow their support staff to solve more complex problems and issues that customers face.

Frase comes with AI chatbots that can be integrated into any website. No coding skill is required for this and the process of integration is very easy.

Frase Chat Assistant Frase Review

This chatbot system crawls your full website to create AI-Powered knowledgebase. The whole crawling process takes less than 10 minutes and everything would be ready after this. It uses your existing content to answer visitors’ questions.

After full implementation, you can track what visitors are asking in real-time. It also shows more stats including:

  • Answers delivered against a question
  • Geolocation of the Visitor
  • Click-Through rates
  • User ratings
  • chat duration, and more.

Using these stats you can fine-tune your service and get more conversions.

Frase chat assistant stats Frase Review

Frase Tool Pricing

Frase pricing details Frase Review

Frase comes with 3 plans. These are Basic, Growth, and Enterprise.

  1. Basic Plan: The Basic plan allows 1 user to access the tool. In addition to that, you can create 30 documents (content brief and content optimization), 250 answers per user, basic integration, and much more. This plan costs $45 per month.
  2. Growth: The Growth plan allows 3 users to access the tool. In addition to that, you can create unlimited documents (content brief and content optimization), 250 answers per user, advanced integration, and much more. This plan costs $120 per month.
  3. Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan allows 3 users to access the tool. In addition to that, you can create unlimited documents (content brief and content optimization), more than 250 answers per user, advanced integration, and much more. For pricing, you need to contact their customer support team.

Does Frase Provide Any Free Trial?

Frase comes with a free trial that allows you to access some features. It includes

  • Five documents (Note: Creating one new article or optimizing an existing content counts as one document in Frase.)
  • Unlimited question research
  • Google Search Console integration with one crawl
  • One Answer Engine (AI chatbot) 30-day test

If you are not sure what the tool is all about and want to test its features then sign up for a free trial. Before buying any plan you can test this tool using a free trial.

Final Thought On Frase Review

So these are some of the important things you need to know about Frase. In this Frase review, I tried to express my own experience with this tool. I have been using this tool for a while and am satisfied with the overall features. This is something you should try if you want to try something new in the content marketing space.

FAQ Related To Frase Tool

  1. What is

    Frase is an advanced content marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) to generate content briefs.

  2. What is a Topic Score in Frase?

    The topic score is an algorithm developed by Frase that calculates the total number of relevant topics or keywords across your competitors’ content and the percentage of those topics or keywords mentioned in your content.

  3. Does Frase Have a Free Trial?

    Yes, Frase offers a free trial.

  4. How Much Frase Costs?

    The basic plan of Frase costs $45 per month.

  5. Do I Recommend Frase?

    Yes, personally I & my team use and recommend Frase.

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