Review 2023: All-in-One Business Solution?

We are living in the internet era. Businesses are adopting the online medium to reach out to potential customers.

Whether you are a small business owner or running a SaaS business or have digital products, the most important aspect is to market your product and generate sales.

We are all familiar with traditional advertisement methods like TV ads, newspaper ads, distributing pamphlets and brochures, and many more. But these methods are losing their shininess and are not effective anymore.

Online marketing is now the best medium to get potential customers. Inside this marketing medium, people are adopting marketing funnels or sales funnels.

A marketing funnel is a pre-designed system to drive and convert customers (or clients) to your business.

There are many tools available to build sales funnels. is one of them to create high-converting professional sales funnels.

In this review post, we will take a deep dive into this tool. We will analyze their features, functionalities, pricing, and more.

So let’s get started.

What is review is a robust marketing platform that helps you to build sales funnels, membership systems, affiliate systems, digital products/services, and many more.

It helps marketers and business owners to create awesome landing pages and squeeze pages, sell online courses, sell digital & physical products, track leads, send emails, and more.

With, you would get all marketing tools in one place. You don’t have to pay for several tools separately.

It will help you with all kinds of online marketing that you would ever need.

Awesome Features of Tool contains many features ranging from sales funnel creation to the membership system. So let’s analyze them one by one.

1. Clean & Easy To Use Dashboard

After purchasing a plan or signup for the 14-day free trial, you would have login credentials. So enter that information and log in to your account.

After successful login, you would be landed on the dashboard. Once you are on the dashboard page, the first thing you would notice is the simple and clean user interface.

On the top of the page, there is a simple top navigation menu bar. The logo is present on the extreme left side. On the right side of the menu bar, you would get a Menu, a Profile image with a lot of settings, and a dropdown option to change the language.

Under the Menu option, you would get all the features.

Main Dashboard:

The default dashboard is also known as the main dashboard. You would get all your landing page information, the number of leads, the payment you have received, and more.

Syst1 review

As you can see in the above screenshot, all the options are clearly visible, and simple user interface.

Affiliate Dashboard: has an affiliate program. Once you sign up for their service, an affiliate account would be created automatically.

You can promote their service and earn a 40% lifetime commission when someone purchases a plan through your unique referral link.

Syst2 review

You would get all the information related to affiliate sales on this dashboard. Your unique affiliate link would be there as well.

If anyone purchased a plan through your affiliate link, then earnings would be visible here as well.


There is also a marketplace option. Similar to any other marketplace, you would get various offers to promote their service.

2. One Place To Manage Your Contacts


You would get contact-related information here.

As you know contact information is very important for any business. Using this option, you can save the name, email address, address, business name, etc. information.

Syst3 review

You would get a filter option to find an email ID in seconds. On the top, you would get create contacts and import contacts options as well.


Using this option, you can create multiple tags to identify your offers and landing pages. You can create unlimited tags.

Syst4 review

As you can see in the image, I have created 2 tags for demo purposes. There are options for creating new tags and filtering existing ones.

3. Easily Build High Converting Funnels

Using the Funnel feature, you can create various types of funnels to generate sales or acquire customers.

There are many professional templates available to make various sales funnels. All the templates are editable and you can add payment getaways as well.

Syst5 review

You can do advanced modifications and use features like automation rules, A/B testing, and more. No need to touch one line of code and all you need to do is to edit the templates.

According to your need, you can add some pages like a Squeeze page, a Popup form, and many more. You would also get professional templates for this as well.

This tool also allows you to redirect users to a custom thank you page. There are also many thank you page designs available inside the tool and you can customize them according to their need.

4. Inbuilt Email Marketing Tool

This category includes all the tasks related to emails.


This feature allows you to create various newsletters. You can send custom emails and add a subject line, body, and many more. newsletter feature review

You can also set various conditions to trigger the email to the right person. For example, you can set an email for the customers who have registered before 2 days.

And supports the following Substitute Variables:

1. {email} - Email
2. {first_name} - First name
3. {surname} - Last name
4. {phone_number} - Phone number
5.{country} - Country
6. {city} - City
7. {street_address} - Street address
8. {postcode} - Zip code
9. {company_name} - Company name
10. {company_vat} - VAT number (optional)
11. {affiliate_id} - Contact's affiliate ID
12. {affiliate_dashboard} - URL of contact's affiliate dashboard


With the Campaign feature, you can create a sequence of emails that can be sent to your contacts. For example, you can set a sequence of emails to buy your service that has recently signup for your newsletter.

You can set it to add emails to this campaign list automatically. Otherwise, this feature also allows you to add emails manually.


This option shows you all the stats regarding emails. With the email dashboard, you can see the number of emails sent, the average percent of open, the average percent of spam reports per opened emails, the average percent of bounced, etc.

5. Build Blogs

This feature allows you to create a blog. Using this option, you create a professional-looking blog and post content in it.

There are drag-and-drop editors to edit various sections of your blog.

6. Automate Almost Everything With a Few Clicks

Automation rules allow you to make the business automatic and demand less human interaction.


Using this feature, you can add automation rules to trigger various actions. For example, you can set an automation rule to add users to an email campaign when someone opt-in for a particular form.

Syst6 review

As you can see in the above image, there are a lot of options to set as a trigger.


The workflow feature allows you to create an automation process without needing to perform the task. has a visually rich, dashboard to create workflows in a step-by-step process.

7. Create & Sell Product With Ease

Using these options, you can add products and track sales.


This option allows you to create products and attributes.


If you want to give some discounts on any product, then you can add it here. Coupon name (for identity purposes), coupon code (users need to enter this code to avail of the discount), discount type (fixed amount/percentage), coupon expiration date, and the limit of coupon use.


You would get all the order information here. There is a filter option available to find orders in a certain range.


You would get all the payment-related information here. You can also check the payment status as well.


This feature shows you, subscription-related information if you have any.

Affiliate Invoices:

If you are running an affiliate program for your product, then this feature allows you to manage the affiliate payments. There are also some filter options.


If you want to create some courses then this option can do so. You need to enter some basic information regarding your course and create one.

Course Bundles:

This option allows you to bundle 2 or more courses.


You can see all the students enrolled in your course here. In addition to that, this shows the date of joining, which course they have enrolled in, and more.

Your Affiliate Program:

This dashboard allows you to see all the leads driven by your affiliates. You would also get various options to manage them as well.

8. Extensive Knowledge Base + Contact Support:

In this section, you would get various information about the product and its features. There is an extensive knowledge base containing information regarding various aspects of the tool.

You would also get an option to contact their support team. You need to fill out a contact form with your issues or queries and their support team will mail it back to you.

Note: One of the biggest disadvantages is, you would not get any option to contact them via live chat or phone calls. Support is one of the biggest areas that online service providers should focus on. Pricing comes with 3 plans. Startup, Webinar, and Enterprise.

Note: All the plans come with a 14-day free trial. review

1. Startup Plan

With the Startup plan, you would get 5000 contacts, unlimited email sending, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited Blogs, 3 member sites, 0 custom domains, unlimited file storage space, unlimited members, marketing automation, the upsells in 1 click, order bumps, Stripe integration, Paypal integration, run your affiliate program and more.

The Startup plan costs, 27 Euros per month.

2. Webinar Plan

With the Webinar plan, you would get, get 10000 contacts, unlimited email sending, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited Blogs, 5 member sites, 2 custom domains, unlimited file storage space, unlimited members, marketing automation, the upsells in 1 click, order bumps, Stripe integration, Paypal integration, run your affiliate program, 3 evergreen webinars, coupon codes, A/B testing and more.

The Webinar plan costs, 47 Euros per month.

3. Enterprise Plan

With the Enterprise plan, you would get 15000 contacts, unlimited email sending, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited Blogs, unlimited member sites, 5 custom domains, unlimited file storage space, unlimited members, marketing automation, the upsells in 1 click, order bumps, Stripe integration, Paypal integration, run your affiliate program, unlimited evergreen webinars, coupon codes, A/B testing, 1 hour 1-on-1 coaching session and more.

The Webinar plan costs, 97 Euros per month.

How To Get 14-Day Free Trial? is providing a 14-day free trial for a limited time. Please note that you don’t need a credit card for this offer.

Follow the below steps to avail of the offer.

1. First, click on this special link that redirects you to a page of having the free trial. You will get an interface like the below screenshot.

Syst7 review

2. Enter your email address and click on the Start my free trial button.

3. Then you would get an email containing a confirmation link.

Syst8 review

Click on that link and you would be redirected to a page like the below screenshot.

Syst9 review

4. Enter a strong password and press the Save button.

Pros & Cons of Tool

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of


  • Modern and easy-to-use user interface
  • You can create a professional-looking sales funnel and landing pages.
  • It allows you to create membership sites.
  • Create your affiliate program
  • Monitor the performance of sales funnels and many other aspects.
  • Create online courses and course bundles
  • Automate various marketing tasks


  • Lack of advanced design features
  • Doesn’t have third-party tools and service integrations

Final Thought On Review is a helpful tool for creating high-converting sales funnels. In addition to that, this tool also allows you to create online courses, membership sites, your own affiliate program, and many more.

If you want to grow your business and search for an all-in-one marketing platform, then you need to check out this tool. You can follow the above steps to get a 14-day free trial and test their features.

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