Unbounce Pricing 2024: How Much Unbounce Costs?

Are you searching for an Unbounce pricing guide so you can choose the right plan?

If that’s the case, I’ll explain each Unbounce plan in depth.

Also, I will compare pricing with other tools’ pricing to help you select the best one for your business.

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Unbounce Pricing & Plans BreakDown 2024

Over the past two years, Unbounce has made many changes to its pricing structure. Additionally, there have been some significant changes, such as limiting conversions.

Here, I will describe each Unbounce plan, its pricing & limitations.

So with further ado, let’s get started.

Unbounce Landing Page Platforms Pricing & Plans

Before we discuss pricing, I want to share that irrespective of the plan you are on, Unbounce offers access to:

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited pop-ups
  • Unlimited Sticky bars
  • Classic/Smart Builder (Drag-&-Drop Builder)
  • Mobile Responsive Designs
  • 100+ Landing page templates
  • Integration to most of the marketing automation or CRM tools.

Features/ Plan 

Build ($99/mo)

Experiment ($149/mo)

Optimize ($249/mo)

Concierge ($625/mo)

Landing Pages















Pop-up & Sticky Bars















Sub-client accounts





Price (20%-35% OFF)





1. Build Plan:

Build Plan is perfect for entry-level marketers and business owners. You get access to most of the features you would need for generating leads & sales at an affordable price.

It costs $99 per month, but with the annual subscription, you can get it for $64 per month.

With this plan, you will get access to:

  • Classic Builder & Smart Builder
  • Unbounce Apps
  • Fully Customizable Templates
  • Pop Up & Sticky Bar
  • Mobile Responsive Templates
  • Conversion Analytics & much more.

With Build Plan, you can create unlimited Landing pages, Pop-ups, and sticky bars.

It also allows you to connect 1 custom domain and add up to 2 users to your account. It’s useful if you want to share your account with the landing page designer or another team member.

If you run a marketing agency with multiple clients, Build Plan allows you to manage them all from a single dashboard.

The Build plan can have 20,000 unique visitors per month. No matter how many times someone visits your page/pop-ups in a month, it will be counted as one.

With the Build plan, you get 500 unlimited conversions per month. Those just starting with marketing campaigns will find it ideal.

Want to know what conversion means above?

As per Unbounce: 

(Every time a visitor completes your conversion goal (on a landing page, or in a popup or sticky bar), it’s a conversion. Common conversion goals include clicking your call to action or completing a lead generation form.)

Some other Necessary Features of the Unbounce Build Plan:

  • Page Sections: Pre-built template section (customizable ) that can be used to speed up the landing page creation process.
  • Style Guide: You can set up a Global setting for Typography, Color, and imagery to maintain your brand identity & at the same time, don’t waste too much time on styling.
  • Copy Assitant: A copy assistant helps you with landing page copy based on your business type, target audience & conversion goals.
  • Design Assistant: Recommends converting templates based on your Industry, Audience & Goals.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: All the landing pages will be 100% mobile responsive.
  • Conversion Goals: Track your conversions & make changes based on that data for better results.
  • Integrations & Webhooks: Easily integrate with 100+ third-party tools through direct and Zapier integration.
  • Speed Boost & Auto Image Optimizer: Your focus should be on building landing pages, not on speed optimizations. Unbounce’s speed boost & image optimizer feature improve your page speed automatically.

Limitations of Build Plan:

  • No A/B Testing: A slight change here & there in the landing page can impact conversion rates. But you can’t predict what will convert better without split testing. The only option left is for you, go with your instinct.
  • No Dynamic Text Replacement: DTR is a blessing for PPC marketers. You can get better conversion rates.
  • Advanced Targeting and scheduling are Missing.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement is missing.

2. Experiment Plan:

Marketers, Agencies, SaaS Owners, and sellers who want more Sales, Leads & happy clients should go with the Experiment Plan. Features like Conversion Intelligence, A/B Testing, and smart Traffic help you to improve conversion rates.

The Experiment plan costs $149/month ($112/month with an annual plan). You can also reduce that price to $96/month if you go with this special offer.

With the Experiment plan, you will get all the features offered in the Build plan. In addition to that, you will get some additional features like:

  • Smart Builder.
  • Conversion Mapping.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement, and many more.

The Experiment plan also does not limit the number of landing pages, pop-ups & sticky bars you create.

You can link 2-custom domains, unlimited users & unlimited clients’ sub-accounts to your account. The Experiment plan can have 30,000 unique visitors per month.

Some of the important features of Optimize Plan are:

  • Smart Traffic: AI-based optimization tool, that leads your visitors to the most converting landing pages. In comparison to A/B testing, it can increase the conversion rate by 30%.
  • Visitor Attributes: Route visitors to most converting landing pages based on user attributes like Geolocation & device.
  • Time-to-Learn: Start learning about your landing page & audience & provide helpful insight.
  • Smart Traffic Report
  • Conversion Mapping: Who is converting & which landing pages? Conversion mapping starts recording that data & optimize your campaign for better results.
  • A/B Testing:  You can create different variants of your landing pages and test which converts better.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement: Dynamically replace text on your landing page based on user queries, & location, etc.

Limitations of Experiment Plan:

  • Advanced Targeting and scheduling are also missing.
  • Costly in comparison to other Landing page builder tools.

3. Optimize Plan:

Want to speed up the growth of your business? Unbounce Unbounce Optimize Plan might be the right option to go with.

If you are running multiple marketing campaigns & expecting higher traffic & more lead submissions, go with the Optimize plan.

It costs $249/month ($187/month with an annual subscription). And if you use the Unbounce coupon, you can get it for as low as $161/month.

Optimize plan gives you access to all the features that Unbounce offers.

The main difference between the Experiment & Optimize plan is the resource limit. The Optimize plan lets you connect 3 custom domains, and 50,000 visitors a month.

Again there are no limitations on users & client sub-accounts. You can add as much as you want. Unbounce offers most of the main features in the Optimize plan, so nothing much is left. 

The new features that you will get with the Optimize plan are:

  • Advanced Targeting & Scheduling: With advanced targeting, you can trigger pop-ups, sticky bars, & cookies on meeting certain conditions. And the Scheduling feature lets you schedule your content for publishing.
  • AI Traffic Optimization
  • Visitor’s Behavior Insights

4. Concierge Plan:

Earlier Unbounce used to offer the Scale plan, but now you will not be able to find it. They have closed the plan & now offer a Concierge plan.

Want to know how much the Unbounce Concierge plan costs?

If you choose a monthly subscription, it costs $649 per month. To purchase this plan you have to contact a specialist.

Unfortunately, you can not claim a discount that unbounce offers on other plans.

With the Concierge Plan, you can attach 5 custom domains, & the traffic limit is 100,000. The rest of the features are the same as in the Optimize plan.

Unbounce Free Plan (Legacy Plan)

There is no official Unbounce free plan, but still, you can still try the Unbounce builder for free. Unbounce free plan will be activated when you cancel your free trial or end your subscription.

With the free plan, you can publish 5 landing pages & each landing page will have Unbounce branding.

The free plan has a traffic limit of 200 unique visitors per month.

You will not get access to the key features like Pop-up, and A/B Testing, & you will be unable to connect your custom domain.

Unbounce Smart Copy Pricing

No matter what you’re writing, whether it’s a blog post, a product description, an advertisement copy, or a landing page copy, AI writing tools are taking over everything.

Recently Unbounce also acquired an AI writing startup Snazzy AI (now rebranded as Unbounce Smart Copy).

Smart Copy is an AI copywriting tool that can help you write high-converting copy. Smart Copy can help you to generate landing page copies, Ad copies, catchy headlines, product descriptions, & much more.

Smart Copy offers the following plans:

Unbounce Smart Copy Pricing
Unbounce Smart Copy

1. Starter (Free): 

The starter plan is free to use & you will get most of the premium features. You will get access to 45+ content templates, support 30+ languages, Chrome Extension, & customer support. 

Since it’s a free plan, you will get only 5 credits/day & Writer (used to write long-form content) came with the 3-day trial.

2. Essential ($9/month):

The Essential plan gave you complete access to the features but limited the credits to 200/month. You will get access to Writer to create long-form content.

It is suitable for people who don’t require a large number of landing page copies and simply want to handle things themselves.

3. Unlimited ($49/month):

The unlimited plan gave you full access to the features. You can generate as much content as you want. 

You will get access to:

  • 45+ Content templates
  • 30+ languages
  • Writer
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited Credit etc.

If you want to try, you can sign up for a free trial (without a credit card).

Unbounce Pricing Comparison With Other Tools

1. Unbounce Pricing Vs LeadPages Pricing:

Leadpages offers affordable pricing when compared to Unbounce. And unlike Unbounce, they don’t put a limit on the landing page traffic & lead collections.  And you can build unlimited landing pages, pop-ups & sticky bars. At this moment, Leadpages offers 3-plans:

  • Standard ($49/month)
  • Pro ($99/month)
  • Advanced ($399/month)

2. Unbounce Cost VS Landingi Cost:

Landingi offers a wide variety of pricing options. Again they don’t limit the conversations, but the main pricing differentiator with them is several Unique page visits, custom domains & sub-accounts. They also limit some other features like Pop-ups, A/B Testing & integrations on lower plans.  They offer 4-plans:

  • Free ($0/month)
  • Professional ($49/month)
  • Agency

3. Unbounce Pricing VS InstaPage Pricing:

Instapage does not offer much when it comes to pricing. They have kept their pricing pretty straightforward.

They did not have any conversion limits & you can add unlimited domains.

And from a beginner’s point of view, they are too costly. 

They are offering 2-plans:

  • Build ($299/month)
  • Convert (Customized Pricing)
  • Price (Monthly): $99 - $240
  • Traffic (Monthly): 20,000 - 50,000
  • Conversions (Monthly): 500 - 2500
  • Domain: 1 - Unlimited
  • A/B Testing: Yes (Start from Optimize Plan)
  • Landing Pages, Pop-up & Sticky Bars: Unlimited
  • Dynamic Text Replacement: Yes (Start from Optimize Plan)
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Client Sub Account: Unlimited
InstaPage Builder
InstaPage Builder
  • Price (Monthly): $299 - Customized
  • Traffic (Monthly): 30,000 - Unlimited
  • Conversions (Monthly): Unlimited
  • Domain: Unlimited
  • A/B Testing: Yes
  • Landing Pages, Pop-up & Sticky Bars: 30 - Unlimited
  • Dynamic Text Replacement: Yes
  • Users: 3 - Unlimited
  • Client Sub Account: 3 - Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Unbounce doesn’t offer a free plan. But if you cancel your subscription, you can still access & use Unbounce for free.

You will get an option to cancel your subscription inside your Unbounce dashboard.

Yes, Unbounce offers a 14-day risk-free trial to new customers.

Yes, Unbounce offers coupons that help you to save 35% on any Unbounce plan.

Yes, you have to provide your credit/Debit card details during the signup process.

Yes, you can use Paypal for signup & payment.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime you want.

When you downgrade & cancel your subscription, Unbounce won’t issue a refund. It applies to the annual plan as well.

Make sure you cancel your subscription before the next invoice date.

My End Thoughts On Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce is an easy-to-use landing page software packed with AI capabilities that can help you generate quality & scale your business.

If you want a robust tool & pricing is not your concern you should go with Unbounce (Free Trial + 35% Discount). If you are still not convinced, check out Unbounce Review.

If you’re a beginner and tight on a budget, Unbounce pricing may not be the right fit.

You can go with LeadPages (Free Trial) or Landingi (Free Plan).

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