5 Best WordTune Alternatives To Write Better & Faster (2023)

Just think about it. A few years ago, it was nearly impossible even to dream about a machine helping you write.

Back then, it was the total game of your mind and the power of its imagination that determined the quality of your writing.

Word processors have been around for a while, but they are mostly just glorified typewriters.

Wordtune changes all of that by using artificial intelligence to help you write better. If you’re not familiar with Wordtune, it’s a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you find the perfect word for every context.

It’s designed to help you improve your writing by making it more concise, clear, and accurate. Wordtune is also great for helping you brainstorm ideas and come up with new ways to express yourself.

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve already used Wordtune and are looking for alternatives.

Maybe you’re not satisfied with Wordtune’s results, or maybe you just want to try something different. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of great alternatives for Wordtune out there that can help you write better.

Here are 5 of the best that we tried and liked:

Star icon Wordtune Alternatives 5 Best WordTune Alternatives

Jasper AI

Jasper AI

  • AI writing assistant.
  • Write both long & short-form content Eg. articles, descriptions, and ads.
  • Supports over 25 different languages.
  • 50+ AI templates.
Try Jasper (10K Free Words)
Frase AI

Frase AI

  • AI Content Optimizations.
  • Countless AI & SEO audit tools.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • AI content writer.
Try Frase (5-Days Trial)


  • AI writing assistant.
  • Creative writing.
  • Grammar checking.
  • Plagiarism check.
Try Rytr (Free Plan)


  • Free grammar checker.
  • AI-powered writing insights.
  • Customizable writing templates.
  • Analytics & team reporting.
Try Linguix (Free Plan)


  • Grammar checking.
  • Style suggestions.
  • Plagiarism detection.
  • Paraphrasing tool.
Try Quillbot (Free Plan)

1. Jasper AI


This guy needs no introduction. With rapid growth and expansion, Jasper has become one of the most popular AI writing assistant tools out there in the market.

To say the least, Jasper is an AI writing assistant app with multiple use cases ranging from content creation to grammar correction.

You get to discover the true powers of Jasper once you realize one simple fact it is enhanced with GPT-3 technology meaning that every word written by Jasper is unique and has never been used before.

This is because Jasper will guess the next word based on the previous word and try to relate to the context through the Natural Language Processing algorithm(s).

It comes with a plethora of templates to help you accomplish things like:

Jasper templates
  • Salesletter
  • Press Release
  • Blog Post
  • Tutorial
  • Product Landing Page
  • Facebook Ad Copy
  • Google Ads Copy
  • And a ton more!

What sets Jasper miles apart from other AI writing tools is its uncanny ability to take on the commands given by you and convert them into responses.

What does it mean?

Jasper will write a solid answer to any question you can form through your imagination.

And if you’re someone who is interested in AI image generation and DALL-E, I have one more piece of good news for you, pal.

Jasper has recently launched a feature called Art where you can generate unique and copyright-free images by giving it any prompt you can think of (beware graphic designers and NFT creators).

Jasper art

Notable Features of Jasper

  • GPT-3 Technology for unique content generation
  • Word Counter
  • Plagiarism detector
  • AI writing assistant
  • Supports over 25 different languages around the globe

User Experience

Unlike what I’ve heard many people say, I have found it extremely easy and pleasing to use Jasper.

Here is what their dashboard looks like:

Jasper user experience

All of their features can be opened from the left menu bar.

And this is what I was talking about when I said you can generate content by giving him the command. You can also set the tone of your content, and the purpose and Jasper will try to hit (or exceed) all those marks.

AI output by Jasper

Overall, I find Jasper to be extremely user-friendly with a great design and simple navigation.

What Do I Like About Jasper?

  • Jasper’s magical command capability saves me time that I now invest in other things like reading, playing video games, and spending time with my family.
  • I also love the fact that it is enhanced with GPT-3 because it gives Jasper an edge over its competitors who are still struggling to come up with original content.
  • Lastly, I appreciate the wide range of templates that come along with Jasper. It makes my life 10x easier because I don’t have to start from scratch every time I want to create something new or repetitive.

What Do I Dislike About Jasper?

  • Sometimes, it goes off topic and the flow of writing and its conciseness can be compromised due to this (Sometimes this happens due to us misguiding Jasper through our demanding commands).
  • The pricing is also on the higher side and may not be affordable for everyone out there (once you know how to use Jasper, the price is totally worth it).


Jasper pricing

Jasper does not offer any free plans but they do have a 5-day one-dollar trial where you get 10000 words (Remember: One credit = one word).

Their Starter plan of 20000 words starts at $29/month while the Boss Mode plan of 50000 words starts at $59/month.

2. Frase


Frase.io is a content optimization tool that helps you to improve your writing and make sure that your content is engaging and effective.

It does this by analyzing your text and giving you feedback on what can be improved. For example, it will highlight words and phrases that are overused, as well as suggest alternative wording that would be more impactful.

In addition, Frase.io can help you to ensure that your content is easy to read and understand, by checking for things like sentence length and the use of jargon.

Like Jasper, Frase has a separate section for AI Tools.

AI tools templates in Frase

What’s really impressive about Frase is that it not only has a content optimization tool, but also an entire suite of other tools to help you with your content marketing, including a keyword research tool and SEO, besides everything else.

Frase SEO tools

While Wordtune is powered for sophisticated rephrasing, Frase is the superior Wordtune alternative for content optimization as a whole.

Notable Features of Frase

  • Saves tons of research and optimization time
  • You can get Word choice suggestions
  • Content readability insights
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Countless AI & SEO audit tools
  • Competitor analysis

User Experience

Despite having a lot of features, you would be happy to know that Frase has a fairly easy-to-use interface.

Their main content editing dashboard looks something like this:

Frase user interface

For any focus keyword you enter, you’ll be able to see all the Word choice suggestions along with content readability insights and more on the right.

You also get different content-type templates that you can use as a starting point for different types of content, like blog posts, landing pages, etc.

Frase templates

What Do I Like About Frase?

  • The on-page SEO optimization tool is great
  • There are lots of other useful tools included
  • The interface is easy to use

What Do I Dislike About Frase?

  • Frase can be a bit pricey for some people
  • The AI writing assistant tool can be better than its competitors


Frase pricing

Similar to Jasper, Frase offers a 5-day $1 trial. Their Solo plan costs $14.99/month, the Basic plan costs $44.99/month and the Team plan costs $114.99/month.

3. Rytr


Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you edit and improve your writing.

It offers a range of features to make your writing more accurate and expressive, including grammar checking, style suggestions, and vocabulary enhancement.

Rytr has a lot of use cases ranging from general writing improvement to academic editing and even creative writing.

With Ryrt, you can not only paraphrase content into an interesting piece but also do things like:

  • Shortening or expanding the existing content piece
  • Letting AI writing new unique new paragraphs based on your initial inputs
  • Check for grammar correction, typos, and even plagiarism

Rytr supports many languages, has a great deal of tone of voice options, and has an amazing interface. You can use this online tool for free, but there are limitations to the number of words you can process per month.

Although they have over 30 templates, they have an amazing feature of letting you create personalized use case templates.

Notable Features of Rytr

  • Creative writing
  • Grammar checking
  • Style suggestions
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Plagiarism check
  • Forever free plan

User Experience

Rytr’s user interface is designed to be both simple and effective. The homepage dashboard features a blank white page to either create a new folder or a document and start writing.

Rytr user experience

Once you start writing and want AI to continue generating ideas for you, select a specific phrase or a paragraph and you will see the following options:

Accessing command feature in Rytr by selecting a desired phrase

For e.g, I wanted to rephrase a certain paragraph and Ryrt made the following suggestions:

Rephrasing existing content in Rytr.me

If you are not happy with the suggestions, you can also ask Ryrt to come up with entirely new paragraphs.

What Do I Like About Rytr?

  • Many users find the blog section writing very helpful.
  • The templates are also very handy and easy to use.
  • The document feature helps you to organize your documents safely.

What Do I Dislike About Rytr?

  • Sometimes, the content can be repetitive. You need to constantly steer AI in the right direction.
  • The command capabilities are not as evolved as that of tools like Jasper.


Rytr pricing

Rytr comes with a completely free plan with a 10k character limit. Their Saver plan costs $9/month while their Unlimited plan costs $29/month. The best part about the Unlimited plan is that it lets you generate unlimited content (of course under a fair usage policy).

4. Linguix


Linguix is a great tool for writers of all levels. For starters, it’s a free online grammar checker that can help you identify and correct mistakes in your writing. It also has a built-in thesaurus that can come in handy when you’re looking for just the right word.

In addition, Linguix provides convenient features like text-to-speech and translation to help you communicate your message clearly and effectively.

Whether you’re writing an email, a report, or a novel, Linguix can help you do it better.

And if you’re working as a team, you can control your content team performance with Linguix’s AI-powered writing insights.

With the aid of their style guide features, you can let yourself, your team, and Linguix know the brand terms (like certain acronyms) that need to be used consistently throughout your content and the ones you need to stay away from.

Linguix also provides templates for different types of content so that you can have a good starting point and an idea of what needs to go where.

Notable Features of Linguix

  • Free grammar checker
  • AI-powered writing insights
  • Customizable writing templates
  • Analytics & team reporting
  • Integrations

User Experience

Linguix user experience

I recently started using Linguix, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with the user experience. The app is really easy to use and navigate, and it has a lot of features that are useful for content writers.

Linguix writing dashboard with all the cool features

For example, the “shortcuts” feature allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts for words and phrases that you use often. This is very helpful especially when you’re writing in a foreign language and you need to type out the same word or phrase over and over again.

Linguix phrases shortcuts

What Do I Like About Linguix?

  • The synonyms feature is pretty neat as it saves me a lot of time looking up words in the dictionary.
  • I also like the fact that their grammar checker is free because I can use it as often as I need to without worrying about running out of credits.

What Do I Dislike About Linguix?

  • Proofreading the content always helps because sometimes, the grammar checker misses things.
  • I wish they had a WordPress plugin so I could use it directly on my blog posts.
  • Unlike many other alternatives out there, Linguix does not offer a plagiarism checker (as of now).


Linguix pricing

Linguix comes with a forever-free plan. Their Pro plan costs $5/month while the Team plan costs $20/user/month.

5. QuillBot


QuillBot is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you improve your writing. It offers a range of features, including grammar checking, style suggestions, and plagiarism detection.

QuillBot is also more known for its paraphrasing tool that helps you rewrite sentences or paragraphs in your own words.

It’s great for students who need help with writing essays, research papers, and other assignments.

QuillBot will then rephrase your text and provide you with a list of suggested substitutions. You can choose to accept or reject the suggestions, or you can edit them further to improve the results.

Once you’re happy with the paraphrased text, simply click the “Copy” button to copy it to your clipboard.

QuillBot is free to use (along with their premium plan), and you can use it as many times as you like. There are no limits on the number of characters or words that you can paraphrase.

Notable Features of QuillBot

  • Grammar checking
  • Style suggestions
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Co-writer

User Experience

QuillBot user experience

I’ve been using QuillBot for a while now, and I have to say that I’m really impressed with it. It’s simple to use and really effective at helping me improve my writing.

I particularly like the fact that it provides suggestions for alternative words and phrases, which is really helpful when I’m trying to come up with new ways to express myself.

What Do I Like About QuillBot?

  • QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool is one of the best I’ve used. It helps me rewrite sentences or paragraphs in my own words, and it’s really simple to use.
  • Because it is available as a Chrome extension, I can use it anywhere I go.

What Do I Dislike About QuillBot?

  • Sometimes, it goes overboard with its creativity (requires human intervention).


QuillBot pricing

QuillBot comes with a lifetime free plan. Their monthly paid plan costs $9.95/month.


If you’re looking for a Wordtune alternative, any of the five tools mentioned above will serve you well.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to try out a few before settling on the one that’s right for you.

And remember, the most important part of writing is simply to get started and to keep going. The perfect word will come to you eventually.

Have you used any of these Wordtune alternatives? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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