10 Best AI Writing Software To Create Better Content In 2023

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and in every industry. This is because sophisticated algorithms are growing smarter and compiling power is growing. AI has already entered into the writing niche and dominating.

Businesses and digital marketing professionals are using it to create high-quality content and eye-catching headlines. AI writing software has come a long way from just spell-checking. You can perform various writing-related tasks using these tools.

Content marketing can stay your business ahead of the competition and drive organic visitors.

Here is a list of the best AI writing software to create content faster. So let’s get started.

How do AI Writing Tools Works?

Let’s understand how AI writing tools work first. As the name suggests this software uses artificial intelligence to act smartly.

AI writers can create blog posts, marketing copy, landing pages, books, slogans, website content, lyrics, and more.

AI writer software uses this technology to predict text based on the input that you supply it. Tools are trained with a set of rules and writing styles. The system actually wants to understand what the user wants to write and generate text accordingly.

AI writing tools use previously written content available on the internet as source data. Most of the writing software (more than 300 applications) uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 model with diverse capabilities.

It actually predicts the next word in a sentence according to the previous words, or phrases provided. The working process may vary depending on the program.

This means all the content would be unique and the possibility of plagiarism is incredibly low.

AI tools help content marketers and business owners to create in-depth content faster and easier. If a user is struggling to find new content ideas or wants to generate a new blog post in a short time frame, then the AI content creation tool can be the first choice.

Why You Should Use AI Writing Tools?

You might be wondering why you should use AI writing tools and their benefits. I am going to show you some amazing advantages of these tools.

1. Get rid of Writer’s Blocks

Writer block is a common problem and all writers struggle with it at least once in life. This simply means human writers experience creativity to slow down and are unable to produce content.

AI writing software never gets tired or runs out of creativity. So you don’t have to worry about writer blocks and missing schedules. Just input some basic information and the tool will do the rest.

2. Save Lot of Time

As you know businesses need to utilize time wisely to stand out from the competition. So AI writers save a lot of time and humans can focus on aspects. If you want to write a blog post or short tasks quickly then an AI writer can assist.  

3. Produce Content in Multiple Languages

Another advantage of the AI writing tool is that you can create content in multiple languages. If you want to target a specific country with their native language then use this tool. You can also convert content from one language to another in one click.

4. Save Money

High-quality content writers are charging hundreds of dollars for an impressive article. If you want to get good content at a cheaper price then AI writing software would be helpful. You just have to purchase a monthly subscription and generate unlimited texts.

5. Get Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes you run out of blog post ideas and don’t decide what to write. Some AI content generation tools like Jasper helps you to find relevant blog post ideas around your targeted keywords.

List of Best AI Writing Software

There are many software used for writing and other related tasks. Let’s see some of the most accurate and easy-to-use tools for generating and proofreading text content.

1. Jasper AI (Formely Jarvis)

Jasper.ai Best ai writing software

Jasper AI (formally known as Jarvis) is advanced writing software. Want to write amazing content quicker than human writers? Then Jasper can produce high-quality industry-standard content on any topic.

You would get various templates in Jasper AI that can be used for different types of writing. This covers:

  • blog posts
  • ebooks
  • social media
  • CVs
  • product descriptions, and more.

You can choose one of the above templates or combine several to generate your document quickly.

This tool also has an advanced plagiarism checker to ensure 100% unique content.

One of the unique features I found interesting is the recipes. It gives you a series of pre-built workflows for performing the repeatable process.

You can save for later use or use the workflows shared by the community. Jasper allows you to create high-quality content in 25+ different languages.

The SEO mode available in this tool allows you to write content that dominates Search engine result pages. This helps you to drive organic visitors and improve earnings. You can define a specific tone for the writing.

Jasper AI Pricing:

Jasper offers two plans, Starter and Boss Mode.

The Starter plan costs $29 per month. You can generate 20K words per month using this plan. Boss Mode costs $99 per month and allows you to generate 100K words. The free trial of Jasper.ai is available before you make the purchase. 

Upgrade to Boss Mode to write blog posts 5X faster without compromising the quality. It also includes priority support.

2. Frase


Frase is an artificial intelligence-backed content writing tool. This software allows you to write high-quality articles in a few clicks. Thousands of people are using this AI writing software regularly to fulfilling content needs.

First-time artificial intelligence (AI) writing software users should not panic as it has a simple and user-friendly UI. Generate high-quality SEO-optimized posts from a few inputs.

Frase analyses the top 20 websites that appeared in the Google search results for a particular topic and will automatically produce content briefly in 10 seconds.

Identify topic gaps and use the missing terms in your post to dominate in search results. You can generate unlimited content briefs and build content around them.

If you have already produced the content, then Frase allows you to optimize based on the latest SEO standards. The optimization analysis feature extracts the most used keywords or phrases from your competitors’ articles.

Frase has an inbuilt scoring system named “Topic Score”. It assigns a score (0-100) to your content against top search results.

There is a “Question Ideas” tab to search for commonly asked questions related to the chosen keyword. It helps you to understand that question and create more in-depth articles answering those questions.

Frase Pricing:

Frase offers 3 paid plans. The entry-level Solo plan costs $19.99 per month. You would get quick support and access to a private Facebook group.

3. Grammarly


Grammarly is an extremely popular tool and you must have heard about it. With over 10 million daily active users, Grammarly is the most advanced spelling and grammar checker on the internet.

This tool uses machine learning to analyze your content and give suggestions accordingly.

It is a writing assistant you need if you’re an author, blogger, content creator, student, business owner, or anyone who deals with text content.

I regularly use Grammarly for finding and fixing spelling and grammatical errors. Grammarly software is available as Chrome extensions, desktop applications, and mobile apps. 

It works on any text editor field in real time. You would get red lines under words or phrases having issues. To check what they are, you need to hover over the mouse crosser to see the right correction and quick suggestion.

Grammarly does much more than correct spelling and grammatical mistakes. It flags readability issues, word choice, writing tone, etc.

Grammarly detects plagiarism issues inside content, by comparing billions of content available across the web.

Grammarly Pricing:

Grammarly offers free as well as premium versions. The free version offers basic writing suggestions. The Premium version costs $12 per month with annual billing.

It can help you to improve both your writing and proofreading skills.

4. Article Forge

Article Forge Best AI Writing Software

Article Forge is an AI-backed content generation tool. This AI writing software helps businesses and individuals to produce original content. It analyses millions of web pages on a given topic and rewrites uniquely.

You can use the Article Forge copywriting tool to help you with various tasks like:

  • creating long-form blog posts
  • high converting ads
  • stories
  • engaging emails
  • catchy headlines
  • social media posts
  • product descriptions for eCommerce stores
  • landing & sales page copy
  • video scripts, and more.

Just enter your main keyword, language, and sub-keywords article length to generate a high-quality article. It takes less than 1 minute to produce a unique article with SEO optimizations.

Once the article is ready you can schedule it for uploading in the WordPress blog.

Your content should be optimized for search engines. Article Forge maintains keyword relevancy and makes sure your content is perfectly optimized for these algorithms.

It analyses the top-ranking pages for a given keyword and extracts commonly used terms. It helps you to perform well in search results.

Article Forge Pricing:

Article Forge offers 2 plans. The Standard plan costs $27 per month with annual billing. You can use their AI-powered writer to generate 250K words per month.

Reach out to the support team via email if you have any queries.

5. WordTune

Wordtune Best AI Writing Software

WordTune is an AI-powered sentence rephrasing tool that helps writers to produce better content. Don’t use the same words or phrases again and again when you can rewrite them with better ones.

The rephrasing option is very helpful to suggest better words and variations for the same sentence.

This tool acts very similar to Grammarly. It is available as a browser extension and works on multiple popular platforms.

Just select the sentence or phrase you want to change and click on the rewrite option floating above the selected area. You would also get some more options to change the writing tone.

WordTune is a great tool for content marketers who want to increase ROI by creating short and attractive content. It helps convert organic traffic into sales. Enhance proofreading with this software and replace sentences with better alternatives.

Another notable feature is the auto-translate. WordTune automatically translates and rephrases sentences from 9 different languages to English which is great. Now WordTune has over 600K installs in the Google Chrome web store.

WordTune Pricing:

WordTune is available in both free and paid versions. The Premium version costs $9.99 per month with annual billing. You can rewrite unlimited sentences and use all the features.

Live chat support is available along with a small knowledge base.

6. AI-Writer

AI Writer Best AI Writing Software

AI-Writer is the best content generation tool and a writing assistant that can help you to improve content workflow in a wide variety of ways. It uses machine learning to generate human-quality content that easily qualifies for plagiarism checks.

This writing software helps you to avoid writer’s block and save time for creating content. You would get a list of citations to deliver accurate and quality content.

The platform is capable of generating full articles in just a matter of minutes.

The SEO editor available inside this tool is robust. Just enter the main keyword and LSI’s to get personalized suggestions for making the post SEO optimized. As you know search engine optimization drives thousands of organic traffic and sales.

If you have already published the article and want to rewrite or flip another website’s content then AI-Writer helps you.

Add the whole article and this writing software will republish it in 2 minutes. No duplicate content penalties and plagiarism issues anymore.

All the content generated through this tool is 100% unique and high quality. This helps you build a strong relationship with readers’ trust.

AI-Writer Pricing:

AI-Writer is offering 3 plans. The basic plan starts from $29 per month with annual billing. You can generate up to 40 articles per month with access to all the features.

Contact the support team via email if you face any issues or just have a query.

7. INK

INK Best AI Writing Software

Inkforall is a great writing assistant built especially for businesses and individuals. Feel confident with your writing generated through this tool, as the quality remains industry standard.

You would get a rich user interface with clean navigations. This writing software works on top of the GPT 3 model.

Generate high-quality content on any topic and optimize it all in one place. Let the AI write for you in 5X speed. You can use this tool to write:

  • blog posts
  • social media posts
  • website copy
  • eCommerce product descriptions, etc.

To make the writing process easier, Inkforall offers more than 50 templates. Choose one of them and the sophisticated algorithm will generate content accordingly.

You can see a readability score and SEO score on each generated content. Based on that you can optimize content and improve engagement.

This writing tool takes care of SEO and writes posts accordingly. The content produced by Inkforall would have the potential to beat the top 10 competitors for the same keyword.

Write headlines to grab audience attestation and increase click-through rate (CTR). You can download the Inkforall software for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome extensions.

Inkforall Pricing:

Inkforall comes with 3 paid plans. You would get massive discounts on annual subscriptions. The Starter plan allows you to 222 INK points per month. INK points refer to writing new content. 1 INK point equals one content generation. You can contact to customer support executive through live chat.

8. Text Blaze

TextBlaze Best AI Writing Software

Are you feeling tired of typing the same email or introduction on Linkedin?

Then Text Blaze is going to give rest to your fingers. Reduce the reparative typing and grammatical errors using Text Blaze. This feature is most effective in emails, chats, and other platforms.

This AI writing software saves a lot of hours and helps you to improve productivity.

According to the official website, more than 1 billion characters are generated through this platform. The user interface is very user-friendly and anyone can start using it within a few minutes.

You can save text snippets and assign a shortcut. For example, your thank you sentence can be inserted in a snippet with the shortcut of /ty.

Whenever you need the sentence, just type /ty and hit enter. A snippet-sharing option is available for better teamwork.

Just install the Chrome extension and enjoy smart text expansions. You can create template-based forms that be edited when you insert the snippet.

Text Blaze Pricing:

You can download the Chrome extension for free and generate 20 snippets. The Pro plan starts from $2.99 per month with yearly billing. This plan allows you to create 1000 snippets and 25K characters in it.

9. Smart Copy By Unbounce

Smart Copy By Unbounce Best AI Writing Software

Unbounce is known as a landing page builder. You can create high-converting landing pages and drive more sales. But Unbounce also includes a tool named Smart Copy that allows you to create high-quality content.

This artificial intelligence copywriting tool use industry-standard GPT-3 technology to generate human-like content. You can write a wide range of copies including:

  • in-depth blog posts
  • engaging emails
  • landing page copy
  • catchy headlines
  • social media posts
  • captivating slogans
  • product descriptions
  • high converting ads
  • engaging stories
  • video scripts, and more.

Never start writing with a blank page again. Smart Copy offers 30+ powerful content templates for different needs. So whether you’re a copywriter, digital marketer, TikToker, YouTuber, the eCommerce site owner, or podcaster, this tool will be beneficial.

You can write like an expert content creator and publish content that Google will love.

Unbounce’s conversion intelligence technique helps marketers achieve what they want. Smart Copy can generate content in 6 languages. To create content that speaks the language of your customers.

Unbounce Smart Copy Pricing:

Unbounce is selling Smart Copy as an individual tool. The free plan allows you to generate 5 content per day. No credit card is required for this and no word limit also.

If you want to generate unlimited copies, then it costs $49 per month. Smart Copy is available as a standalone web app and Chrome extension.

10. Articoolo

Articoolo Best AI Writing Software

Articoolo is a web-based AI writing software that automatically generates quality content based on a given input.

Stay away from blank page syndrome and keep publishing good content on your blogs. This automatic article-writing software will generate an article in a few minutes.

The website interface is very minimal and easy to use. Articoolo uses natural language processing in combination with artificial intelligence technology to create top-quality content from scratch.

This copywriting tool acts like a human writer and creates articles based on the given topic.

Just enter the keyword and some quick descriptions. This tool analyses all the leading content available on the web.

Based on the analysis, Articoolo generates content with respect to all the SEO parameters. It helps you to write like an expert content creator and publish content that Google will love.

If you are searching for an article rewriter, then Articoolo is the best one.

Copy a bunch of text from other websites and paste it here. Sit back and relax after clicking the Rewrite button. No fear of plagiarism as this software generates a unique article.

Articoolo Pricing:

Articoolo offers pay-per-use and monthly plans. The base package of Articoolo’s pay-per-use costs $19. Monthly plans are slightly cheaper.

The base plan costs $29 per month and you can generate 30 articles. Email support is available for resolving queries.


So these are some of the best AI writing software you can use. AI is a game-changing technology and can perform similar tasks as human beings.

As content marketing has become an essential marketing strategy for every business, AI writing is growing drastically. Use one of the above writing tools to generate high-quality content quickly.

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