ShortlyAI Review 2023: Is it Worth Your Time & Money?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and dominating. Although it is said that AI and diversified automation will replace jobs and be better than human intelligence. But in reality, we are far away from artificial intelligence-powered machines ruling over the world.

But AI writing software is getting popular. These tools can write like a human writer with faster speed. If you want to write an article for the blog or an appealing marketing copy for the next campaign, AI writing tools can do it.

Shortly is one of the best writing tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this ShortlyAI review post, I will show you all the major features and pricing.

So let’s get started.

What is ShortlyAI?

Shortlyai review

ShortlyAI is sophisticated writing software that uses artificial intelligence to generate content. Currently, it has over 5K customers depending on the algorithms to generate unique content.

ShortlyAI has been acquired by which is another AI writing tool. Both are proceeding in the same direction. They have the vision to become the biggest and best AI writing tool. We have also covered the review in detail, so be sure to check out that post as well.

Writer’s block is one of the common issues all writers deal with. This handy tool will speed up your content production and stay away from blank page syndrome. ShortlyAI writes content based on a given topic and keywords. Just hit the button and your AI partner will start writing.

You can use commands to expand, rewrite and shorten sentences instantly. Mention the topic briefly and length of rest Shortly takes care of article creation. Create hundreds of original articles without plagiarism issues. ShortlyAI plan starts from $65 per month with annual billing.

What ShortlyAI Can Write?

ShortlyAI can write different types of content according to your need. Here are some of the things you can write with the help of ShortlyAI.

1. Articles

Generate long blog posts and like a human writer without losing quality. Shortly AI uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language processing framework to generate industry-standard articles.

If you are a blogger and want to publish regular blog posts, then Shortly would be helpful.

2. Emails

With the increased digitization and remote work culture of companies, emailing has become all the more widespread. Write an effective email having a compelling subject line.

ShortlyAI helps you to write engaging emails faster.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting includes the content used in marketing and promotional materials. You can write better marketing copies using ShortlyAI.

Sells your product or service faster and convinces customers to take action.

4. Ad Copies

A successful marketing campaign starts with compelling ad copy. ShortlyAI allows you to generate appealing ad copies. Add strong attention grabbers to encourage people to make click.

5. YouTube Video Scripts

YouTube is a very tough platform for creators as 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Video content creation should start with the script.

Generate engaging YouTube video scripts using ShortlyAI and stand out from competition.

6. Social Media Posts

Social media success demands strong post-writing skills. Every social post you publish should contain engaging elements along with brand reflections.

ShortlyAI allows you to write short posts that resonate with your audience.

7. Stories

Got an idea for the short story? Just put that topic in ShortlyAI and its AI story generator will do the rest of the work. You have the freedom to choose the word length. Hook readers from the beginning of your story and keep them engaged.

8. Book

Many writers have feared writing a book as it would take a lot of time and effort. ShortlyAI allows you to generate a long form of content quickly. Just enter your book chapters and keep adding them to your book.

7 Best Features of the ShortlyAI Tool

ShortlyAI is a great writing assistant for users who have a requirement for a huge amount of content quickly. So the tool is packed with dozens of features. Let’s put some light on major features.

1. Beginners-Friendly Tool

ShortlyAI provides a web-based tool for generating a mountain of content. The website interface is smooth and easy to navigate. You don’t have to spend hours on training videos for learning the operation. An absolute beginner can easily use this tool.

All the options are listed on the left-side navigation panel. Some quick options are listed on the top navigation panel as well. Click on the “New” button to start new content. You would get a vivid blank interface for the generated content.

2. Write For Me

Writer’s block is the creative slowdown that every author faces when they are stuck and don’t know what to write. It happens to every writer and feels like you don’t have an imaginative bone left in your body.

So the solution can be the Write For Me feature available Shortly.

You can generate lengthy content using this feature. Just provide some content brief, choose the output word length, and hit the Write For Me button.

If you love keyword shortcuts then mouse click, then press CTRL + Enter.

Wait for a few seconds and the ShortlyAI text generator will produce unique content.

Not satisfied with the content generated through this AI-powered writing assistant? Just press the Regenerate button to get enhanced results.

3. Output Length

The content length varies depending on the use cases. If you want to write a blog post then the length would be more. But a social media post should contain a short description with appealing text.

Unfortunately, most AI writing tools put a limitation on the generated content length. Blogging experts suggest that the ideal blog post length should be 1500-2000 words. Of course, you can write everything under the sun in a blog post for a topic.

In the Output Length, you can choose the content generation amount. Choose between a little, somewhere in between, and a lot. Then hit the Write For Me button to start generating content. In addition to length, ShortlyAI also focuses on writing quality content.

4. No Word Limits (Unlimited Number of Words)

Different content formats demand different lengths. For example, a blog post can be thousands of words whereas a social media post would be below hundred words. Writers should not lock themselves within word limits.

But most of the AI content generation tools put serious limitations on words. You can’t cross the barrier although the current project demands more.

ShortlyAI offers unlimited writing with the monthly/annual plan. There is no credit system. So you can generate content as much content as you can.

However, the company noticed some bot activities in the platform that are misusing the resources. So they have added a daily limit. Don’t worry that limit won’t be reached under normal use.

5. Instruct Command

ShortlyAI comes with a powerful command feature. You can use them to perform various tasks. This might give you the feeling of a code editor or Command Prompt. Commands start with the / sign.

Here are some commands available in ShortlyAI.

/Shorten[Text] – Using this command you can shorten sentences or paragraphs for easier reading. You can also select a sentence or paragraph and press CTRL+[ from your keyboard to shorten it.

/Expand[Text] – Using this command you can expand sentences or paragraphs. If you want to create a blog post then just enter the command and a few texts. You can also select a sentence or paragraph and press CTRL+] from your keyboard to shorten it.

/Instruct[Text] – This is the most powerful command. You can instruct Shortly to do anything you want. It will work like Google Assistant. Order your AI to write the whole content from the topic. You can also select the sentence and press the CTRL+ Enter from your keyboard to perform the instruct command.

/Rewrite[Text] – You can use this command to rewrite sentences or paragraphs. Select the sentence or paragraph you want to rewrite and press CTRL+P from your keyboard. The rewrite command will start working.

6. Plagiarism Free Content

Many article writer tools extract direct sentences from the web. This leads to serious plagiarism issues and content penalties. Google hates copied content and never assigns a higher position in SERP.

But ShortlyAI generates unique content without losing content quality. You can check content uniqueness using a plagiarism checker. After content generation, you can directly copy and paste it into your website.

7. 24/7 Customer Support

Instant customer support is very important when you are serving thousands of customers. Shortly AI provides 24/7 customer support through email only.

The support staffs are very active and knowledgeable. You would get a solution email within 1 hour. I think ShortlyAI should provide live chat support for direct interaction.

If you fall into any issue and have a query, then write an email to

The team behind ShortlyAI pushes regular updates to the tool. It brings more new features and enhancements.

How To Write an Article Using ShortlyAI?

Shortly AI has helped thousands of businesses to generate quality content. Do you want to know how to write awesome articles using Shortly AI? Then check out the below step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Login to your Shortly AI account and click the New Document button. This will help to create a new document where you can generate your article.

Step 2 – On the next page, you will see two options I am writing an article/blog and I am writing a story. Click on the Start writing button respective to the option.

shortly im1 ShortlyAI Review

Step 3 – Now you have to enter the article title, short description, and output length. Once you add all the details, hit the Write for Me button to start the content generation process. Wait until the article generation is completed.

shortly im2 ShortlyAI Review

Step 4 – Shortly will generate unique content. Now the article is ready to publish somewhere. You can see some options like Undo and Redo. If you are not satisfied with the content, then click on the Redo button to produce the content again.

shortly im3 ShortlyAI Review

ShortlyAI Pricing Plan?

As per the above discussions, we know that Shortly is a robust tool for generating high-quality content. Shortly pricing depends on the subscription duration. So you would get monthly and yearly plans.

Both plans allow you to access all the features available Shortly.

ShortlyAI Pricing ShortlyAI Review

1. Monthly Plan

The monthly plan of Shortly AI costs $79 per month. This is best for small businesses and freelancers having few projects.

2. Annual Plan

The annual plan of ShortlyAI comes with a price tag of $65 per month. You would get 2 months free with the yearly subscriptions. This plan is best for digital marketing agencies and users having huge content requirements.

If you want to save hundreds of dollars and access the same features, then I would recommend you go with an annual plan.

End Thoughts On ShortlyAI Review

In this ShortlyAI review post, we have discussed everything including the major features and pricing. ShortlyAI is a great tool for generating unique and high-quality content in a few seconds.

You can use commands to access various features. If you are looking for an AI writing assistant, then Shortly AI would be a great choice.

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